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  1. Broe116

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Not sure how to react to my test of new CV play. horror or shock comes to mind. Permaflooding, reallly? AA sectors and this is to simplificer things ? the staying power of planes and continual attack runs on single ships nuts. ties in with the permaflood thingy. CVs dumm when planes in the air no responds to any changes on map, course change etc. real borring plane handeling tier 6 tier 10 just all feels the same. grafics nice new aa but thats about it not seen figther cover working at all or feed back to players lagging.
  2. Pan Asian are powerfull boats but the deepwater ninja torp together with low concelment. hmm going to be hell when more people use and learn to use them. If any need nerf hammer it be the DeepWater Torp. IJN DD? really been rearended. There one and only weapon Got hammered and there only def advantage concelment got hammered too.
  3. Broe116

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Look like nice raffel. I like to put in my lot. Enterprise Alabama Dunkerque Prinz Eugen Salut Broe116
  4. Hej kunne godt bruge nogle gæve gutter at sejle med. har 2700 slag under bæltet fra realease og nogle 700ish fra beta mener jeg. Bruger ikke facebook hvis jeg kan være fri men TS intet problem. har spillet WOT men løb sur i det. også wwIIonline som jeg stadig spiller i ny og næ.
  5. does this IF HE have any reference to the realworld at all? or just a magic skill from WG? just wondering Personally i like to see all skills have some type reference to realworld. Something you could train your ships crew in. Remove the rest.
  6. Broe116

    Carrier vs carrier is ruined

    take a tier 6 carrier ijn vs Us. any little scrub with there fighter planes and your out of planes. with the melee skill and the general better planes for US, ijn planes be gone in 4sec. to be forces to have fighter planes in this inviroment is a joke. to be forced to always be same tier is a joke. melee skill only of use to US and they already have surperior figthers and almost any attack is a kamikaza attack. I for one liked the small tier difference or the 1 vs 2 carrier battle. gave some color to the battle had to think and manuver. now hmm its grey on grey and dodge DDs torp. Carrier plain boring and 0 gameplay the always same tier 1 on 1 was a bad move and way to drastic. a much better option would be to fiddel with the manual drop if they found too powerfull
  7. Broe116

    skill expert rear gunner, who?

    would be good to know, what planes actually have rear gunner and uses this skill. a Little note by plane maybe (rear gunner) or some other simple thing Broe
  8. Broe116

    Torpedoes and AOA for detonation

    shame it turned Down, would go for just a Little realicem for torpedoes. maybe just making the front of torpedo able to do dmg at least. why not try it it is after all a test to make the different systems Work together
  9. Broe116

    Torpedoes and AOA for detonation

    simply put Shell bounce of target at high agle why dont torpedoes? are ship torpedoes not contract activated? a torpedo with high AOA should run along the hull without detonation. Any thoughts on this or just magic torpedoes for all
  10. Broe116

    Torpedoes Arm Time Needs to Be lengthened

    I see a much talk about the arming time of torp but as old silent hunter gamer I was wondering about the AOA of the torp. They are unusually good at exploding even at extreme angel. were must ship torp not contract fuse?
  11. Broe116

    Carrier under fire no take off

    like to use flattop only Glaring problem I see is the the manual torp aim. the linier and close pattern torp drop at pointblank
  12. Broe116

    Torpedoes Arm Time Needs to Be lengthened

    Torps are ok maybe a min arm range like airborne torp. what makes a DD OP as i see it its abliltity to be invisible even 3.5km. Cant avoid them cant manuver away from tight torp attack at that range. cant react to its presence since you dont know its there at all. then add the smoke and its invisible even when shooting, you just see the flashes in the smoke need some tweeking