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  1. ........... I wonder your thoughts on whether it was good, bad or ugly? Myself, it was terrible, much worse than ugly - a stinking season made worse by CVs and their change to the meta that drove teams to choose the grand total of 4 ship picks. To create a season where picking 6 (you know what that is.......!) of the same ship alongside a CV - and it performing well is disgusting, and waters down the breadth and variety this game has to offer. WG - you are ruining this game with the absurd imbalances you are introducing.
  2. Grimwill

    Moskva. Checking for 9.4

    You get a tier 10 premium due to at least having researched a tier 10 silver ship. I wouldn't bundle the camo into that argument - it makes no sense. Whether you have or haven't spent credits also isn't relevant to this. This entirely and only relates to the old silver camo. If you bought it with doubloons just before the notification of what is going to happen in 9.5 or after, then you are purchasing an item that will generate little value - and that has lots of unfair connoations to the person paying for it.
  3. Grimwill

    Moskva. Checking for 9.4

    But then you get no value for the thing you paid for.
  4. Grimwill

    Moskva. Checking for 9.4

    Even if you buy it for doubloons the day before the patch?
  5. Grimwill

    Moskva. Checking for 9.4

    I think the point re. perma camo will come down to how long ago you bought it. You have generated inherrent value from the camo which others can't benefit from. The longer you've owned it (ignore number of games) the more value you've generated (given the camo doesn't diminsh and is permanent). However, if you've only just bought it then I think you have a real case to be pissed, as you've had no chance to generate enough value before it's given away for free. An example would be Steam's policy on refunds for on sale games: "I bought a game right before it went on sale. Can I get a refund and repurchase it at the sale price? Yes. If you have not already requested a refund, make sure the purchase is eligible and submit a request here. Please note that approved refunds may take up to 7 days to process." If Wargaming refuse to honour a refund to you I'd raise a chargeback with your payment card provider and see if you get any luck - there are massive civic (if not legal, I'm not close enough to that) issues if they treat you that way. Having had mine for years - I'm fine with what is being done.
  6. Well this article went out of date fast: https://blogs.oracle.com/smb/10-of-the-costliest-spreadsheet-boo-boos-in-history
  7. Grimwill

    Ranked: Seasons and Sprints

    I'd love to play ranked, thanks for explaining this. Can you please not schedule ranked at the same time as Clan Battles ever again though? Thanks.
  8. Are either of these different to last season?
  9. 3.4m battles (28%) and 49k players (21%) lower than last season! I wonder if this is due to the loading of CBs and RBs over the same period - which was troublesome in terms of making time to achieve both.
  10. The French token things are, I think, a mechanic designed to drive behaviour to play old ships. Well, check you're stats, because your bots are coming against a tide of good players at the moment, who are spending the 4 minutes to win a match and earn their stuff, rather than pvp - and then rinse and repeat. If that's what you wanted, tick. I myself enjoy pointing at the middle of the map, going for some tea, and then letting my secondaries win the game for me.
  11. Grimwill

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    Why do ranked and clan battles overlap? They are the only two real competitive modes I care about and for anyone with jobs or families the commitment will be untenable. One on their own is demanding enough. i don’t want to moan but why at the moment are most of the announcements designed to frustrate people who love this game?
  12. Grimwill

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    Why are clan battles and ranked battles scheduled to overlap?!
  13. Friends across the pond strangely have similar views. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/195306-psa-naval-training-center/?tab=comments#comment-4577194
  14. @wargaming Please tell us all what user group you bounced the genius of NTC off of? I want to thank them for enraging your playerbase and perhaps suggest they never do something like this again. That is, if you actually asked for feedback on this idea before you announced it..................?