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  1. TheBrut3

    FIJI gets buffed update 0.10.00 !!

    Fiji is a T7 tech tree ship... It's not like it's hard to get or something.
  2. TheBrut3

    Commander Skills Update

    Put some overview in that article with all the skills. Or a link to a document where all the 0.10.0 skills are listed.
  3. TheBrut3

    Tier 9 Ships

    Alaska, since it will be removed in 0.10.1.
  4. TheBrut3

    T10 Best DD's to cap and kill other DD's

    The best T10 capfighter DD is the one with the best player at the keyboard.
  5. TheBrut3

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    Why can't i use the 25% coupon on them?
  6. I'll make it even better... If you're rank 1 silver and you fail to qualify for Gold, you will be rank 7 in silver again!
  7. Don't even need a mod. The national flags are in game.
  8. TheBrut3

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Yay, winner #19. Thx and also gratz to the other winners!
  9. TheBrut3

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Hereby I, mr. TheBrut3, state that I want to join the lottery.
  10. TheBrut3

    Still waiting for refund?

    I did mine right after the announcement and got the money back winthin a day or 2. And rollback is the easy and fast way. Manual is the slower way.
  11. TheBrut3

    take a quick guess

    Defend, cap, kill and i think the kill was a cruiser. Or at least most damage you did was to cruisers.
  12. Maybe they disabled your account for a second to roll it back. Just contact support.
  13. What law? Every law is different. WG lootboxes are not against the current laws in my country. In my country there is a law that forbids lootboxes where the items it holds can be traded or sold. Thats not possible in WoWs, so they are perfectly legal here. You cannot make a statement they are against 'the law' in general. It depends where te player lives, since there isn't a lootbox EU law (yet).