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  1. Does it lose the points it has and stuff? I have 3 points with my emerald captain and I want to transfer him over to the leander when i get it, he's already learnt three abilities and is one point of getting the fourth, but if I transfer him to the other ship does he lose it all?
  2. Raeth

    Anyone else having login problems

    I'm getting it as well.
  3. Raeth

    RN Cruisers...

    I was having fun in the Caledon, then I got to the Danae and the accuracy drops quite a bit and the survivability drops a lot to.
  4. Raeth

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    I've literally only just started playing this game because they introduced the RN, my father was on HMS Birmingham (during falklands mind you) and my grand dad was a mine sweeper, so RN has always been an interest of mine. I'm only on the Caledon atm, I could get the Danae if I use my free exp. Anyway I've not played any of the other countries ships so can only come at it from the RN pov, I don't have a problem hitting things with it, I'm pretty good at estimating the arc of fire and the movement of the ships. I do notice a number of my hits don't do anything though, but I do on ocassion get a 900 or something pop up. I've had some great success regarding torpedoes tho, took out two BBs from almost 100%. I guess since I'm only low tier it's not representative but I've been having some good fights with them.
  5. Raeth

    Best upgrades for RN Cruisers?

    I just unlocked the ability to upgrade my cruisers and I'm currently on the Caledon, I'm new to the game so I'm not sure whats best and whats not, so any suggestions?
  6. Raeth

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    Rounding a corner and delivering four torpedoes into a Kawachi which was around 5k from me and knew I was there he went down in one, got over 1k experience and 69k damage only issue was I was out of range for the rest of the game and could only get into contact with the final ship.
  7. Raeth

    British Cruiser pain

    I just got the Caledon, I got super lucky and one shotted a Kawachi with my torps it was amazing and felt so good.