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  1. Maye35

    Gearing + Fletcher Torps

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm having fun with the fletcher right now and I like the torpboat gameplay (the role shima had before the nerfbat on torps and bb agility buffs), i'll try your build with spood beest timer.
  2. Maye35

    Gearing + Fletcher Torps

    How do you manage the cv ? I can't play without def aa on my fletcher, sold my shima yesterday because of cv nulifying my already shitty torps and when spotted you get the full package in your face, then back to port.
  3. Maye35

    U.S New cruisers need Nerf immediately

    Stop pretending the radar ship has no support, the radar can be triggered behind an island from safety and leave the team do the rest, look at the number of shitstorm this braindead button created the last 2 month.
  4. Maye35

    Top tier DDs 8-10, do people enjoy them?

    I sold my shima, this ship became a pain in the butt, slow and not stealthy and torps that are not stealthy at all since the nerf from the 20km torpedo soup that needed a nerf. I started to grind usn dd, I'm at fletcher now, it's a good dd, but it is boring. I have a lot more fun on the RN cruisers, the minotaur is the pinackle of a troll ship that can get deleteted if you fail at using your brain. So no I don't enjoy dd play at high tier right now
  5. Maye35

    WTF is wrong with Zao credit wise?!

    Zao works just fine. But looking at your stats I think your don't play her like she is intended to, you have a really low average damage, kill and win rate, this tell me you are not using her at max potential. What I do with zao : use her stealth to get close of dd's, and delete them when spotted, I support the dds of the team. I tend to go on the flank where my team is pushed, she is incredible at kitting, then burn stuff. Finally, the good old school island f3 torp ambush like a low tier US dd is still brutal on whatever is coming/parking behind islands. Things to remember when playing zao : High % of fire, troll armor, good torps, good gun range and good stealth. Use that to have a heavy weight on the game.
  6. Maye35

    Can you explain it to me?

    damage saturation, you can hit multiple times the same place on a ship with torps without doing any damage after the first one.
  7. Moe will reward way more than tirpitz, even if you are a scrub with bb. Deleting dd pay more than anything else.
  8. Maye35

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    This topic is a nice resume of what is wrong with CV. Too much impact in the hand of a single person is bad design.
  9. Maye35

    Explain this one to me

    Hum the stealth fire nerf came because of kaba and zao, bliska is and was just a nuisance, and zao and kaba are still pretty powerful without stealth fire. What bugs me is the ap pen damages on dd, I play missouri on a daily basis (she is op I know) landing 10k damages on dd per volley is way to much, even my zao can't land as much damages in one broadside... WG failed at balancing the cv cancer issues and after that everything got out of hand, and sorry, cv have way to much weight in a battle, something that can nutter dd, perma spot ship relaying on stealth and just nuking anyone out of position in the hand on a single person is bad game design.
  10. Maye35

    Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    To go back on topic, lo yang just dominate the dd game in ranked, that hydro is a blessing (or a curse), I just sold my benson. I have way better result with a battleship than with the benson.
  11. Maye35

    Awesome evening.

    Yeah, this week end I run at 44% victory, a lot more cv scrubing around because of these missions, I had 3 games in a row at tier 10 with midway at 800 rating against hakuryu at 1600 rating, free harvest for the ijn cv. In fact it is better when there is no cv at all, they have way too much weight in this game.
  12. Maye35

    Fara Carrier Guide

    Nice vidz and guide Fara, good to see some old INI down there. Keep up the good work.
  13. About the AA when I see the amount of average damages done by cv I can say that it is avoidable (I looked at your stats, that are great btw) don't tell me you don't manage to avoid it and just prey on the random sailing alone. I have been playing pvp games for some times now, and giving so much concentrated information to one player to "force team play" is bad design, cv herd ppl, it doesn't force team play, it make them blob in one way to mitigate the potential damages done by cv's. But it's out of topic and i'll stop about this here (even if I find this debate interesting). The removal of the cancerous setup from midway and essex was a good thing but done in a way that unbalanced the game, seeing they want to put it back to club tier 5 and 6 is just pure retardation, and no, low tier ship can't wipe the sky like a des moines, avoid clevelands and you are fine.
  14. I do agree with you on the devastating strikes can do bb on cruisers, it"s another topic like detonation, but, it doesn't remove the fact that cv nutters dd just by flying around, nutters cruisers by spotting them and offering them to bb fire all the time and then they can crap on bb with 1 bomber run. Sorry I can't call that something well designed.
  15. Or it's the sign of bad design giving a club to someone that can delete someone else without any mean of counter ? (don't talk about AA please, it's easy to avoid....)