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  1. Bademeister02

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    The least played premiums huh? Well in the T2-4 bracket are a lot of ships i dont really play or have actually never played! Smith, Campeltown and Vampire etc. come to my mind... If i want to play low tier i will hop in my trusty Yubari or the Arkansas Beta... Both awesome ships in their own way. In the T5-9 bracket my least played prems are the ARP-Kongo and Myoko clones, the Marblehead, Okhotnik, Texas and the Aigle. Damn the Aigle. I just dont understand this ship^^
  2. Bademeister02

    Farewell my good old friend!

    Yesterday evening an era came to an end. I wanted to play some quick matches with my freshly acquiered Montana and so i opened the launcher in eager anticipation. But my weary eyes were surprised to see yet another patch in the downlad queue. Nothing special i thought and waited patiently, while my trusty old potato pc was busy dealing with the new incoming data. Only 30 minutes later the old man was finally done with all the downloading/installing and i was ready to do battle again! Or so i thought. But to my surprise a little white pop up window appeared everytime i wanted to start the game. It were the magical words, which i had often encountered during the last years. Haunting words, which would destroy dreams of playing nice and updated games. It was the dreaded: "Incompatible System" message, that once again separeted me from a game i once loved. I was staring at the screen, blankly. Trying to comprehend the message and the dimension behind it. Then my view slowly crawled downwards, the eyes searching for the culprit to this horrendous message. And there he was. His fans screaming as loud as possible while trying to cool the antiquated hardware components. It was time. For too long i had negated the obvious hints. The poor thing and its 32bit system were finally at the point of no return. I always said to myself: Dude you are a grown up, 30y old man. You will not invest money into this pc thing anymore. Playing the odd 10 games of WOWS a week isnt justifying the expense. But somehow i would miss it. Ranting at randoms, cursing WG for stupid decisions and in between sometimes enjoy the fun of blapping oblivious players. I am sorry my old friend but i think the time has come to go separate ways. So there it is. One era has ended. But a new one will begin. The era of 64bit...oh what a bright new world! Sidenote 1: Totally unnecessay thread^^ Sidenote 2: But its offtopic so what Sidenote 3: Condolences are appreciated! Sidenote 4: No i cant update the OS. The hardware is just to shitty Sidenote 5: Yay i can finally start playing all these steam games that i bought and didnt check for 32 bit compatibiliy (Looking at you subnautica!)
  3. Bademeister02

    Zerstörer provozieren Teamschaden

    Nimmst du ernsthaft an, dass sich Unmengen von DD-Spielern mit Absicht in deine Torps werfen nur um dich zu ärgern und sich damit selbst aus dem Spiel zu entfernen? Wie egozentrisch kann ein Weltbild eigentlich sein^^ Oder doch eher Troll much?
  4. Bademeister02

    New CVs

    Well thats it. Sold my Lexington and the low tier CVs i had researched for Free XP and Credits. This new CV gameplay is just not my cup of tea! I was fairly decent in Carriers pre-patch but i didnt play them often because it was kinda stressful (with all the pressure to be better then the opposing CV). Just before the patch went live i researched and bought the lexington. So i went into this 0.8.0 with a stock carrier and stock planes. And my god it was awful. I forced myself into 7 battles during the original patch and its hotfixes and there was just no chance to get something done with all this AA around. Beeing constantly uptiered and matched against Minotaurs and such didnt help either. Flying around hunting the lonely DD that was stupid enough to leave the AA umbrella or simply scout enemy ships while staying out of AA range were the only things i could do. Much fun, so wow. So i went and researched some of the better planes with free xp. Only to maybe last a bit longer but getting shot down once they are returning to my ship^^ Much fun, so wow! So i rebought the langley. Maybe i was just to stupid to play the hightier battles and needed to start again at T4. Did one battle, managed to deal a whopping 8000 damage while indeed my planes stayed alive. But...much fun, so wow!! So i thought: - i am to stupid to get my stock planes on T8 to work - T4 is actually more boring than a debate in the european parliament and i cant be arsed to waste my free time doing this In conclusion there was no other way but to sell the CVs and (maybe) come back later to relearn once (if) all this AA and general mechanics crap is balanced. I am sad i had to withdraw, because i liked the change in playstyle to the normal WOWs once in a while. But this is just too much pain. Good luck balancing this, maybe i will try again later. In the meantime i will wait for the next T9 free XP ship
  5. Bademeister02

