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  1. Tier 6 premium Cruisers

    In tier 7 you rarely see tier 9. Someone already said it, it's like having a preferential MM, you are mostly gonna play against t5-t7 ships. I would rather buy a tier 7 for better MM than a tier 6 to be honest. If you gonna get a tier 7 ship, in my opinion, there is only one viable option: scharnhorst. If you are top tier, you are best BB, if you are bottom tier you are best cruiser. You got heal, torps, agility, concealment, secondaries, fast ROF (for a BB), speed... you got it all in a scharnhorst.
  2. Not much of a sample size tho
  3. Giulio Cesare guns accuracy

    I love G.C. to hell and back... awesome ship which doesn't need any buffs... but i'll take it
  4. Good luck with that... I already brought that issue up on reddit and got downvoted to hell for it.
  5. Only on DDs, for everything else it's a waste of 3 points and there's a lot better options for that 3 points. That being said, few days ago I saw a Missouri cpt with SE skill
  6. What confused me the most... everyone praised it.. flamu, flambass, notser, even LWM in her review conclusion... yet, reading the actual review i don't get what's so special about her to give it a "gudbote" rating.
  7. "squishy, nine-gun Bismarck with no secondaries" http://shipcomrade.com/news/373/nice-catch-too-bad-your-[edited]-got-sacked.html I must say... it's not looking good
  8. Big Mo, DPM or Accuracy?

    Accuracy for me. I don't mind waiting 30 sec for a reload if i know my shots will land perfectly most of the time.
  9. Hey Jess! We got one spot open at [DAVY] if you are willing to consider. Davy is a British clan but with members from all over the Europe. We are actively participating in clan wars (storm league, group ll), random divisions and operations. Currently we are short on dedicated CV player as in we have non so if you decide to join you would be our main CV player. Feel free to join us on discord or send me a PM if you have any questions. Regards Q
  10. One space opened! [DAVY] is a mature, easy going and above all active clan (division, operations, clan battles, etc). There are few rules however: Be active! WR of over 52% Minimum of 1000 battles played Speak English PM Sal or me if you have any questions! See you on the high seas captains
  11. Dirty Old Dogs

    Šteta. Sretno i vidimo se na moru
  12. Dirty Old Dogs

    Hey, može li se na discord doći kao gost?