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  1. quickr

    Show CV's some love

    Paging best CV player on forums @Beastofwar
  2. OMG!! You can't say that, it's 2022. His stats are... unfortunate
  3. I did. But you didn't read my replay cos there is no answer.
  4. quickr

    Show CV's some love

    Now I'm certain he is just trolling
  5. SHAMEEEE, stats shaming....
  6. You wanna hard truth or should we sugar-coated it for you?
  7. quickr

    Flamu Screaming at Elbing players :) :)

    I see topic is moving in a direction no one could have possibly foreseen Oh and @Dark_Meta_ eat a strudel, you are acting up again.
  8. quickr

    Flamu Screaming at Elbing players :) :)

    Don't bother , guy probably doesn't even have a drivers licence.
  9. quickr

    Sub divisions unbelievably toxic

    Since we are offering useless advices, try some spelling lessons?
  10. quickr

    Flamu Screaming at Elbing players :) :)

    Law of large numbers. They know if they play enough games eventually 5 others (usually 1 or 2 other) will carry them to wins/rewards/rank1. 1. Queue ranked 2. press some buttons 3. die 4 ?? 5. Rank 1 Thats how 90% of player base plays ranked
  11. quickr

    Flamu Screaming at Elbing players :) :)

    Sure thing buddy, but only cos you said so
  12. quickr

    Flamu Screaming at Elbing players :) :)

    Yeah, I don't look back either when I'm the front line ship actively engaging enemy ships. It's the job of the ship behind me to be extra careful not to crash. Just like when driving a car. So I'm sorry, but it's 100% elbing fault for the "crash". There is also another thing prevalent in ranked, friendlies sticking (too) close to each other which only helps enemy team.
  13. quickr

    Favourite Premium

    Back in the day it was Scharnhorst. It was amazing ship to play, loved it to bits. Nowdays, I dunno. I play Kidd a lot, Weimar/Munchen as well, a lot of games in those. But every match feels like a chore. Can't love the ships when game itself is .... hard to love.
  14. Listen to this pro tip, it will change your life: you ignore and don't play ships you don't like. It's not like you need credits/coal/steel/whatever after playing 20k+ matches, do you?
  15. "They are medium-range ships with a good firing range " - what? "relatively weak armor. .... due to its decent survivability, not bad for a cruiser armor" - again, what? Another tech tree line is gud But the news is drowned in a bucket of crap that are "napkin fantasy amazing uber no one asked for superships" Now we wait for screaming Finn to make his sensational video "Whaaaat!??! They Did whaaat?!?!!?... no waaaaay!!!" - some flumu dude