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had a roflstomp victory with @Humorpalanta in his Seattle with my Buffalo yesterday on one of the epicenter maps (cant remember the name anymore^^). Nice radar push into the center (these poor enemy shimas) that caused a 15-2 victory for our team! Thx for the nice game
  6. Well then there is srsly no reason to take Def AA anymore. No clue why they decided to get rid of the panik aura, as that could have been a little help for DDs being murdered by repeated rocketplane waves. But maybe they will reintroduce this later (i still have hope left^^) once they realise that DDs might need a bit of help against the new CVs. We will see. Thanks for the answers guys and have a nice day
  7. Thanks guys. It seems sailing your DD will be a somehwat huge challenge in 0.8.0^^ I think i will do it a small number of games and try to stay alive, but i am not really optimistic about this Maybe its time to hop into my Buffalo again and reinitiate the DM grind. Or just play CV for the first weeks and ruin other peoples battles! One the matter of Def. AA on DD: Old Def AA atleast created this panik aura that would make the drop zones/spreads bigger and help you evade damage. Is this still a thing in 0.8.0 and does it apply to rockets too?
  8. @El2aZeR: Some questions from a DD player here. I see your Screenshots and Vids of murdering DDs on PTS and its making me quite sad^^ Your examples are extraordinary but i have to ask if your victims on the PTS are actual players or mainly bots (like in the last screenshots)? Furthermore you are an extremely good CV player and the results you are able to achieve might no be achievable for your average potato CV captain. Like murdering every ship on the map easily is possible for guys like you with the new rework, but will not be the norm...(or will it be^^?). Cause i think running into you with my DD under the current version of CV-gameplay would be a quick death for me aswell... You know, so i can keep some of my hopes about continuing to play my DDs? Lastly there are DDs with Def AA (like the Fletcher i am grinding). Did these DDs have better chances to survive your repeated attack runs? Or can i take Speedboost from now on? And the times of torp reload booster on the shira instead of smoke might be over aswell, i reckon? Thanks for the answers from a guy thats grinding 3 DD lines
  9. "French battleship Dunkerque, tier VI: Main Battery reload time reduced from 28 to 26 seconds" Muhaha! Thank you WG, now there is even more reason to play my beloved baguette! As an additonal buff i suggest you put some extra armour on the bow so i can tank them pesky 38cm shells. Then there will finally be nothing i am afraid of anymore. Well except carriers
  10. Bademeister02

    Zao - advice needed!

    Hey guys, as mentioned in the title, i think i need some advice for playing my Zao. In comparison to the stats of my other jap Cruisers the Zao falls extremely short in terms of winrate while being ok in the fields of damage and survivability (atleast in my opinion). See stats for further judgement https://eu.warships.today/player/500508705/Bademeister02 I tend to play my Zao rather aggressively while trying to support capping DDs in the start of the match from somewhat close range. Usually that gets me focussed pretty hard and more then once blown to pieces^^ But i dont want to be the long range HE-spammer that farms BBs for the whole match duration... On the other hand, my low winrate suggests, that this aggressive approach isnt helping my team at all and is probably responsible for the low winrate i have So i am facing a dilemma here and i am not sure how to tackle this. Be the long range HE-spammer that farms damage und maybe be more useful to the team resulting in better winrate? Or keep the aggressive approach and hope it will even out? Or maybe something in the middle^^ I would be thankful for some advice of pro Zao captains Keep in mind that i am a solo-player most of the time! That doesnt mean that i dont like my clan. You have to love the window-lickers^^ Will post captain and ship setups once i am home from work! Cheers
  11. Bademeister02

    1 on 1 contest battles

    Why wouldnt it? If i understand you correctly you essentially say that skill is useless as long as there is RNG in this game. Granted RNG plays a damm big role in this game but there are a lot of other things in this game that requiere skill and not luck. Things like correct positioning, ammo choice, angling and of course the actual shooting/aiming! In the last battles i have played, it did matter where i took my aim... when to aim at the waterline, the bow, superstructure etc. These are all things where you need a certain amount of skill and not just pure luck and could therefore very well decide the outcome of a 1v1 situation. Of course RNJesus can decide to screw you big time and let all your shells miss the enemy, or give you overpenetrations etc.. Thats the nature of this game and thats why i dont think 1v1 should be a competitive mode like OP asked for. But for fun inbetween boring standard randoms? The most thrilling situations in this (otherwise rather slow) game are knife fights between two DDs or a full on BB brawl. Atleast for me. And the option to do fights like this more often without the fear of getting focus fired by 3 T10 CLs with Dakka from hell gets me excited. Quick brutal cq fights... i would love it Like i said earlier you have to do some adjustments to make this mode exciting. As in (for instance) - way smaller maps (just take the normal ones and restrict the players to the middle or something) - only identical ships! Identical classes isnt enough if you think about Shima vs Gearing^^ - short timeframe - of course make it optional I know that this will probably never come live but i like the idea. Cant help it^^
  12. Bademeister02

