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  1. quickr

    Brawl 1 v 1 Gets my Pump Pumping

    Brawl in style
  2. I always get a good laugh out of this, thank you WG I remember reading WW2 stories, some US sailor said his ship went down cos they couldn't refill the repair bar on their USS Shooty Arcadia. They were 5 shells short, such a shame. More arcady gimmicks, just what the game needed Man, you know I'll be Aggressively sitting behind an island spamming shells.
  3. quickr

    Pan-American cruisers, what is the point?

    Nothing is free in "World of..." games
  4. quickr

    Resources for ships, lists or armoury filters

    You are overthinking it when it's rather simple. It's either: "Oh, I have enough coal to buy a ship, lets see what's available." or "Oh I really want Agir, let's check wows wiki how can I obtain it"..... alternatively: " Oh i really want Agir, i don't care how it's obtainable, i'm gonna pull out my credit card"
  5. I'll take cossack, you take kidd and lets try out this theory. Also, good luck sitting in your smoke without hydro/radar Now, I'm not an amazing player, but I know a thing or two about USS kidd after playing 750 games in it
  6. Kidd is good but it's not "competitive play" good
  7. quickr

    Magic Coupon in the Premium Shop

    I wish all countries were like Belgium. This lootbox gambling crap needs to be banned
  8. quickr

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    Maybe magic coupon is the b-day coupon
  9. quickr

    does this game have idiot moderators?

    Wait, this thread is still alive and unlocked. Mods took collective vacation? They are so keen to give me warnings and bans
  10. quickr

    does this game have idiot moderators?

    You got some serious issues you should deal with, and fast.
  11. quickr

    Find the mistake WG

    How someone ends up last ... in a tier 8 BB..... in a tier 6 MM?
  12. quickr

    Steel and coal: what to get?

    Get Bourgogne as your first steel ship, you won't regret it. For coal I would suggest: Sherman, Tromp, Napoli, Neustrahmy and Black