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  1. Bademeister02

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    Just completed the second directive while casually playing and using the 200% xp first win boni. Dont think i can complete directive 3 in time to get the gorizia but who cares about that ship anyways! Apart from the obvious shitshow that WGs marketing and communication around the PR-disaster was, i am glad that i got tons of flags, coal, steel, free XP and premium time out of that event. So i got that going for me, which is nice^^ But now its time to decide which coal and freeXP ship to get And for everyone that is actively grinding the PR: Wish you good luck with the grind and that you dont go insane while doing it! And now i am off enjoying my cities nightlife
  2. Bademeister02

    Cursed ships: Which is yours?

    For me its the other way around. I did fairly well in the NC, but winning in Iowa, Monty or Missouri seems to be to difficult for me But my real cursed ship has to be the Zao. Whatever i do, i just cant win in this ship! Overall stats for that ship arent that bad, but for every game i win i loose two matches. Its srsly frustrating cause i really like that ship and its playstyle-.- Maybe i am just to stupid to play T10
  3. Bademeister02

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Jup there are surely ways of playing around the strenghts of the friesland and Kita or Jutland seem to be certainly better suited for cap contesting then friesland. But once he gets you in your fletcher you are probably toast. Sure there are ships that are even better in doing this, but i dont think that friesland is that bad... and lets be honest, 500m of concealment difference (fletcher has what max conc.? 5.8km or something?) isnt that big while contesting caps. Dont get me wrong, i dont want to complain. Just wanted to say that Friesland seems to be very strong under the right circumstances. As the report of @Europizza seems to indicate aswell... But there are surely ways of fighting against it. Not every new ship introduction can be brokenly op afterall! Disclaimer: I dont own the ship and can only speak from the receiving end. So take it with a grain of salt^^
  4. Bademeister02

