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  1. You should see what happens when you sail a NO in a TX game and you get spotted XD
  2. Chocolat

    Fighting the Tirpitz

    I do find the Tirpitz an excellent ship indeed. Who the hell is going to stay at range for long, anyway. And who the hell is going to [regularly] eat shells from long range BB fire with THAT steering. But yes, fire, outnumbering, and AP superstructure/broadsides are her greatest weaknesses.
  3. Chocolat

    ........... I think I just want my money back

    We could discuss about this forever. The point is, opinions about "T8 can/cannot contest tier X CVs" set aside, the FRUSTRATION this type of matches bring is simply enormous. Such a situation is not healthy for the game overall and should be dealt with, even if temporary.
  4. Damn noobs used the repair consumable too early.
  5. I'm burning my flag reserves on it with no avail, the only thing that seems decent on that ship is AA.
  6. Well, ATM there's no other solution than stop to play tiers above VI. Atleast that's what I did.
  7. Chocolat

    Tier difference is enormous

    Actually tier differences are not that bad. Really noticeable steps I've found only between tier III --> tier IV and tier VII --> tier VIII.