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  1. Skitzo_Sam

    Is the Minnesota worth it?

    For 1k doubloons YES but only so you dont have to grind the T8. The ship itself is trash :(
  2. Skitzo_Sam

    Transformer Captains

    If Bumblebee doesnt talk using a radio im going to lose my s**t
  3. Skitzo_Sam

    Transformer Captains

    Got Optimus Prime today. He sounds nothing like Optimus Prime. :(
  4. Skitzo_Sam

    The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

    Am i the only one thats noticed the research point rewards for completed directives has been reduced from 1800 to 600 per directive?
  5. Skitzo_Sam

    Coal Ships?

    Any new Coal Ships coming soon?
  6. Skitzo_Sam

    (OOPSY) Mistakes Were Made

    We have purged the heretics time to recruit fresh blood :)
  7. Skitzo_Sam

    Have i just met a cheater?

    This isnt to accuse someone im actually curious and maybe way off. CV lost an incredible amount of planes in a very short amount of time and still had some to spare. Does this look right to you?
  8. Skitzo_Sam

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    Then its not available "Now" as stated in the news
  9. Skitzo_Sam

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    Petropavlovsk still not available?