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    Why do I have to pay SERVICE PRICE in co-op?

    ​ In tier IX+?

    General Feedback

    Did you guys ever play Harpoon 3 or command air naval operations??? You do realize that you DON'T NEED ALL THE SURFACE DATA ON THE MINIMAP, ALLOW US TO ADJUST WHICH DATA IS DISPLAYED ON THE MINIMAP AT LEAST1!!!!!!!!
  3. I didn't lose, I had victory, I can't see any players on the team score tab or anything on other tabs... ??? It happened again...

    New Maps

    Islands of Ice definitely needs to stay the same! I agree with most posts. The new maps and weather effects... WOW! I don't think I will stop playing WoWS.

    How to learn the use of aircraft carriers

    Oh and I forgot something, if you want to position the camera for carrier view to a certain plane group, tap the plane group key twice.

    How to learn the use of aircraft carriers

    Damn, look at all those in-depth replies! But you don't really need to know all of that. All you need to do to start learning. 1. Remember to use "Shift" key to change view from carrier map to normal ship view. 2. Remember to try pressing "Alt" key once you have selected a plane group, it makes everything more precise. 3. select your CV and press the co-op button There that's all you need to know! Learn to use these functions and aim them well. Tactics entirely up to you at this point. You'll learn tactics and mistakes as you get progress but mostly from being destroyed by the enemy.

    Why do I have to pay SERVICE PRICE in co-op?

    ​I only played two games game. Highest score 4 kills, 210k damage lost 1k credits. All of that is irrelevant, I was only making a reference to AWs service-free co-op which doesn't punish you in co-op.

    Why do I have to pay SERVICE PRICE in co-op?

    You are missing the point, co-op shouldn't charge service price at all no matter what tier. Take a look at the co-op system in Armored Warfare.
  9. Seriously, what is WG thinking? I can't have a few relaxing games in co-op without losing 20k credits no matter how well I perform in them... service price makes this game mode useless especially in higher tiers when you want to test sh## out and take a break from a bad PvP day. >

    Need help with the Lexington

    Upgrade planes to Tier VIII and get every single survivability upgrade you can get if you haven't done already. Observe the map and find a suitable ship to attack under the least AA/resistance, make sure you waypoint your bombers around AA circumferences, using shift + left click in the tactical map or carrier map.

    Why should i buy Lexington?

    Yeah I agree that Japanese CVs are superior and have better stats, this is mainly due to Russian propaganda against the US I believe which means the US CVs(All ships really) will probably never change. But you can still do well in a US CV if you know how to play it.

    Why should i buy Lexington?

    No, the AS load-out on the Lexington is very good. You should do "smart bombing" in equal tier games, so for example at your tier you will always have a Tirpitz in every game. Use your bombers to get around AA circles and bomb the Tirpitz. Use bomb squadron number 1 first, wait until the Tirpitz has used damage control then only proceed with squadron 2. You will deal a lot of damage this way because the Tirpitz will lose at least more than 50% of his health burning(Use manual bombing to guarantee hits as well). In high tier games you can't do anything about it and most likely you will be paired with an Essex or a Midway/Japanese carrier and you're better off just defending your best BBs with fighters or escorting your CV mates strike packages. Though high tier games are rare in my experience. For low tier games in range(Tier 8-6 with Lexington) smart bombing should be much easier and you should be able to deliver bombs easier with weaker enemy AA. If any ship is defended by fighters, just make the fighters escort the bombers and lock up the enemy ones. Once you unlock the Essex though, everything changes. AS Load-out is just useless and I made the mistake of unlocking it and trying the same tactic. Right now I play with the default deck which isn't bad at all since you can still effectively deal 120k+ damage per game with 30+ plane kills, low tier range games in Essex are ultra rare. You will most of the time end up with high tier cruisers and BBs which have really advanced AA. What I usually do is rely on the target not to use manual AA and send bombers first as meatshield then have torpedo bombers at the back. But with my high survivability upgrades + speed upgrades and tier IX planes I usually lose 2-4 bombers against high AA targets like North Carolina/Iowa.

    When your teammate is a professional CV player

    Sometimes I just feel like going back to my Lexington, they should really give the Lex 2-1-1 for default.

    New reporting system!

    Make a "reason" section if you are reporting a player and make sure that it is at least 15 characters minimum with automatic spell check and coherence check(just something similar to grammarly.com) for validation of the report and also if the position of the player in terms of score on their team is higher than the 6th position the bot reports should be invalid. No more daily limits. We need in-game BANNING! CONFIRMED bots should be banned the moment they receive 10 valid bot reports from different players within a 24 hour time frame. Make the ban time 30 days for the first offence, 30 days for the second and permanent IP ban for the third. ------ Players who play poorly shouldn't receive an entire ban but atemporary ban from playing their line if they get 9 "strikes" from poor gameplay reports from THEIR TEAM ONLY within multiple games and 24 hour time frame where a "strike" message will be sent through the notifications system to urge the player to L2P. "Strike" logic. 1-2 poor gameplay reports in 1 game = 1 strike 3-5 = 3 strikes 5-7 = 6 strikes 8+ = direct ban from playing their line Example for this: Bob and his tier 10 Yamato. Game 1: Bob reverses his Yamato into the edge of the map, camps there for the entire game and gets 0.1k damage at the end. He gets reported by half of his team for poor gameplay. Bob exits to port and receives a notification: "You have received 6 strikes for poor BB gameplay! [6/9]" Game 2: This time Bob stays completely stationary and doesn't move at all but he does seem to fire his guns when enemies are in range. After 12 minutes with Bob being the only survivor on the team, he still refuses to move and eventually gets f#cked by one of the enemy BBs who flanked to his stationary broadside. Bob has done 32k damage which is quite an "impressive" increase from the last game, but unfortunately for Bob he gets reported by 5 teammates for poor gameplay and 4 valid bot reports. Exit to port: Notification: "You have received 3 strikes for poor BB gameplay! [9/9]" Notification 2: "You have been banned from IJN Battleship line for 23 hours and 59 minutes" [Don't give notification for bot reports] Game 3: Bob takes his Tier 2 Umikaze destroyer out for a spin, ends up with a chatty and competent low tier team, uses full speed power up, rushes the mid and crashes into an island then gets salvo'd by an enemy BB in the first 2 minutes of the game. First death, many complain, Bob doesn't know the existence of an in-game chat so he never really notices anything, exits the game and boom, 12 valid bot reports[Exceeding the 10 report limit with an additional 8 reports from this game), Bob disconnects from server and is unable to log back in and will be unable to do so within 30 days. Good riddance... Okay I hope you understand! Should I add that this system should work on people who play like bots... And also this is just a rough sketch. ^^

    Air superiority?

    ​Primary reason why I didn't play the strike deck with the Lexington was because of the idiots on my team reporting me for not having fighters while I kill a good few BBs and do a lot of dmg to the enemy team helping my allies who were struggling to fight against them. I thought there was a limit to how many reports you can get until you get banned so the strike deck scared me off back to AS but I still have alright stats with the Lex.