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  1. Haven't kept any. My silver ships are all tier X, anything below tier X is a premium (at least two for each tier)
  2. It's been free for the last week or so.
  3. I'm just saying, IFHE is highly situational and when It comes to cpt perks I go with ones that I'll use 99% of the games rather than ones I'll use 25% of the games. Free cpt respec is available till 31.8., so you can try both setups and decide on your own.
  4. I've got no issues with Henry, Since I've unlocked it and bought, it's my best performing ship. It's a ship that heavily rewards actively switching between HE and AP shells. IFHE is situational and not worth spending 4 cpt points on it.
  5. best buy for 750k free XP ?

    Successfully juggling job, wife, kids, hobbies and have time to play an odd game or two... well done man
  6. best buy for 750k free XP ?

    Did...did you just beat the life game on hard setting?
  7. best buy for 750k free XP ?

    Save your Free xp and wait for Jean bart/alaska release. We still don't know for sure if Wg will sell them for coal, free xp or give as a reward ship.
  8. I wonder is this game guide was a product of Argo's question https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-guides/10-commander-ments/
  9. Of course. I'm sure most of us are more than willing to help a player out if he wants to improve. But argo Is getting advises and tips and pointers and still refuses to listen. Because of advises like this we get BB players with Survivablity expert. Pls stop!
  10. Yeah, Diversity of game play. Play other ships, Moskva included, so you don't get bored of Stalingrad.
  11. Mate, it's patch day. Give it some time
  12. Low Tier Research/purchase costs

    Is this topic for real?
  13. Considering Pan european line I would like to see added: SMS Niobe /Dalmacija - built in Imperial Germany, she was later sold to Yugoslavian navy (served from 1925 till 1941 under the name "Dalmacija"), later she sailed under Italian and Germany flag again Destroyer Dubrovnik - "Dubrovnik was a flotilla leader built for the Royal Yugoslav Navy by Yarrow Shipbuilders in Glasgow in 1930 and 1931. She was one of the largest destroyers of her time. Resembling contemporary British designs" - wiki
  14. A bit of patience is also not too much to ask. Specially concerning we had free cpt respec at the start and end of both previous session, don't see why wouldn't we get one in this season as well.
  15. CBs just ended yesterday, give it some time, geez....