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  1. quickr

    browsing for clan :)

    I have a suggestion, try here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/509-looking-for-a-clan/
  2. quickr

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    I'm sure people will come up with some awesome ideas as rewards. I can't think of anything else but camos, flags, coal or steel. But what I would like to mention is another idea and sorry for not remembering whose idea it was: don't make us give up on tier 10 ships. Make a "regrind" so that you got a bar you have to fill with each ship you revisit. If I have to give up Des moins to regrind it all over again, no matter the reward, i probably won't do it.
  3. Purely speaking for myself here, obviously. What I would want is for you to focus on fixing existing issues and bugs. Take a breather, slow down with pumping out so much new stuff. Specially stuff than no one from community asked for. This NTC thing was a waste of resources when you could have done so much other things, QoL things that would improve player experience. Improve chat, improve UI, finish the damn CV/AA balance if you can, work on training room to be less pain in the arse to use. When it comes to new stuff I would like to see more historical operations, scenarios and campaigns. Another Good example is "demount all flags" button. You said on live stream it's not important, it's back somewhere waiting for better times. Why not now? Why not work on stuff that people actually asked for no matter how small or insignificant you might think it is. Players are full of great ideas if you would only listen to them. We all love this game, that's why we are so vocal about stuff, cos we care. Stop alienating yourself from community.
  4. Even tho some of them were considered a direct buff and a "must have" upgrade, they generally had an offset, a trade off. Get X but lose Y. They were not designed to buff your ship but to alter the way you play it.
  5. Another thing I'm interested in is how will they address balancing when they introduce tier 11, 12 and 13, or 3 levels of performance boosts that will change basic ship. Can they keep track of individual leveled ship? When they introduce nerfs/buffs for a ship, let's say Yamato, will it be for level 0 Yamato only or across the board, for all 4 levels? I mean, they are barely able to balance ships as it is, let alone when each ship has 3 stages of upgrades. Did they mention anything in live stream?
  6. Ev1n said on live stream and I quote: "this system is still heavily work in progress" and Crysantos repeatedly said it's still WIP. Yet, it's announced for patch 087? Wasn't SubO who said when they release a patch, next two patches are already being polished, packed and ready to be shipped out? So someone is lying here.....
  7. They have all those magical spreadsheets yet they can't interpret the data properly. Like you said, people played low/mid tier ships so they could get coal and steel. And they did it in CO_OP to do it faster. If I were a WG employee i would interpret this as: " people want coal and steel, so let's make a prestige system, let them reset their progress and reward them with steel and coal". It's that easy.
  8. Why does it feel like you've been working on those things since forever. Every time WG came with some ridiculous idea, and community say "yeah, but what about UI" Your answer is "we are working on it". Will you be working on it in 10 years as well? You keep pumping out this stuff no one, literally no one asked for instead of fixing pressing issues. And community said those things are positive, yet we are focusing on the big issue here and we know how WG is regarding problems. If you don't mention it every day it just get swept under the rug. 15 pages of replays in one day should tell you more than enough. Look me in the eyes, do you really?
  9. They don't care. They click battle, have a 4-5 min game, go to port. Repeat it few times and they are done for the day.
  10. This is a very harsh and painful truth. Vast majority of players won't even read or hear about Naval Training Center, it will just appear one day in the game, they will shrug their shoulders and continue playing on.
  11. Naval training center is a great example how a single detail can change a sh*t idea into a good one and vice versa. I'm sure if they went with purely cosmetic (perma camo) and/or economic (coal/steel) rewards instead of ship boosting rewards people would, more or less, accept it. Those that have time would probably regrind some/most lines to show off some sweet s*xy camos or earn extra steel for that long desired ship they want. Those that didn't have time and/or play casually would not bother with it and most importantly they wouldn't get punished for it (by having inferior ships) if they decided not to participate in insane grind fest.
  12. quickr

    ST: Priority air defense sector

    Than start rewarding support play and make them less of a dmg farming simulator
  13. This is beyond retarded, I have no words. So all my time and effort in grinding all the tier 10 lines was for nothing? I have to do it again? Multiple times? And what about new players? They gonna get clubbed so hard. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.