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    Weird Torpedo spread

    Just happened to me, going in a straight line towards the torpedoes. I thought "oh, nice he's dropping them straight at me" and figured this would be easy. But as I approached the torps only two were heading straight towards me, while the other two came at me from an angle, crossing over the other two making dodging them impossible. This has happened more and more often to me, whereas it never happens when I'm playing CV. If this is due to auto drop, then I'm gonna leave the manual drop. Because this is just ridiculous. Unless it's a trick, in which case I'd very much like to learn it
  2. TheEinsteinCrew

    Going off this game quickly.

    Just giving my opinion on your whine'n'cheese. You didn't give any reason why you feel that map is so bad, hence the assumption that you YOLO. Then you mention the pay-to-win-strategy followed by obviously assuming that flags and module upgrades give a huge boost for real-life cash. Which is a blatant lie. Do tell me where I am patronising you, as I never really meant to do so. Passive-aggressive? Maybe, I'm a little fed up of all the unreasonable whining on the forums followed by "oh they don't listen to feedback".
  3. TheEinsteinCrew

    Going off this game quickly.

    Wow. I'll agree to the part about the mm, but that's it. Why would you quit a game because of one map? Why is that map worse to you than anyone else? Do you go YOLO on it? Flags don't give much of an advantage... and wow what do you know, you can earn them for free in game. Just play well. And as for the module upgrades: you buy them with in-game credits. Everyone do. Buy some yourself if you think that's gonna win you games Now, the chat is a little funny. Every now and then someone will be pissed because they f**ked up and try to blame someone else. Just ignore it. The WoWs chat is nothing compared to other MMOs. When the opposing team has a CV, and you don't, you have to utilize a little something called tactical play. Like having cruisers doing their job for once. That's a challenge in itself. That is something they need to fix asap about the mm though. Wargaming can't possibly scratch everyone's back, and to be fair: if you look at the amount of horsesh*t being spewed out about Op this and OP that on this forum, you'll see that it's mostly useless feedback. they do listen to feedback, as long as it's reasonable. Don't like CVs? Too bad, you can counter them. Don't like DDs? Too bad, they can also be countered. And so on and so on. Every ship has its purpose, and every ship has a counterpart. Of course BBs will have a tough time against CVs and DDs, but that's what CAs and friendly DDs are for...
  4. TheEinsteinCrew

    This game is as bad as world of tanks.

  5. TheEinsteinCrew

    This game is as bad as world of tanks.

    oh how much lolz you can have reading the forums
  6. TheEinsteinCrew

    Any Norwegians playing this game yet?

    Hm, apart from premiums I have Cleveland, Ranger, New Mexico and Hatsuharu at tier 6 and 7. And a few lower ones.
  7. TheEinsteinCrew

    Any Norwegians playing this game yet?

    Norwegian, Tromsø. I'm sure there's a buttload more Norwegians in-game, whereas only a small percentage uses the forums As for the Norwegian section on the forum; I doubt that'll ever happen
  8. TheEinsteinCrew

    Why Carriers will be a Problem at High Tier

    And once again all the whining about CVs boils down to the Japanese ones. Heavens...
  9. TheEinsteinCrew

    Torpedo bombing

    At tier 5 the Japanese carriers don't have much power behind their AA, and especially not if the carrier attacking you is of a higher tier than you. You see the spread if the torpedoes go a little distance without hitting anything. The US carriers seem to have less spread due to the proximity and amount of dropped torpedoes, but there is some. Wish I could see it for myself, so I knew exactly what it is you're experiencing. Hope you figure it out, though Just keep dodging incoming torpedoes and making manual drops yourself and you'll get the hang of it.
  10. TheEinsteinCrew

    new player some advice

    You have to research every ship with experience points in the branch, but you don't have to play it. Let's say you played tier 1 and wanted to get straight to tier 3. Then you can (provided you have the necessary free xp) go to the tech tree, click the tier 3 ship and research it. You have to have researched the tier 2 already, though. As for those bottlenecks with credits, it gets better after tier 5. Tier 5 and onwards take so much xp you'll have to play a lot of battles in order to get the next tier. So many that by the time you have the required amount of xp, you'll have more than enough credits as well. Provided you do average and better in the battles, though. It might seem like a drag when it comes to the expenses from tier 3 to 5, but it gets better.
  11. TheEinsteinCrew