    1 on 1 contest battles

    As an optional game mode for slugging it out against an other captain? why not? But cant you do this already with the training room? I am not really using this feature but it should be possible right? As for your idea: I could totally see myself enjoying an occasional 1v1 from time to time without the constant fear of getting crossfired or friendlytorped. Of course the ships should be equal to lay emphasis on the playerskill and because random match ups like Iowa vs Fletcher wouldnt make sense. A smaller map and a tighter timeframe would be helpful too.... Yes you have the big impact of RNG so it shouldnt be competitive but as an addition to the normal game queue? Would be cool in my book. Yeah WOWs is a teamgame and therefore the focus should be on matches with more than 2 people. But for the sake of variety i would welcome this. But of course it should be totally optional! Just my 2 cents^^
  13. Bademeister02

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    Dunkek! Easily my favourite BB (even though its not my most played one) because its a f*****g oversized cruiser with railguns. Its often said you either love it or you hate it. And i absolutly adore it^^ Recently i got myself the big sister of Dunkirk and it seems my love for heavy french baguettes with front facing guns now includes T8 too
  14. Bademeister02

    Neues Unternehmen T8 " Kirschblüte "

    @Karnsteinchen : Wie spielts sich denn nun eigentlich in dem Nachtgefecht? Kann ich mir die Leuchtraketen als statische Zonen vorstellen in denen dann eine erhöhte Sichtbarkeit gilt? Und rings herum sieht man dann so gut wie garnichts mehr?Wenn du da mal einen ersten Eindruck abgeben könntest (oder auch gerne jemand anderes) wäre ich sehr dankbar. Ich warte schon seit WOWs-Betazeiten auf Nachtgefechte und bin dementsprechend gehypt! Da interessiert es mich dann auch herzlich wenig, dass es eine Klassen- und Stufenbeschränkung geben wird und dieses Szenario offensichtlich ein schlichter Technologietest ist. Wer dieses Spiel schon ein bisschen länger spielt, der sollte doch zumindest mal einen T8 Kreuzer der 4 genannten Nationen (zumal die Cleve ja grade erst auf T8 geschoben wurde) haben oder? Und wenn dieser Test erfolgreich sein sollte, gibts das bestimmt auch irgendwann in Randoms wo ihr den Modus dann auch gerne mit der klassischen deutschen Random-Divi (Bismarck,Tirpitz,Bismarck) spielen könnt^^
  15. Wait what? Zao is getting 12km torps? What a time to be alive Just imagine...BB sitting bow on and doing BB things. Now instead of slowly burning him down from range like you used to do in the Zao, you can close in to aprox. 10,5 km, do a full 180 (actually a bit more) and send him 20 torps without him noticing whats going on^^ Oh you see that firing smoke screen over there? You wont be sitting long in there chaps! Cap is contested and no radar/spotting available? Dont worry, torp-zao equipped with RPF will flood the respective area with torps! Its gonna be hilarious!! I cant wait to see the "Zao best torp boat" memes and full torp-builds for a T10 cruiser! Forget about Shima or Gearing, the new torp-king is coming On a serious note: This change would make absolutely sense in my opinion. I never really understood, why you had to give up the 10km torp range while upgrading from the Ibuki to the Zao. The better ship should atleast keep the same torps if not getting better ones. Am i right? And with the recent introduction of the new epic modules, WG seems to encourage Zao-players to get closer in their ships (trading range for rudder shift and accuracy) and drop the lang range HE-spamming method. The torp-change would fit perfectly into this new "closer" playstyle. This might motivate me to play wows a bit more regularly again (This and the new Buffalo/Cleveland that i am both enjoying quite a bit. I am weird i know!). But lets wait whether this will actually be realised. Giving the Zao these strong new tools, might lead WG to nerf her in other aspects... The 12km torps might be a bit too strong, because of the versatility they would offer. Maybe adding the 10km ones from the Ibuki would be just enough (You would have a small stealth torp window but not this yolo 2,5km stealth torp range that might be a bit op^^). But lets wait and see... Interesting and exciting idea nevertheless! cheers