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  1. DuainHicks

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.7

    When will they put German ships in the arsenal? When will they put the option of putting our national flag on each ship? Thanks for the offers.
  2. DuainHicks

    CV Rework Discussion

    Thanks for all the advice, I will put them into practice, when I can reset the ZP skills, I have 19 points in this one. And the equipment is similar to the one I already use.
  3. DuainHicks

    CV Rework Discussion

    thanks can you tell me what skills do you have for the Zeppeling CV commander? Please. Those are some great games, since they changed the game mode cv, I could never make a game or similar, I congratulate you for the results.
  4. DuainHicks

    CV Rework Discussion

    Thanks for the tips. DD smoke lasts so long, that I get older waiting for it to dissipate. To hit a DD with torpedoes, you have to be very lucky, or you should be stuck somewhere, or offline the DD. And it is a real pity what they have done with the CV. But I thank you for your advice, always spitting at the beginning, because little more useful can we do for the team.
  5. DuainHicks

    CV Rework Discussion

    that it is useful for me to have many planes or to regenerate quickly, if the AAs of all the ships that it finds are disingraded at once. Do you have the enterprise? did you play it? Because before this disaster change in CV I was against him with the ZP, and it was scary, now it serves only to spit as I say, you look at my data from old ZP and new ZP and are joke the difference is brutal. I am very angry with the new cv mode, but watch while the DD can do what they want and the rest of the boats enjoy, because the CV give you where bitter cucumbers. I do not adapt to the new game mode cv.
  6. DuainHicks

    CV Rework Discussion

    I have the enterprise and now it is a garbage compared as it was before.
  7. DuainHicks

    CV Rework Discussion

    you talk a lot about CV damage. But what decision ?. The current CV is a mere spoter, It does not do a crap of damage. The torpedoes are a joke. the life of airplanes is paper. Who says that CVs are good for something is crazy, or works for the company. They have broken the game with cv Using a CV today is only enough to enjoy the landscape, splash, and take some credits, for nothing more. Talk about the damn DD that are invisible to everything.
  8. DuainHicks

    Summer Sale: New Offers Every Day!

    Will they ever put up German ships to buy with coal?
  9. DuainHicks

    Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod – Trailer

    I will love to see, the submarines in the game. It would be an improvement after the game destruction of the CV. Curious is that Isaac Peral and Caballero were inventors of the first torpedo submarine, known as the Peral submarine, and Spanish. Spain still has no presence in the game, a pity, I hope someday correct in WG. Thank you.