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Encountered this ship first in my fletcher after a several month long WOWs-break. Damn it was terrifying! Hadnt seen my fletcher melt that quick since a sneaky atlanta ambushed me last year! During the following matches i kept running into Frieslands on several occasions only to get blasted to bits every time in 1vs1. Granted they took a heavy beating too, but winning in a pure gunfight seemed pretty hard^^ So eventually i learned my lesson, accepted that there is yet another superior cap-contester at T9 (especially with that hydro) and abandoned the caps once a frieslands entered the fray while dumping emergency torps. Cant really understand how anyone can say its weaker than any T9 DD (but only from experience playing against it). Anyway it seems like a fun and unusual ship so maybe i will hit the button once i will be back at 1mil free xp! cheers
  5. I was hoping for the mighty Warspite but my luck gave me a Monaghan. Yay i guess^^ One more US-prem that i will probably never play
  6. this vid is hilarious and sad at the same time^^ but oh well what use in complaining. Time to earn some coal probably.
  7. Thank you for this totally necessary and true summary of my post^^ Thats exactly what i was trying to say!
  8. Hey people, two weeks ago i finally decided to get my PC going again and reinstall WOWs. I quit playing it due to technical issues and RL-stuff in February 2019 and hadnt touched it since then. Download, installation etc didnt took long and once i started the game i was greeted with a free 14 day trial for the Tirpitz (yay thx WG) and a personal mission to get a free Bismarck for something like "play a game and get 1000XP". Nice start isnt it? Wanted a Bismarck for quite some time so i was reasonably happy with my reentry into WOWs. Until i played the first matches Keep in mind i am not a bad player (according to my stats)and that i can usually adapt to changes inside this game. But it seems that hightier gameplay became some kind of struggle during my absence! I will probably adapt with time but until now i am not having much fun doing it^^ In my first matches with ma newly acquired german BBs i tried doing my ususal BB thing and slowly (!) pushed a flank to support my DDs (yes i am the missouri player that liked to use his radar for instance) from a range where my main battery might actually hit something. Everything went well until i got into 10km range of the cap circle and magic smokescreens bloomed everywhere while a firestorm descended upon me."What is this?" i asked myself while frantically trying to dodge the usual torps and air attacks until i realized it was a pair of smolensk feasting on me. It did take approx. 30 secs until i had to bail with a full turn to flee into island cover but only to get blapped across the map by a Kremlin that hadnt even moved outside their spawn. Well nice start lets be more cautios next game. Tried hanging back a bit more back, only to see my DDs getting slaughtered, Cruisers either sitting in smoke or getting blapped while the BBs hugged the spawn or the sidelines. And a lonely T8 german BB trying to utilise island cover to get somewhat close to our objective. But of course only to get focussed to death by several aggressive smokescreens and islands^^ So i left my BBs behind and tried to have some fun in my DDs. It was Fletchertime! Battle starts, only one radar and a single cv so lets see where the planes and the radar are. DM is on the other side of the map and planes were harassing another poor soul so lets try to get the cap. Capping starts but its of course contested. Well i got Cruiser support behind me and i am in a fletcher right? Pushed a bit forward to see whats inside the cap and found a Friesland waiting. Nice surprise and a quick death for me. I did manage to shave half of his health but i never really had a chance. Oh well so much about the good old USN "gunboat" DDs. Tried Shima for some time but got hunted down by a Jutlands and some nice CV rockets so i said well [edited]it and got the cruisers out. Ouch. Not a good decision. Zao? Try dodging Kremlin, Monty and Yama AP from across the map, while Conq, Smolensk will burn you alive. Ok just stop shooting and get undetected. But look a DB squad of that midway is coming for me^^ Wait that smokescreen over there with a smolensk inside looks like it has no protection from its teammates, lets try rushing it with AP. Wait what? No citadels on the broadside and this thing has torps too ? You see, i had quite some struggles within my first matches. Getting back into the game with my usual approach that worked in 2018 and early 2019 wasnt working anymore. I am currently doing better, but only because i do play even more cautiously. Gunfights in my Fletcher? Nahh better torp the cap from distance. Close quarter cap-support in my cruisers? Nah better stay back and either longrange HE/torp spam or hugging the islands as if it was your gf and spam everything that moves. Pushing a flank in my BB? Yes if you are part of the lemming train. Otherwise you better not...Playing aggressively was hard before i left, but its even harder now. As if WG does not want me to play that way. After playing approx. 50 (dont know the exact numbers) battles since my return to WOWs i am a bit lost here. What is WG trying to do with the game? How on earth do they think the introduction of ships like Smolensk, Friesland, Colbert or the Soviet BBs would benefit the game? Didnt they refrain from giving Mino HE because it was deemed to be to annoying and OP? And now they introduce exactly that into the game (atleast i can citadel mino^^)? Is more HE-spam and general dakka really better for the game? Well after seeing a Wladiwostok beeing focused by my whole team (and not sinking to it) it seems that some new ships can keep up with the recent changes to the game, but the old ones are definitively left behind. After beeing away from the game for 8 months i feel that the powercreep is real and WG seems to only enforce it further with the recent additions. Seeing the planned Italian cruisers with their special shells only adds to this thought imho (but lets wait and see...they are non soviet silverships afterall). I am really grateful about the gifts WG gave me for coming back but i really dont know if i will be playing much after finishing the recent directives and grabbing that free t6 (thanks for that aswell). It feels like every change WG did during my absence, pushed into the direction of "get more range between you and you opponent otherwise you are dead". And this doesnt work for me. There you have it. My "short" impression of coming back into the game. I know there will be guys saying "noob just l2p" and "Smolensk/Friesland arent op, just smokefire them" but my point stands nonetheles. The powercreep during my 8 months of absence is real and its sad to see your old trusty ships beeing outperformed and inadequate to the new meta changes. And it seems WG doesnt care at all about this. Now hit me ^^ Bademeister02
  9. Bademeister02

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    The least played premiums huh? Well in the T2-4 bracket are a lot of ships i dont really play or have actually never played! Smith, Campeltown and Vampire etc. come to my mind... If i want to play low tier i will hop in my trusty Yubari or the Arkansas Beta... Both awesome ships in their own way. In the T5-9 bracket my least played prems are the ARP-Kongo and Myoko clones, the Marblehead, Okhotnik, Texas and the Aigle. Damn the Aigle. I just dont understand this ship^^
  10. Bademeister02

    Farewell my good old friend!

