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  1. JohnA87

    Roma does not live up to the hype

    Well it fits my aggressive playstyle and I like it even though the guns sure can troll. Small sample yet, but as of 01.22.18: Roma: 14 Games 104k avg dmg, 34% hitrate. Alabama: 13 games 108k avg dmg 34% hitrate. I more or less stopped playing the Alabama cuz i preferr the NC (my NC stats suffer because it was my first tier 8 and i didnt understand the gamplay), because of the 2.0 sigma. I find the sigma to be of more import to me on the americans than the Roma because of the Romas other strenghts such as concealment and Incredible Shell velocity, while the americans "floaty" Shells truly need the 2.0 sigma to feel "right". I understand why some People can feel that the Roma "trolls" them, but i sure like mine. That said, I would never use the Roma over my NC in ranked Battles.
  2. JohnA87

    Musashi P2W

    Ambushed a near full hp one in my brand new Roma yesterday, managed to sneak up on him while he showed completely flat broadside fired 9 guns at 11km resulted in 39k dmg, continued on to outmanouvre it and ultimatly kill it without loosing more then 6k hp in Return, very fun. However, had i met im head on i would be toast as would most other bbs.
  3. JohnA87

    Hood - first impressions

    Did they buff the turret traverse from the test? Wiki sais 36seconds/ 5 degreees per second, reviews from a few days ago sais it has 3 degrees per second, but they might buff it.. Armada video sais 3 degrees per second.. So, where did it end up?
  4. JohnA87

    USS Alabama tier 8 US premium BB preliminary stats (5.16)

    Now this is a real downer, and abit weird i think... afterall the Alabama is one of the few remaining battleships in the world that people can actually go and visit meaning that it would be very likely to sell alot, thus logic would dictate that the rewardship would be Indiana or Massachusetts as i guess the South Dakota herself will eventually enter the tech tree in an alternate USN BB line.. (I do know that the Massachussets is also preserved as a museum ship, but the Alabama is at least outside the US more famous and would probably have sold more). While i do appretiate the work supertesters do and they deserve nice rewards for their work I think its a shame that such an iconic ship would be exclusive to them...
  5. JohnA87

    USS Alabama tier 8 US premium BB preliminary stats (5.16)

    I will most likely buy this ship, i love playing the NC and the Iowa, this things add some earning to that, can train my captains and simply look to awesome to miss out on.. That said i hope they change that weird camo it has on the portrait, there are other better looking camos for the South Dakota class.
  6. JohnA87

    tier 9-10 German Vs IJN

    Id say the GK is stronger then the Yamato.. yes the Yamato is a nightmare to deal with "front on", but the GK got bigger dmg potential, dont get citadelled and got hydro.. I like the yamato when all i face are enemy BBs, in almost any other situation i would take the GK, hands down... That said i preferr playing the Montana myself, i know it is definitely weaker then the other 2 thus irrelevant here, but i love the Montana
  7. Littorio for me, looks great and i love the 3x3 gun setup with 2 in front and one in the back, very versatile. Besides they should be reasonably fast, decently armoured and have high muzzle velocity, looks great on paper, gonna be interessting to see how they will look. Richelieu is following close behind though, 8 380mms all at the front, interessting
  8. JohnA87

    First Scharnhorst impressions

    Absolutely love the Scharnhorst, she is probably one of the most fun ships i have played in this game. You can find several points of strengths in weaknesses in this thread so i am going to highlight what makes this ship this ship (others have done it and i will repeat it). The Guns: these are IMO Scharnhorst greatest strength AND her biggest challenge. First of all they are fast firing battleship guns that due to their callibre will not overpen cruisers the same way other BBs do (not as much at least). However, they also have considerably less penetration values thus you are also more likely to bounce, meaning that you will bounce even cruisers if they angle properly, and this is the reason why most of those who do not like this ship, do not like this ship As for whether you should get her or not, well she is forgiving due to the fact that she can take a real beating, BUT i see that you dont have any other ship past tier 6 and while 6-7 aint the same big gap as 7-8 i would still recommend that you play some regular tier 7 before you buy a premium ship else you might get a rather nasty surprise. I did that same error when i bought the Atago while still at tier 5-6, wasn't fun at all and i did really really bad (didn't have heal back then either), now however i consider the Atago to be one of the best ships in the game.. That being said, the Scharnhorst is WAY more forgiving then the Atago, so the comparison is a bit of.. IMO the Scharnhorst is a really nice ship that most people can do decent with, but theres a certain skillcap to do consistently really well.
  9. JohnA87

    RN Cruiser stats from Armoured Patrol

    Well thanks for clearing that up for me, having no gameplay experience from high tier DDs myself I only assumed that would be the case. Still like Dropsiq points out this will make life worse for most DDs, and i hardly find them to over perform atm (based on my experience with higher cruisers and BBs)..
  10. JohnA87

    RN Cruiser stats from Armoured Patrol

    I second this.. It will also make the lives of Gunboat DDs rather difficult, especially against those fast firing ones you mention, it might be that the Khaba needed this indirect nerf probably being the strongest tier X atm (numerical wise at least), but other balanced DDs will suffer as well..
  11. JohnA87

    RN Cruiser stats from Armoured Patrol

    Seems WG is taking precautions against smoked HE spam before the release of the RN line: –All ships with the Radar Surveillance consumable will have their cooldown time halved (360 seconds to 180 seconds for Radar Surveillance I ; 240 seconds to 120 seconds for Radar Surveillance II) https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/08/26/wows-changes-coming-in-0-5-11/
  12. JohnA87

    Pick your votes for the sexiest ship ingame!

    Scharnhorst, with Tirpitz/Bismarck and Hindenburg close behind.. At least until the Littorio/Vittorio Veneto class arrives which are also heavy contenders.
  13. JohnA87

    RN Cruiser stats from Armoured Patrol

    Kinda sad, but if its more or less like a Des Moines it is fully possible to spam fiery death with reliable chance of hit success at least at 15km, and if they have a stealth fire zone down to 13k with concealment this could get interesting. Unfortunately i never got around to grinding any DD line past 7 (always were more of a CA/BB captain) so i have only second hand experience with the gearing, it seems to spit out quite an impressive amounts of shells though.. Still, those rainbows.. I know it could not have the russian/ IJN arcs but a middle thing would have been nice.
  14. JohnA87

    RN Cruiser stats from Armoured Patrol

    I think it looks like these ones will get a really cool playstyle, however, what do we know of the shell arcs and shell speed (sorry if someone has said so before but I'm having trouble with my mobile so "search" do not work).. are we speaking russian 152mm arcs or cleveland/atlanta/flint kind of feel? If the latter.. argh.. i never liked those rainbows -.-´