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  1. TheBrut3

    General feedback

    I really, really dislike this new/old 20 seconds rule once you're spotted. I liked the pre 0.8.0 rule way more, especialy for DD/CL/CA. Make the "o"-screen smaller. Make sectors switch faster. Like 2.5s DD, 5s CL/CA, 7.5s BB, 10s CV. Or make the % go up/down over time. Like if it goes 100 => 120 in 10 secs, make it go 2% + and - a second. Also would be nice if we click the middle in the "o"-screen the defense resets to 100/100.
  2. TheBrut3

    Press F to save your planes

    I can't chose an answer for the poll. Since i don't want it removed, but i also dont know the solution. I agree is OP/open for abuse. And yes, i also use the key sometimes to safe planes. However i do try to hit 3 strikes, if you want maximum damage it works better then F out all the time. Why don't i want it removed? Well if i see a DD near my CV, i wanna recall TB/DB group so the attack group can lift off. Maybe the F key shouldnt make the planes invincible.
  3. TheBrut3

    New CVs

    Kaga is too OP, as in way too op! He got floodings every drop on my secondary Bismarck while I only got to shoot down 1 plane in total! And that's included switching sectors to the side the planes came from.
  4. Thats not enough time. The game changed completely, we cant find out the best setups in 1 week.
  5. TheBrut3

    New CVs

    No, the only reason to do it this way was to make it possible to get WoWs running on consoles. They just f*cked up a great product by doing so. That's also the only feedback I can give: reverse it or just take CV's out completely. If it really was to make super unicums less powerfull there were much better options, like take away the strafe + manual drops.
  6. TheBrut3

    Sell Lexington perma camo

    Problem solved. Spam de Ranger, unlock the Lex, sell the Lex and get the 5k dubloons, buy the Lex again (since the Ranger gets all the XP back, you can instant unlock it).
  7. TheBrut3

    Sell Lexington perma camo

    Well I have it, but I cant sell it. As far as i can see in the patchnotes I should be able to sell perma camo's for dubloons.
  8. TheBrut3

    Sell Lexington perma camo

    As far as I understand in the patch notes it would be possible to trade in the perma camo's. Where can I do that when I don't own the Lexington but do have a perma camo? I the Inventory I can only sell the CV's i have researched, but i cant find the option to sell that camo.
  9. TheBrut3

    Bug Reports

    Can you fix this bug where I get a 40% (or less) winrate CV in my team all the time? Should be done pretty easy by just banning those players from playing CV's. Or, the better option, delete CV's completely.
  10. TheBrut3

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Still only see T10 in T8 ships, never top tier. So nothing changed really.
  11. Idea is nice, but the playerbase isn't big enough. Maybe WoT has, but WoWs hasn't.
  12. TheBrut3

    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Fun to play with the subs. But WG please.... Don't put submarines into the random battles, ever! We'll just get a specialized class that can hardly be balanced, like the CV's are now. And it would be nice if we could equip signals. Not as a flag, but maybe as a paint on the sub.
  13. TheBrut3

    King of the Sea VII - Finals - Discussion Thread

    Would be nice if WG made it more easy to rewatch matches, match per match. Like a YT channel or something.
  14. TheBrut3

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    For feedback: I think the dual nation, €42, commander should have a little more boosted SE. Like + another 50 health per level. Or a special skill like Yamamoto/Halsey or a 3rd boosted skill, like AR or CE.
  15. TheBrut3

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    You do realize there are players here that make around €50 an hour and dont have loads game time a week. I play this game since beta and only have 2k games. So premium ships, special captains and stuff like that have higher value for me. I do have the 3 commanders and the Lexington camo for €48 (and loads of flags), was hoping for the Chapayev also. Just do 3 Co-op games and you'll have them. Just like the 500 normal hits.