    Torpedo bombing

    Hm, never tried the Japanese carriers, however I can think of two reasons: 1. This is the most probable cause. Your torpedo bombers are taking moderate to heavy AA fire, during which their accuracy will be severely affected, even with manual aim. 2. the torpedoes will always get a slight spread, but not as much as using auto drop. That is if I got your question right. The drop aim during manual aim will always go in a circle from your aircraft, so you can't tell them to drop 90 degrees from the front of the ship if they're behind. As your aircraft move, the manual drop zone will be altered.
  12. TheEinsteinCrew

    Carrier: Spawnkilling at Tier 4/5

    Alright, what the *** I don't even know where to start on this one. First of all, I'm not primarily worried about enemy carriers (dropping the shortenings so newbies will understand what's what), unless I'm in a carrier myself or find 3-4 torpedo bomber squadrons coming up on me. Depending on the enemy carrier player's skills, they can be dodged even in a South Carolina. It does seem, however, that people are having trouble with the Japanese carriers. Because I don't see any whining about a single torpedo squad. And in case some readers aren't aware; tier 4-5 US carriers can have only one torpedo bomber squad. There're 3 setups available on the tier 5, namely 2 bombers and 1 fighter, one fighter and a torpedo, or two fighters and a bomber. The tier 4 only has one, a fighter and a bomber. Battleships that do get hit by a torpedo might get a flooding, but that's not a guarantee. In which case they can repair (hotkey R) and then use the health repair thingy (hotkey T) as well and regain A LOT of the lost HP. Destroyers should hang their heads in shame if they were ever to be torpedoed by a US carrier. Cruisers can also easily dodge them, and even drive faster than the torpedoes if they turn away from the drop point. As for anti-air (I'll be calling that AA now), they're weak against higher tier aircraft. A New York won't do squat against a tier 7 carrier's aircraft, but plow down whatever a tier 4 is sending its way. Not sure how many whine threads there are about overpowered this and that on this forum, but I do notice that it's getting hotter after all the new players entered the field. When I started playing in the closed beta, a friend of mine adviced me to leave the carrier line until I was somewhat familiar with the game, as carriers could be a challenge. He did have a point. If a carrier player encounters another one that's had quite a few carrier battles under his belt, we have the making of a good strategic air battle. Depending on the carriers' loadouts, of course. The most important part about the whole "carriers can attack anywhere" part is that they take forever to get to the point of attack. They have to resupply, take off and then cruise to their target. And that's in no way close to Mach 1. If the target evades the torpedo drop, that's a good couple of minutes that a carrier has wasted on nothing. And the carrier can't attack everyone at the same time either. Safe to say that if your team decides to never move forward and just stay put, chances are increasing that you'll be the next target. Are you able to evade? I should point out that I've never played the Japanese carriers, but I've been at the American Lexington in closed beta. At no point have I felt that my carrier was in any way superior to any other vessels (except of course when being matched versus lower tier carriers). So if there's any claim to carriers being OP, I'm pretty sure it's about the Japanese. Either that, or I'm going to have to crawl into a corner wondering what the **** is wrong with people nowadays. Enjoy your battles! (yes the game is a lot of fun!)
  13. TheEinsteinCrew

    Scandinavian keyboard layout support?

    Has been annoying me for quite some time too, thx for the fix
  14. TheEinsteinCrew Update

    Oh daaaaaamnit, I messed up. Looks like my browser decided to log me in automatically, hence the download page being available. Sorry about that, now my heart's broken. Was sure this would be the fabled OBT
  15. TheEinsteinCrew

    Server Crash

    Some guy named Alpha something said "Hello". Then the server took a broadside. He never should have