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  1. quickr

    Done with this game.

  2. quickr

    ST - European destroyers

    It makes no sense. Why call it European line than fill it with single nation? Greece had destroyers, Poland had destroyers, Yugoslavia had destroyers.....
  3. quickr

    ST - European destroyers

    There is a typo in that Dev blog. it says "European" DD line
  4. quickr

    And I Sigh

  5. quickr

    WG treating their players/customers badly.

    All this trouble for first and only chat ban? First ban is like, 24 hours?
  6. quickr

    Ranked Season 14: Battle of the Smolensks

    You guys need to teach me how to shot smoked up Smolensk cos I can't hit it when he is in smoke. Damn shell rendering bug/feature/whatever.
  7. quickr


    Weren't subs the one that will bring balans?
  8. quickr


    Do you mean, change your mind or edit excel? I'm confused
  9. quickr


    oh boy here we go again
  10. Yama upgrade somewhat usable? I thought Yama upgrade is a must have? Des upgrade is meh?
  11. I've got : Zao - very good, you can wiggle your [edited]like a DD (4.9s rudder) I find it very useful. Gearing - hmm... I have it on cos I like the concealment, but you lose DPM. I wouldn't say it's a must but I find it useful Des moins - I love it, i would say it's a must. Hindy - tried it in few games, didn't like it, don't use it Henry - same as hindy, tried it, didn't like it, don't use it Republique - You trade range but the reload is meme worthy. I like it. That's about it. Basically I'm not big fan of mods which make you lose concealment. Very close to getting YY, Moskva and wooster leg. mod next.
  12. quickr

    Yoshino vs Smolenks vs Thunderer

    Define better? Both are fun to play, each in its own way.
  13. quickr

    Yoshino vs Smolenks vs Thunderer

    Yoshino, if you got Azuma, is not worth spending coal on, in my opinion. Smolensk is a *edited*. I refused to buy that ship and add to misery and fest WG created with it. I can only hope you'll do the same. Thunderer is amazing. Good hard hitting and precise guns. Great AP and HE shell performance and shells actually land where you target. I love thunderer and fully recommend it. Edited: Please don't compare the game (or parts of it) to diseases. Arty_McFly