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  1. BigWoodFarmer

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    I agree with ShinGetsu, you have to get used to this gameplay if you want to be successful with the yamato. I haven't played the yamato yet, but I had to learn how to play the izumo. Watching others play the Yamato, i think it's very similar. Now, I am actually going OK with the Izumo, she is definitely not my worst battleship, but I was very mad at that ship in the beginning. It's all about facing your enemies and slowing down, standing still or moving backwards away from enemies while tanking salvos and shooting at targets of opportunity. I retrained my captain for the izumo with great success. I concentrated on survive-ability skills like fire prevention and concealment (additionally to the upgrades), fires only burn for 30 seconds now and can be completely absorbed by a repair party. Facing the enemy fleet I take little AP damage and may use my to forward turrets to dish out a few hits. Key is to ignore the third turret, if that turrent is able to fire at enemies you are showing too much side and risk taking massive punishment. Try to use islands to shield yourself from long range torpedo attacks. Face forward, never rush, take it slow, ignore the third turret.
  2. BigWoodFarmer

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Sure, I will upload some 4k Screenshots for you. WoWs is beautiful at those resolutions, sadly, I can't play in them because of the interface. **edit** I attached some screen to this post. jpg is already a compressed file format, but the quality is still good. wows_4k_screens.zip
  3. BigWoodFarmer

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    You have to understand that WoWs caters to an older audience then other multiplayer games. It's not as hectic or fast paced. This, more mature, audience usually is able to afford to spend a bit more on their hobbies then younger players (students for example). There is no need to be jealous :-)
  4. BigWoodFarmer

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    I have posted about this aswell: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/26110-ultrahd-4k-scaling/page__p__884583#entry884583 It's definitely a reason I have been looking for other games to play. 4k Gaming is very normal already and Wargaming is falling behind.
  5. BigWoodFarmer

    [solved] No Interface in Harbour

    Hey. Thanks! I figured it out... Wenn I started dota, it told me that Microsoft XBOX DVR was active and asked me to disable it. I disabled it, restarted my PC and could play WoWs normally. can be closed
  6. BigWoodFarmer

    [solved] No Interface in Harbour

    Hi, I was having some issues with error messages in game and the game crashing. So I decided to reinstall the game... with the result, that I now have no interface in the Harbour (see screenshot). If I drag the Window to resize it, i can see the interface for a split-second before it disappears again. I have reinstalled my GPU Drivers.... Any Ideas?
  7. Sadly, the workaround above doesn't seem to work for me. Could someone please post these lines from there EU Client Scriptconfig? Thanks
  8. BigWoodFarmer

    UltraHD (4K) scaling

    Well, I complained a lot in this thread. So I feel I need to say, thank you wargaming. The Dynamic Crosshair finally made it possible for me to play in 4k and play the game without installing any mods. The interface still doesn't scale and everything is really small, but at least the crosshair fits my screen now. THANK YOU Wargaming.
  9. BigWoodFarmer

    UltraHD (4K) scaling

    Yes, I have installed the modpack in the past. But it seems I have to reinstall the pack after every small update, sometimes things don't work and I have to wait for a new version. It's a little frustrating and I just wish they would implement UI Scalling. It can't be that difficult...
  10. BigWoodFarmer

    UltraHD (4K) scaling

    0.5.3 and still no 4k support in sight... Really sad. Most games that came out last year have great native 4k support, but World of Warships doesn't. I just can't play like this and won't renew my premium account. :-( I play on a Fury X on Very High with a decent 45 to 60fps (with V-Sync). Take a look at this screenshot... the map is max size and I pretty much can just guess where I should be shooting. I know I can lower the resoltution, but my monitor is a native 4k display and the game just looks awful in lower res.
  11. BigWoodFarmer

    Building my Mogami

    Meh, the AA for Japanese cruisers is so useless anyway. The cleveland has better AA then my Tier 8 Mogami, it just doesn't seem worth it to improve it. Thank you for your input though!
  12. BigWoodFarmer

    UltraHD (4K) scaling

    Well, for me it's pretty unplayable. It's really hard to aim without being able to judge the trajectory of your shots properly. Hopefully they will implement a feature similar to world of tanks enabling "interface scaling 2x". Pretty please WG?
  13. BigWoodFarmer

    UltraHD (4K) scaling

    Hello, World of Warships doesn't seem to scale the interface for UltraHD (3820x2160) resolution. It's really hard to read the writing and in-game information, like compass and chat text, also the mini-map is way to small on highest setting. Could there be an option for better interface scaling? I am sure more and more players will be playing in this resolution in the future. Thanks and cheers.
  14. BigWoodFarmer

    Building my Mogami

    Hello fellow Captains, so today I finally unlocked my Mogami, and I am happy to say, it's a very fun ship. I have read, that you should use the smaller caliber primary batteries since the DPS is higher, because of the faster reload and the current necessity to fire HE at long range. Seems fine, I will definitely try the other guns at a later time, but with the captains level 4 secondary armament skill, I will have great range on the smaller guns as well, so i would probably stick with those. My questions is, which module to get as a second upgrade? I have bought the Gun Fire Control System Modification 1 on other ships before, but I don't really feel like I need it on the Mogami. The main batteries seem accurate enough and I am able to score a lot of hits. I was therefor considering the Main Battery Modification 2, which increases my reload time by 1 second but decreases the slow turn speed of my turrets by 6 seconds, which seems like a great trade off. What are your opinions on the matter? It is quite the investment of 500k Credits, but again, seems worth it. Also, what other modules did you guys get? Concealment System seems great, as my Range will already be decent. Thanks for your help!
  15. BigWoodFarmer

    a courteous suggestion to Mods

    I agree, my Thread about a certain player was altered and closed for breach of forum rules. That's fine, I rules are important, but the problem still exists and the player is probably still active. This is very unsatisfying for me, especially this a lot of people in the thread felt the same way. Just closing the Thread about problems doesn't fix the problems.