    Yesterday evening an era came to an end. I wanted to play some quick matches with my freshly acquiered Montana and so i opened the launcher in eager anticipation. But my weary eyes were surprised to see yet another patch in the downlad queue. Nothing special i thought and waited patiently, while my trusty old potato pc was busy dealing with the new incoming data. Only 30 minutes later the old man was finally done with all the downloading/installing and i was ready to do battle again! Or so i thought. But to my surprise a little white pop up window appeared everytime i wanted to start the game. It were the magical words, which i had often encountered during the last years. Haunting words, which would destroy dreams of playing nice and updated games. It was the dreaded: "Incompatible System" message, that once again separeted me from a game i once loved. I was staring at the screen, blankly. Trying to comprehend the message and the dimension behind it. Then my view slowly crawled downwards, the eyes searching for the culprit to this horrendous message. And there he was. His fans screaming as loud as possible while trying to cool the antiquated hardware components. It was time. For too long i had negated the obvious hints. The poor thing and its 32bit system were finally at the point of no return. I always said to myself: Dude you are a grown up, 30y old man. You will not invest money into this pc thing anymore. Playing the odd 10 games of WOWS a week isnt justifying the expense. But somehow i would miss it. Ranting at randoms, cursing WG for stupid decisions and in between sometimes enjoy the fun of blapping oblivious players. I am sorry my old friend but i think the time has come to go separate ways. So there it is. One era has ended. But a new one will begin. The era of 64bit...oh what a bright new world! Sidenote 1: Totally unnecessay thread^^ Sidenote 2: But its offtopic so what Sidenote 3: Condolences are appreciated! Sidenote 4: No i cant update the OS. The hardware is just to shitty Sidenote 5: Yay i can finally start playing all these steam games that i bought and didnt check for 32 bit compatibiliy (Looking at you subnautica!)
  11. Bademeister02

    Zerstörer provozieren Teamschaden

    Nimmst du ernsthaft an, dass sich Unmengen von DD-Spielern mit Absicht in deine Torps werfen nur um dich zu ärgern und sich damit selbst aus dem Spiel zu entfernen? Wie egozentrisch kann ein Weltbild eigentlich sein^^ Oder doch eher Troll much?
  12. Bademeister02

    New CVs

    Well thats it. Sold my Lexington and the low tier CVs i had researched for Free XP and Credits. This new CV gameplay is just not my cup of tea! I was fairly decent in Carriers pre-patch but i didnt play them often because it was kinda stressful (with all the pressure to be better then the opposing CV). Just before the patch went live i researched and bought the lexington. So i went into this 0.8.0 with a stock carrier and stock planes. And my god it was awful. I forced myself into 7 battles during the original patch and its hotfixes and there was just no chance to get something done with all this AA around. Beeing constantly uptiered and matched against Minotaurs and such didnt help either. Flying around hunting the lonely DD that was stupid enough to leave the AA umbrella or simply scout enemy ships while staying out of AA range were the only things i could do. Much fun, so wow. So i went and researched some of the better planes with free xp. Only to maybe last a bit longer but getting shot down once they are returning to my ship^^ Much fun, so wow! So i rebought the langley. Maybe i was just to stupid to play the hightier battles and needed to start again at T4. Did one battle, managed to deal a whopping 8000 damage while indeed my planes stayed alive. But...much fun, so wow!! So i thought: - i am to stupid to get my stock planes on T8 to work - T4 is actually more boring than a debate in the european parliament and i cant be arsed to waste my free time doing this In conclusion there was no other way but to sell the CVs and (maybe) come back later to relearn once (if) all this AA and general mechanics crap is balanced. I am sad i had to withdraw, because i liked the change in playstyle to the normal WOWs once in a while. But this is just too much pain. Good luck balancing this, maybe i will try again later. In the meantime i will wait for the next T9 free XP ship
  13. Had a roflstomp victory with @Humorpalanta in his Seattle with my Buffalo yesterday on one of the epicenter maps (cant remember the name anymore^^). Nice radar push into the center (these poor enemy shimas) that caused a 15-2 victory for our team! Thx for the nice game
  14. Well then there is srsly no reason to take Def AA anymore. No clue why they decided to get rid of the panik aura, as that could have been a little help for DDs being murdered by repeated rocketplane waves. But maybe they will reintroduce this later (i still have hope left^^) once they realise that DDs might need a bit of help against the new CVs. We will see. Thanks for the answers guys and have a nice day
  15. Thanks guys. It seems sailing your DD will be a somehwat huge challenge in 0.8.0^^ I think i will do it a small number of games and try to stay alive, but i am not really optimistic about this Maybe its time to hop into my Buffalo again and reinitiate the DM grind. Or just play CV for the first weeks and ruin other peoples battles! One the matter of Def. AA on DD: Old Def AA atleast created this panik aura that would make the drop zones/spreads bigger and help you evade damage. Is this still a thing in 0.8.0 and does it apply to rockets too?