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  1. Cmndr_Hill

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    Just loaded patch and played 1 game. It is back to its old self lovely and smooth. My ISP must have saved the day and fixed the problem Thanks WOS, i can get back to losing lots of my ships in large epic, ship splitting explosions
  2. Cmndr_Hill

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    With our stiff upper lips, we do not need calming down. I am sure they are looking in to the problem Shame, i have all these pound coins to spend on games ...... which one will i play? They have made a great game but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, customer care
  3. Cmndr_Hill

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    My Ticket reply: Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry that you have connection issue, unfortunately from what you telling us it looks like provider issue, we are not your provider. So please contact your provider If you have any other questions, please contact us. Best regards. just tried game again and it is the same.... everything other than WOS works great?
  4. Cmndr_Hill

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    Just read ticket reply to this problem, apparently it is my IP. Are we all BT customers?
  5. Cmndr_Hill

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    Same here,i am in the UK as well. .Micro stutters almost all of the time. Starting to get so annoying it is unplayable..Please sort out what is going on!
  6. Main gun's smoke on BB's is delayed in binocular view. It only plays when I return to third person view. this is a few seconds after I have fired!
  7. I am having problems reading the pre game queue listings, The background is to bright to clearly read the names. I have tried reducing gammer but that is no help. My pc specs: gtx 770 gpu. win 8.1 running 1920 /1080 full screen native to monitor.
  8. Cmndr_Hill

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    One of the sets of servers would not last very long, i'm sure the moded server would soon die out. The mod users would soon get feed up of not having an advantage over the majority of players. Yep you are right there are only two points of view. I want to be able to learn how to aim and the finesse that is needed to do it well. I want to play this game how the WOS ships team have designed it to be played. Not forced to play it how a few moders want it to be played.
  9. Cmndr_Hill

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    With so many points of view, I say let people chose their gaming experience. Have two sets of servers, one set with mods and one set with zero tolerance to mods. I would chose no mods, as I want a meaningful experience of game play on a level playing field.
  10. Cmndr_Hill

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    If mods are to stay, can we please have a mod free vanilla server for those of us who want a fair game?
  11. Great series Ichase, I particularly like the know your warship videos. keep up the good work. Can you add HMS Belfast to your to do list please.
  12. Cmndr_Hill

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    Hi I'm not a WOS beta tester, but I am following its progress with great interest. I have played 10,000 plus WOT battles and have never used a mod of any kind. I feel they can destroy a game for all involved. My arguments against any mods are: • It gives unfair advantage those who use them, infect makes them cheats, and thief's of the other players time, enjoyment and gold if they use it. •What is the point of playing any game if a mod makes it just point and click to win! •Ranks will be meaningless. there would be no way to measure your skill to an opponent if there is no level playing field. •It removes the need to learn a game or have any skill to win . An example of this is the aiming mod, which is a click to win mod. Also I would add mods that highlight week spots are another example of this type of skill less mod. • I think far more satisfaction can be gained from a game when it's "vanilla" me outplaying an opponent, rather than what mods I have loaded! • Losing a game to a player would also be ruined. Being outplayed by a better player is a great way to learn from them and improve, adding enjoyment to the experience when implementing what you have learnt. Being beaten by a mod using player is meaningless and removes any enjoyment in learning new tactics or skills. ("I keep losing and cant learn, so ill load all mods and make them all pay" type thinking) WOS team please stomp on mods, bots and afkers. before they selfishly try and ruin a game with so much enjoyment potential