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  1. Best DD in regards to OP = Khabarovsk Best CL in regards to OP = Khabarovsk Best CA in regards to OP =Moskova Best BB = Moskova
  2. As long as you genuinely feel remorse for your poor choice of words, then I forgive you
  3. Its not in the shop yet ... you Tw@ for making me think I could jut grab it now...
  4. Completely O/T, But I thought Italian Ships where Feminine rather than Masculine. And now you have used both in one sentence...
  5. This comment needs more attention !
  6. It starts the Battle at the beginning, which is more than can be said for its historical counterpart... Besides the best unsinkable aircraft carrier was Malta.
  7. Is this in PvE or PvP that this seams to be happening to you? I ask because you play both modes equally. A few other questions to ask, in order to best help you out. 1) Are planes in the vicinity when you are always detected first, or if you have a similar "stealthed" ship is your AA on? 2) Would you say there is a pattern to you, as you always end up being detected first? Ie the ship you are in, the captain skills you have... 3) Discounting any hardware issues, have you tried lowing the setting on you end to see if this help in anyway?
  8. The first Marine Corps was Spanish Infanteria De Marina 1537. But the word Marine devices from the Latin word Marinust The Greeks also had on board troops that performed the same action, but most likely Hoplites. . Naturally assuming this is what you meant. As for the topic at hand I personally would like to see the Jacob Van Heemskerck.
  9. yea, it would appear that they have come out of the woodwork in droves of late. But I think that is more down to frustration cause by the games current, ... erm.. meta and a general Dunning- Kruger effect affecting the population. its either that, or an overall sense of confirmation bias
  10. Mama, I just citadeled a CL ....
  11. So, you're justifying the abuse and general bullying in online games?
  12. Or is this just fantasy?
  13. You're clearly ESL, have you got a link where C.Support confirmed that it was unfair please.
  14. The spotter plane adds a different utility that the fighter plane can not and vice versa, I would take a spotter plane on my Warspite for the reasons mentioned above, but I would take a fighter on my Shinnyhorse. As for the aura effect, I like the idea in principle, anything that encourages team play is great. And this would be could easily become a "must have" but only in team matches. Its already only a handful of players who smoke up other for their benefit rather than using for "selfish" reasons. But this is more down the nature of randoms rather than the skill you propose.