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  1. Same game. played 11/12/2015, the base xp is on the right i believe. this was my first match today hence the massive xp on left side
  2. goosey

    Reported for playing poorly?

    its almost like he is flaming himself for buying premium :/ i really dont get this post. he uninstalled because of the "potential" of abusing a in game function that might or might not ever be acted upon?
  3. goosey

    OK, so what Accout/Flags/Skill Points did you get?

    40 flags, commander 6 and 2 skill9 captains. must have been top 1% i had over 1000battles.
  4. goosey

    cant log into public test server with cbt account

    i think the prob is the publictest server is pointing at the russian account database for many people (not all though as noted by cpt crucibile) even though our accounts are only valid for eu which is prob why we cant login.
  5. goosey

    cant log into public test server with cbt account

    same happens if i click, registration or forgot password button, directs me to a non english version of website with option to relocate to eu version where it automatically logs me in with my account details. but initially when i cant read the language it doesnt regonise my account details like it does on eu website
  6. goosey

    cant log into public test server with cbt account

    no i havn't changed password recently. i think its an issue relating to the fact if i click on report bug woption on login pageit takes me to a foreign (russian or somewhere) wows website instead of eu one.
  7. as stated. it should be live now for players in uk timezone. but when i enter my cbt account details(i have been in cbt since before june10) for public test server just says invalid email/password.
  8. goosey

    error message constant crash of game

    thanks cap. i tried giving wows allow status but it didnt help. i even played with Av and firewall off and still crashed... i wonder if its related to the in game map perhaps as often it does not reflect the correct orientation of actual ships. (traveling west, facing east on map etc)
  9. goosey

    error message constant crash of game

    also think this prob needs moving to bug page, sorry. and finally i play using an unmodded version. crashes have only just started in last 2 days
  10. i have been testing here since the closed beta started and have not had any crashes prior to whats started now. anytime something happens in game, i spot a ship. torp strike etc the camera seems to unlock from my ship then game freezes and the error below is generated. rig: i5-3570k running at 4.2ghz geforce gtx-760 (353.06 driver) 8gb ram ssd harddrive where game is loaded