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  1. It needs to stay. Period. Not as a RNG dice role but as a full blown feature of the game. Any new premium that gets introduced to the game should be available for renting.
  2. quickr

    WoWs is getting better with each day

    Well, you are not taking A from them, that is for sure
  3. Battle duration 5, 6, 7 minutes, steam roll after steamroll. Which is awesome. I can get 2-3 games in 20 minutes easily. Die first after just 2 minutes??? No worries man, still end up top on the leader board. EZ game EZ life! No need to ping map and call out targets, no one is paying attention to it anyway. Save your time and mouse. Hope this game keeps on improving. Can't wait for 2 min games by the end of 2020. Grinding will get super easy. 10 games in 20 minutes, even co-op can't compete with that.
  4. quickr

    what tier 10 ship to buy with my coal?

    *set reminder for early December 2020* We'll get back to this post later in the year.
  5. quickr

    How It Works: Semi-Armor-Piercing Shells

    SAP, how it works? ...... No one knows, just point and shoot
  6. quickr

    What do former WoT players think of WoWs?

    I played over 25k games in WOT before I made a switch back in 2017. I like that grind is not that heavy, you progress much quicker in wows. Also wows is much more rewarding. I'm sitting on tons of flags, camos, credits, etc... While in WOT I was always struggling with almost every resource. Also, wows has no premium ammo (yet!) and a tier 8 ship, for example, can most definitively hurt a tier 10 ship. Unlike WOT, you are not fooked if you are bottom tier. What I don't like about WOWS is that is slowly turning into WOT.
  7. quickr

    AA builds worth it anymore

    There was a time, around summer of 2019, for one patch, when AA was actually good. But tears of CV players put a stop to it. It seems it's hard to play a game when you have to be smart and work your way around the problem.
  8. quickr

    Port "London" causes my CPU to overheat

    Did a quick test on few ports, this is what I get when it comes to CPU usage: Zipangu: peak: 90%, idle: 39% Philippines: peak: 85%, idle: 44% Naval Base: peak:77%, idle:34% London: peak:100%, idle:40% - CPU usage jumps the most in this port when rotating camera Hamburg: peak:90%, idle: 42% Dunkek: peak:90%, idle:35% Designer Table: Peak:72%, idle:29% - CPU jumps the least when rotating camera Ocean: peak:80%, idle: 33% Couldn't be arsed to check all the ports, but it seems Designer table indeed is the least resources consuming port.
  9. quickr


    Yes, WG closed the servers. No more WOWS
  10. quickr

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Dispersion values have been changed.
  11. quickr

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    This community outburst is really baffling to me. Why would we ever react like this?!?! I mean WG is known for fine tuning and balancing ships. WG is known for listening to community, CCs, CSTs..... WG would never nerf one ship line with excuse that stealth radar is OP only to reintroduce it with Russian ships! WG would never back down from NTC to calm down the community, rebrand it as Research bureau and lock legendary modules behind insane grind! WG would never nerf to the ground a ship (that is not russian) even tho community repeatedly said nerf is too much. WG would never introduce a bug that actually improves the game, only to remove it completely, than make us wait a year to introduce it again! WG would never shelve numerous QoL improvements that community have been asking for years. You would prioritize that things no matter how small they are, Cos making players happy is your top priority? WG would never lock ships behind insane grinds that are near impossible to finish. WG would never intentionally make an OP ship, than removed it from armory so it can be a part of Xmas loot boxes. WG is like a small kid that makes an obvious lie, gets caught than acts all surprised like it wasn't him. Over and over and over again.....
  12. quickr

    Map strategy ?

    Nice re roll account you got there Try hiding it, you'll be more successful at trolling
  13. quickr

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    This has NOTHING TO DO with "fun to play", "introducing new ship lines", " adding more variety", "easier to access archives" DID YOU SEE THOSE SHIP STATS!?!?! How can you defend this , even as a WG shill, how can you with a straight face say this is ok?
  14. quickr

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    This is a joke. Words can't describe how angry and disappointed I am right now. Not at WG, don't get me wrong. They did nothing wrong. They did exactly what is expected of them.It just took them a bit longer. I'm angry and disappointed with myself cos I've seen all of this happen before in WOT. And I gave them another chance. I invested time, effort and money yet again. And I got in the yet again. Can't believe I bought the story. What a joke. I'm such a idiot.