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    [DGC] Danish Gaming Club (Danske / Danish)

    now is: The Divison Arma 3 WarThunder and more
  2. Rasmusd7070

    [DGC] Danish Gaming Club (Danske / Danish)

    Thx Mindfulcrane i will
  3. Danish Gaming Club is looking for Danish Members for a Danish Community/Club Website: http://www.gaming-club.dk Danish Gaming Club is a Collection of like-minded people who play different games for fun, the club's overall existence is focus on enjoy gaming and socializing, so if you are someone who likes to play computer games, but do not have time for a clan, we are just the thing, there is no requirement on how often or when to play, it is entirely up to you. In addition, we also organize off-game events like Lan, Paintball and more. We are scattered in an age group from the early twenties to the beginning of the fifties, We have open membership fee so you can choose to, is up to you. We have: Website with forum. Teamspeak Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/DanishGamingClub Medbers Dropbox We expect: Proper behavior, we do not take young people in (Over 18 years) You have to understand that people do not sit there and play all day for people actually have a lift, so familie, children comes first. That you have a microphone, it more fun to talk and play together . No cheating is games. Otherwise there is a reasonable free game. It you are not sure what to choose, you can see our Youtube or feel free to write to os. With Best Regards Danish Gaming Club