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  1. Cpl_johan11

    Stop asking for Regia Marina Italian ships

    I'm okay with the French navy coming before Italy (though i'm not happy about it) but what i DO NOT understand is that supposed pan-asian tree wich was mentioned (i don't regard it as confirmed). While the French navy existed and hasmany unique desings, during the period of the game there were as far as i'm aware only 2 independent Asian countries (that were not japan): China and Thailand. As far as i gather the Royal thai navy has like, 2 or 3 ships wich could be added and china only had riverine craft...neither navy had a very glorious career and i can't see it becoming anything other than a copy-paste tree wich has zero place in the game, other than commerical reasons.
  2. Cpl_johan11

    WG 2017 plans

    I do hope those new PVE modes will actually be worth playing...if they give the same awards as coop battles do right now, it's not really worth it.
  3. Cpl_johan11

    WG 2017 plans

    Don't get me wrong, i do want French ships in the game...hell, the dunkerque is the only BB i like, and i'm curious to see what their other branches are like...what winds me up is that there's still not the slightest hint of even an italian premium however. This would make France coming first a lot easier to digest...and make the wait easier. I will also not deny that i'm still far more excited for Italy than France, as none of the French ships really have names that are connected to any true naval battles during WW2 (i don't count the British attacking the French at anchor as a naval battle, given that the French were moored there and did not really get a fair fight as such). Is this because of nationalism? No, because i'm Belgian (and NOT of italian descent)...and i don't agree with anti French, or anti Italian jokes but i do understand why people are upset about the announcement. Ask random WW2 enthousiasts something about the French navy and most won't know what you're on about. Ask them about Italy and they'll at least now Italian defeats against the RN, and the names of ships involved. It's a bit pointless continuing this discussion though - they won't change their development schedule. The Italian navy better be next after France though...any of the other potentials would struggle to fill their branches, Italy would not.
  4. Cpl_johan11

    WG 2017 plans

    How is that post ridiculing the French navy? it isn't even mentioned in there. And calling the Italian navy more incompetent than France would be a gross unjustice. Doesn't mean that it was perfect (and neither was the French navy), but it preformed for 3 years while being significantly out teched, without air cover, and without sufficient fuel...and did alright considering the odds against it. The French navy meanwhile spent most of the war sulking in ports about British betrayal, and even though some French captains saw the light and sailed out for Free France, none of its large ships did, and as a result, did not really play a role in the war after 1940. So even if they were more competent, wich i would agree with in terms of the naval general staff, they didn't use this competence...this is why many people prefer Italy, as it fought in quite a few more naval battles than france in WW2
  5. thanks for the reply (that first post had me worried they had done something crazy like cancel putting them in game...)
  6. What have they said of the italians? I've been trying to follow news on them, but during exams i don't really have the time to go through somethimes hundreds of pages looking for bits of info...
  7. Cpl_johan11

    The Best Destroyers of World War II

    Fiold, on 02 April 2013 - 11:12 AM, said: Yes. There won't be a Polish tree, because of fleet had just few ships. Probably there will be "small fleets tree" with Poland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Finland, maybe some south American countries. Belgium sadly didn't have a navy of it's own, only ships that were "belgian" were british corvettes and minesweepers,and the merchant navy. So sadly we won't have any ships in game. But i do agree with your small fleets tree idea
  8. Cpl_johan11

    What is your favourite warship you want in the game???

    CritticalError, on 22 February 2013 - 01:53 PM, said: talking about me here? It's not that I like japanese ships because I belive they were better than the rest (American navy was a lot stronger because of it's higher number of ships and individual it greatly depends on the ships you compare) but because of their strange and sometimes even weird apperance and configurations. Which other navy had a battleship carrier? Which other navy had a ship with a pagoda mast like Fuso? That is why I prefere japanese! Not saying that no one should like IJN,it's just that,if you read the forums,you get the impression that the only warships in WW2 were Jamato,Iowa,and several CV's (with some mention of Bismarck and richelieu), while there are many other ships,and navies,that deserve to be recognised. It was also a bit of a ragepost after once again reading how narrow-minded people SOMETHIMES (important word,meaning i don't want to generalise) are in regards to ships. Am i the only one wich doesn't really care for the big ships,although i respect their history? Give me a small ship to command and i'll be happy. And i fully understand your reasoning,once again,some of that post was raging. Still, i'll only go for small ships,with IJN a well as USN. No long lances for me tough,i love being the underdog. But best of all,give me a british or italian DD or CL to sail on. Anyways,in no way i meant that everyone should hate IJN, i just petition for recognition of other great ships and n avies. If you read through my textwall,i hope i clarified my previous post and give me my Spica class!! See you on the high seas,Cpl_johan11 :Smile_honoring:
  9. Cpl_johan11

    What is your favourite warship you want in the game???

    Can't provide you with foto's (my internet sucks atm) but HMS Acasta, and furthermore any DD from all nations except japan (tired of the posts "O japan really best navy etc etc" ,DON'T exagerate and come with arguments),all Italian ships ,'cause Italy has been forgotten too often(really hope for Spica class,but they might be too small,closer to a DE than a DD),and many british,american,french,german light cruisers and small carriers. I might get back to japan after i've proven they aren't necessarily the best fleet around,because it is the man at the helm that makes a difference. No Malicious intent,just tired of the one-sided mindset towards IJN,and to a lesser extent USN. You'd say all those European nations haven't even fought if you read some threads,and that is sad 'cause they should be remembered too. See you on the high seas, Cpl_johan11 :Smile_honoring:
  10. Cpl_johan11

    Different roles

    Destroyers might be (don't know about detetction mechanics,just speculating) harder to spot because of their smaller size,and they are very fast and manoeuvrable, this together with their small size will make them hard to hit (and in the faq on the na forums it s stated by Gaea that shells,as historically correct,might pass through one without exploding) will make them harder to kill for BB's and things that move slow and have heavy and slow reloading armament,or even carriers without their planes around, allowing them to close to use their torpedoes (wich can sink the strongest of ships) and their main battery (i.e their surface to surface or DP guns of sufficient callibre,like 90mm at least i guess) might be dangerous for CL's,and can be used to chase of other destroyers. Depending on cruiser type,their job can be scouting,fighting DD's and other cruisers,AAA ships or BC's wich have the firepower of a battleship(but less armour for more speed)