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  1. Grimwill

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    Why do ranked and clan battles overlap? They are the only two real competitive modes I care about and for anyone with jobs or families the commitment will be untenable. One on their own is demanding enough. i don’t want to moan but why at the moment are most of the announcements designed to frustrate people who love this game?
  2. Grimwill

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    Why are clan battles and ranked battles scheduled to overlap?!
  3. Friends across the pond strangely have similar views. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/195306-psa-naval-training-center/?tab=comments#comment-4577194
  4. @wargaming Please tell us all what user group you bounced the genius of NTC off of? I want to thank them for enraging your playerbase and perhaps suggest they never do something like this again. That is, if you actually asked for feedback on this idea before you announced it..................?
  5. It took me 23 years but in my level 67 Belfast i’m invincible to everything bar a level 17 Yamato! But that’s fine as the MM will protect me from that. Sigh.
  6. I can only hope NTC has been proposed due to somewhat irrational reasons such as revenue being lower than budgeted and needing a quick fix, or shortly being sold and needing to boost revenue or about to pump and dump the game. Anything else is grossly misthought and a terrible, terrible idea. I understand you want to maximise your profits and that, I suspect, existing core customers are your greatest revenue earners. This proposal undoubtedly in someones mind, and perhaps on an excel spreadsheet, sounds awesome to bump committment and money from that segment. As one of those people who have spent >£4k on WG products, undertstanding I'm just one point of view, if NTC is delivered in practically any format I'm afraid I just will, with regret to my clan and the game I love, go elsewhere. The time required for most normal people to be proficient and competative in all ships will be destroyed for me. Please, please, please think of other ways of generating revenue, rather than this and keeping people "engaged". I suspect it will damage your core segment so much the game will the be worst for it.