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  1. Donar79

    Captain skill reset

    Will try that since i have the same issue. Lets hope the best otherwise it would be a game killer for me.
  2. Donar79

    About CVs and the game

    Thats simply not true. In fact WG is doing the opposit. New players can rush the ranks without anyone ever telling them how to play. The awful high tier gameplay shows that. The list of stupid things WG put into the game is endless. This is bringing the game further away from a balanced state and therefore further away from eSports. Since the introduction of CVs, competitive isn't worth watching nor worth playing. As you stated its about doing and taking damage. CVs don't fit into this system in my opinion. CVs are only fun for the CV player.
  3. Donar79

    Bonus Codes

    Habe ich getan..nix da! Aber ich denke es ist eh nicht der Rede wert.
  4. Managed to get my 2nd "Solo Warrior" yesterday, nearly twice the teams these days...sigh
  5. Donar79

    Bonus Codes

    Wo kommt denn diese Flut von Codes her? Von denen übrigens keiner funktioniert hat bei mir.
  6. Donar79


    Hey hör auf die Ziegelsteine zu beleidigen. Das ist nicht fair.
  7. Donar79

    Sniper divisions fair play or match rigging ?

    I find it amazing how your brain manages to close itself off to the fact that CVs do exactly that for everyone else. And in this case you are only getting your own medicine. So what?
  8. Donar79

    Rental Midways - ROFL!!!!

    You call it bias....i would call it a well thought-out assessment of the situation, weighing up all elements of the game.
  9. Donar79

    Florida (Premium Tier VII)

    Sieht wirklich sehr interessant aus das Schiff. Wäre das Spiel nicht in dem Zustand in dem es zur Zeit ist (und den es wohl so schnell nicht verlassen wird) würde ich sofort zuschlagen.
  10. Donar79

    What prem ship to by my first one?

    As mentioned already, getting premium account and not grind beyond T7 would be my advice too. As you seem to like DD play... is the campaign for Shinonome still in the game?
  11. First of all... please check text formatting. Just like the game the UI of the forum sucks especially for dark pattern users. As stated above XP calculation is very simplyfied in WoWs. WG thought a focus on dmg is sufficient. But everyone who plays the game with a little ambition knows its not. So shifting away from dmg as main xp deliverer or get lose of the star system would be first step for ranked. But a more complicated XP calculation system won't come to this game. WG has no interest in it. Be it because they are not able to or because they don't want to. The last weeks showed me that WG either has no vision to make this a great game or their vision isn't interested in thinking players. Because making money with braindeads is much easier.
  12. Donar79

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    But that's something which suprises me in every game on Steam. A lot of the very early achievements are sometimes below 30 even 20% and i wonder how this is even possible, every time.
  13. Donar79

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    Maybe over the amount of Steam achievements? (In fact i don't know if there are such since i am pre Steam player ^^)
  14. Donar79

    ST - skip-bombers

    This is excactly what the game needed....not