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  1. Flashp0int

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    I usually like Ranked. But not a big fan of T10 ranked. But to be transparent, I do not like Ranked for it's competitive component. I like it for its collaborative. Usually, half-way through the season, Ranked becomes selfish and salty. That's usually the signal that it is time to leave. Why not stick until Rank 1? Because it is a huge time investment (which is difficult when you have a job, family and friends), even with a 100% win rate I would probably not play enough battles to get there. The second reason is that I prefer to play with friends, so as soon as they hop on Discord we play Divisions and not Ranked. What is great about ranked? Ranked allows us to discover lower tier ships in more even playfield. Not facing enemies either way more poweful or way less powerful. One of my preferred was the T6 ranked for instance. But 5, 7, 8 and 9 all have interesting potential. You could perfectly have more tiers being used through ranked. T10 are ships we face a lot while grinding 8 and 9, so happy to see other ships as well. I agree that games with CVs are problematic. The team with the best CV wins in a way that has little to do with the rest of the team.
  2. Flashp0int

    General Feedback

    I see a lot of doubts and concerns about the new USN light cruisers in current YouTube videos. Challenges: USN light cruiser do not have the same mitigation as other light cruiser (smoke, repair, long range). They rely on island hugging. Well, I really like this. But, I agree that you could use some balance. What about a unique consumable that plays exactly with this type of gameplay? Disembark Marines / Ground support IF less than 1 km from an island (simply detect a possible collision, this already exists as a function) USN cruisers can disembark ground forces (special consumable). Lasts as long as close to the island and speed less than 12 knots, but if moves away, it takes a long time to recharge. Grants: Spotting (like an airplane, but slightly less efficient. Advantage is that you know if something lurks close), further reduced detection range, repair consumable refreshes faster (this is your additional damage mitigation). I am an Island If completely static next to an island, the USN light cruiser can hide from radar. For as long as not spotted by any other mean. Then long refresh cycle. Grants: Cannot be detected by radar Silent operations Within a few seconds, stop machines and gets silent. Grants: Vastly reduces sonar detectability These would completely work along the island hugging concept of the ships. It would also mean that USN light cruiser are very static and enemy should really get them to move in order to have them loose their Ground Support benefits. Silent operations and I am an island would allow them to further create surprises while aligned with their static approach.
  3. Flashp0int

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    Tin can - Opening 17 containers if I am not mistaken