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  1. DuainHicks

    Old & New CVs together

    I like your idea, +1 I hope you listen to them.
  2. DuainHicks

    Spanish Community Leftovers.......not anymore

    the best thing to do right now in the game to protest, is not to buy anything, to be a full F2p player. And do not buy anything, in any of the WG games. A.E.
  3. DuainHicks

    How it Works. Reworked Aircraft Carriers: Gameplay

    Thank you, it's the only way that this company learns in any way that we're not happy. But their client is that they do not do a bit of case. For my part I do not play with the new CV. and play with other boats full of AA, so they have a lot, a lot, a lot, those unsupported that keep playing CV.
  4. DuainHicks

    How it Works. Reworked Aircraft Carriers: Gameplay

    I do not want this change, I never asked for it. I want it to be put back as it was before. Let no one play with CV, so they know how bad this is now.
  5. DuainHicks


    Does anyone know how the voting is going to remove this current game mode for CV? Thanks.
  6. DuainHicks


    This new patch is a NIGHTMARE for CVs. I want the game as it was before, a reduction in damage to the CV, and an improvement in the planes for the tier that they play, but this patch is a DISASTER, I have only the CV Zeppeling, before it was my favorite ship now it is a pain to play it, I have 12 battles of the new patch and it is that it can not be done worse they have destroyed the CV, destroyed until the foundations there is NOTHING OF FUN in the new CV. They took even the Stukas from my CV, why? The way to play now I do not like anything, we handle all the squadrons of planes before, now we can only move 1. We removed the improved consumables, and they are activated automatically, I previously activated the repairs if I had 3 fires, now I am automatically activated, when I have 1 fire, WHY ?, and on top of being the normal consumable, it takes longer to recharge. They force me to play torpedo bombers, when before I only had normal bombers. The empied bomber, it is very difficult to hit the target. And the planes of my Zeppeling are butter, MELTED. Now with the CV we can splash and little more damage that we can do to a boat that is alone, but little else. This is a GREAT TRASH. STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE CV. Do not touch them until the previous game mode returns.
  7. DuainHicks

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    Who my feedback, forget all that they intend to do, because it is a waste of time the CVs were OK BEFORE, now they are garbage. If they leave them as they were before, and reduce the damage to ships, the other players will cry less and at least we can have fun with our CV, but now it's a nightmare to play them. And another thing, where are my Stukas ?, the Zeppeling had Stukas as bombers and now they are not, why they removed them ?, Who asked to be removed ?.
  8. DuainHicks


    Yes sir, a good comment, THANK YOU. I like I can not speak in Spanish, my dear language, because I have to use the English that I do not like, to say that what they did with the CV, is a real GARBAGE. And now they make it worse, if they want us not to touch them, and save us wasting time. That put a game mode only CV without other boats, and let us have fun, but not the Klingon DD cries and everyone to change the CV that nobody recognizes already, this way of using the CV is garbage.
  9. DuainHicks


    To do this crap that they did with the CV better not to do anything, and as I see that there are people who did not like the CV as they were before this terrible change and these new changes worse. I propose, that all CVs be removed, and that we can play battles ONLY CV against CV without other ships, but with the CV as they were before these last two patches. As is now the game with CV, it is a crap.
  10. DuainHicks

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    STRIKE CV, until they fix this.
  11. DuainHicks

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    I say a poll in this forum, so that we can see it all, in a post, that is fixed, so that we can all vote.
  12. DuainHicks

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Can someone make a survey to see if we are happy or not with the change of the CV ?. Because I want to vote NO, they put it back as it was before.
  13. to those of us who held the GF zeppelin after the changes gave us a permanent special camouflage, do we lose this camouflage? Because it was not bought with gold, but a gift from WG for keeping the CV. I do not want the doubloons, I want the camouflage.
  14. If you do not fight against the other CV, people, protest, because the enemy cv attacks you. Anyway, the biggest truth if you play CV, is that whatever you do, your team mistreats you, and if not, you mistreat the enemy team, they insult you by chat almost everyone. One who is used to it, does not read the chat anymore, because for what, if this is full of admirals who know everything you have to do. It's wasting time, if you pay attention to everything they say about your team and the opposing team.
  15. I love playing with aircraft carriers. But these changes, I do not know if they will be for better or worse, we'll see, and I hope that if they do not work, they'll change it. From what I read, I just really like this that now you can take 8 flags and little else. Before, as CV had competition with the enemy CV, and fighter combat was essential to win the battle or eliminate the enemy CV was a great improvement. I liked to see where the enemy came from and protect the boats on my team. Also some personal duel between DD and CV, which were very interesting, bring good secondary weapons to be able to destroy the DD. I do not know what will happen with these changes. I would not have changed so many things.