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  1. Skitzo_Sam

    Is this Abuse common?

    Unfortunately this is common and expect it every game. Also expect to get messages after the battle has finished with further insults :) Report, Block and Black List and forget they even exist.
  2. Skitzo_Sam

    Tier7 premium

    Scharnhorst T7 German BB Ignore the haters :) Also they are kinda right start at the bottom and work your way up P.S Scharnhorst
  3. Skitzo_Sam

    How would you improve the skill of player base?

    I like the idea of having Casual and Competitive sides but then i dont think it will help. The problem i find is that attitude can go along way. For eg if im in a battle and some dude is constantly whining and calling everyone bad and telling them to uninstall this attitude is poisonous and is bad for the community. You get frustrated and angry then take that with you to the next game and then you have another bad game and then another and then another and then you become that person who is ranting at everyone. Before people on this forum start calling out the "bad" players maybe you should look at yourselves and think, what have i done to help people get better? Perhaps after a match send someone a message and nicely explain where they could improve instead of sending them a message telling them how bad they are and that they should uninstall the game. I know i can sometimes play like complete crap and im working on trying to improve but the behaviour of some people on these forums and in game is nothing but poisonous and it will not help. Not everyone prides themselves on in game accomplishments, not everyone has to stop playing a round halfway through to go check someones profile page and then comment on how bad they are. These people should be locked in there parents basement and tought how to interact with people properly and stop being morons.
  4. Skitzo_Sam

    Looking for Eng speaking clan

    No my friend theres no justification to being a jerk
  5. Skitzo_Sam

    Looking for Eng speaking clan

    You realise his game name is RisingShine right and infact your the jerk?
  6. Skitzo_Sam

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Can i ask do any of these comments really matter? I mean do WG actually give a hoot and perhaps change it in future events or is it a thread to appear they give a hoot but infact dont? Im only asking because this is new to me so i dont know what WG have done in the past but as of yet i dont see any response from them and im wondering if i should keep giving them my money if they dont care what you think.
  7. Skitzo_Sam

    Looking for Clan (English Speaking)

    Bumping this now christmas is over, looking for people to div with
  8. Skitzo_Sam

    Not happy with banning of 8 days!!!

    To be honest it should happen more often. There are far too many toxic people that play this game and no one wants to listen to someone who clearly cant handle there emotions talk to people like trash. I hope your ban has taught you to be more polite in future. +1 rep to WG
  9. Skitzo_Sam

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    I think its in 1 match you have to get all 3
  10. Skitzo_Sam

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Its the disable 3 guns in a match thats getting me. Took me a month to get 15 for the other campaign. I agree that these 2 campaigns are nothing but a cash grab by WG to get you to buy the DoY which tbh i dont even want i just want the nice skin for my Scharnhorst .
  11. Skitzo_Sam

    Team Killers in Ranked Battles

    IMO Pink players should be locked from going into Ranked Battles. I know not every pink dude is a Team Killer on purpose but i think in the interests of stopping people trolling Pinks shouldnt be allowed in. Literally just had a round where i was shot right from the start by a pink on my team killing himself and seriously damaging me at the same time. We lost the battle and lost a rank to go with it.
  12. Skitzo_Sam

    Question about Reporting

    What does Reporting someone ACTUALLY do? So say some idiot decides to nerd rage in chat and calls everyone retarded (insert swear word here) because he crashed his ship into an island and blames everyone else for it which reporting option would you use and what does it do? Now say that same idiot decides to start shooting his own team mates because he has the emotional control of a 5 yr old which report option would you use and what would it do? Say theres a group of BBs hiding in a corner of the map being completely useless in a game which report option would you use and again what does it do? So far i understand that theres a Karma system which the way i see it is completely irrelevant because your the only one that can see it (unless im wrong) and lets face it people can have the best match, kill everything in sight and still wont get complimented so the whole Karma thing seems a bit pointless but what about the serious stuff like people being complete (insert swear word here) and deliberately going out of there way to mess with people. Does reporting them actually do anything? If it does how does it? and which option would you use for that?
  13. Skitzo_Sam

    Campaign "New Year's Celebration"

    I think the reason behind this is because they have also just put the DoY up for sale in the Premium Store. Basically if you want the goodies your gonna have to either grind your [edited]off or pay.
  14. Skitzo_Sam

    Campaign "New Year's Celebration"

    I'll get my pitchfork