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  1. quickr

    jean bart captian skills

    Argosax you are killing it man. hahahahhaha
  2. quickr

    "Simplifying" the game - consumables

    That's even more simpler idea. I like it
  3. quickr

    "Simplifying" the game - consumables

    I'm aware of it and it's a simple change so I'm baffled that it hasn't been implemented yet.... I mean all you have to do is change settings a bit... press a key to bind it for a consumable heal (instead of consumable 1) press a key to bind it for a consumable speed boost (instead of consumable 2) etc etc
  4. Considering WG's trend lately is to (over)simplify the game (CE cpt skill, radar range, torpedo notification, etc....) for easier use (and console release i suppose) Can we finally get better controls for consumables? Why is speed boost "Y" on one ship but "U" on another and "I" on a third one? (or whatever you rebind it to be) Why can't we setup key binds for specific consumable rather than consumable 1, consumable 2, etc.... Why do I have to check my consumables key binds every time I start the game and fear I'll press wrong one in heat of the battle? It doesn't happen that often but it's so annoying when it happens and it's a simple change that could improve game play
  5. quickr

    Ships you kept

    I only keep tier 10, every lower tier I've got is a premium. I don't keep silver ships as I grind up the tree.
  6. quickr

    What to develop in clan base

    That's a question you ask your clan mates not general public on forums.
  7. quickr

    jean bart captian skills

    First of all you payed for cpt skill respecc even tho we'll probably get a free respecc before clan battles. Secondly CE change is still in test, it might take some time before (IF?!) we see it go live. Thirdly, even when they change concealment expert skill it will still be a viable option.
  8. quickr

    jean bart captian skills

    My suggestion for JB cpt (same as my Republique cpt)
  9. quickr

    things I do not digest

    Lactose, can't digest that
  10. quickr

    Someone tell WG to stop ruining our ships!!!!

    So WG is on s crusade to nerf to the ground all enjoyable ships.... ........someone needs to remind WG that YY cpts have to choose between radar and smoke, torp reload is already slow as it is, and YY has one of the lowest (if not the lowest) HP pool
  11. quickr

    Jean Bart in Premium Shop and Arsenal.

    That's a question only you can answer. Do you prefer cruisers or BBs? Do you prefer high DPS or high alpha strike? Do you need a cpt trainer for USN or FR ships?
  12. quickr

    Jean Bart release date...?

    He called it! Burn the witch!!!
  13. quickr

    Terror of the Deep: A brief guide

    Pro tip
  14. quickr

    Terror of the Deep: A brief guide

    First try as well... Not that hard as I thought it would be... or maybe I was lucky and got good randoms in my team...
  15. quickr

    Brushed under the carpet thread

    True, but based on potatoes we see ingame, that probably don't use forum it feels like average age is 10