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  1. Pistola

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    I need 17k Doublons, 60€...looks a affordable price for a Tier IX ship, I just have one problem, Never liked the Iowa too much
  2. Pistola

    Scharnhorst disponible en el servidor EU

    Yo la verdad es que más contento no puedo estar, se adapta perfectamente a mi estilo de juego.Chuta muy bien de cerca y tiene buena velocidad y camuflaje para salirse de combates en inferioridad.Lo estoy pasando pipa con él.
  3. Pistola

    First Scharnhorst impressions

    Fun as Hell, it's my first impression, hard to pen BB's from long range but a killer on close range. Sneaky and good concelament with my 16 points capitan (13,1 km) Easy to disengage fights at medium range. Fits my playstyle like a glove!
  4. 5 batallas con él y que decir, tiene su truquillo, hay que cogerle el punto pero me lo estoy pasando muy muy bien!
  5. Pistola

    Scharn is now available on the Us server

    Since the scharn is not a surprise for us, maybe we will see the Dunkerque on shop in the next few days, just speculating, who knows
  6. Pistola

    Scharn is now available on the Us server

    Oh no! Day off of work and no Scharn on store Maybe tomorrow.
  7. Pistola

    Scharn is now available on the Us server

    100% Agree.
  8. Pistola

    Hundid al Teniente Martínez

    Mola! Estaré atento!
  9. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/2008/ Lo dicho, WG lo ha vuelto a hacer, Ha vuelto a trolear a la comunidad Europea sin ninguna piedad Ahora a ver si lo vemos en la tienda antes de la Gamescom, espero que no sea su as en la manga para la famosa convención anual, porque sería bastante patético. Saludos.
  10. Pistola

    Scharn is now available on the Us server

    Next Bundle for NA : "We have your stuff" : Dunkerque + scharn + Prince Eugen + Commemorative flag "EU Server [edited]slap", SOON.
  11. Pistola

    Scharnhorst tomorrow?

    It's EU server, Forget the Fully loaded bundle, We will get the Basic and the Expensive one. Slap after slap.
  12. Pistola

    Scharn is now available on the Us server

    Hehehe, nice April's Fool Joke, oh wait is August...
  13. Pistola

    Scharnhorst tomorrow?

    lol Wargaming, German BB = NA FIRST! Pure logic.
  14. Froma Russian Q&A ! "3.Q. Regarding the new high tier German BB’s, doesn’t it bother you thatFriedrich der Große has 84’300 HP and Großer Kurfürst only has 3700 more HP (88’000)? A. We plan to increase it to 105k. It is not necessary to discuss the combat capabilities of unreleased ships." Source: https://fleetreview-wows.com/2016/08/09/russian-qa-090816/
  15. Great game!! Nda lifted means this glorious machine is close to release?