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  1. SanyaJuutilainen

    [] Ingame players statistics

    "Third-party stat collectors should be shut down. In fact, they should never have been allowed in the first place..." Once you have public API, you can't prevent that. Either you go private, or consider that somebody can collect that data. Nothing in between.
  2. I remember it being said as: "We would ban the mods, but we don't really agree on the guidelines (and neither do players) which should be forbidden and which not and even if we ban them, we have no way to enforce it, since they'll be back in a day with different name / file and we have no tools in the game to check for mods properly, that being a Minsk field" Honestly, the NA approach is nice, but are there any stats how many players they banned over the year or so that they enforce the ban? Occasionally someone in a tournament, or so?
  3. In battle of Midway, if we talk actively participating ships, there were 2 BBs - and both were Japanese. Majority of the strength there were heavy cruisers, which pretty much explains high aircraft toll. And some of the BBs actually are fairly decently protected, but you have to look at higher tiers, which come from later years, where danger of CVs was rising. Still usually can't compete with CAs, though.
  4. AA of - for example - battleships WAS very weak. It took lots of luck and projectiles to shoot down a plane or two. Unless you are talking CAs - for whom airplanes are easy prey - it is really supposed to be this weak, more of a support or a chance.
  5. SanyaJuutilainen

    Poll: Should Wargaming allow the XVM mod for WoWS?

    I am partial to this. It's useful tool, but its authors should have some common sense to avoid nonsense like Winchance that makes people suicide.
  6. SanyaJuutilainen

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    If you need such mods to enjoy the game... No, the game is broken. Mods don't work and they never will. Please, don't come back.
  7. SanyaJuutilainen

    The ideal fleet in WoWs?

    Not anymore (since the scouts have been extended to T8s in all nations, the last will be USA in the next patch), the maximum is +3 for scouts now. And it was always compensated by MM weight, AFAIK (so if you get scout vs heavy it might also mean you get heavy vs medium or one higher tier extra).
  8. SanyaJuutilainen

    The ideal fleet in WoWs?

    "should" be, but not necessarily "has to be" - like there are games in WoT with no arty or with 15 heavy tanks only. The setup is (almost) up to anything, I guess, no MM rules confirmed yet from what I've heard.