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  1. Waste of a ship - it was an easy drive-by opportunity for you with the added benefit of then removing the cruiser as well.
  2. _Grim_

    Poll: Do you like the new sounds?

    I hate them. The impact sounds sound like cotton balls - no beefiness or anything. But the worst part is hearing you own shells impact when zoomed in ( which is just stupid on so many levels in the first place) - it sounds like a midget in the depths of your ship bangs his head on the ground out of happiness you scored a hit....just awful.
  3. Looks like they stripped it from some crappy mobile game - small simplistic icons with tons of space being wasted whilst providing less information to the player. Absolutely horrendous. I wonder where they get these shitty UI designers,
  4. _Grim_

    0.9.6 - Changes to the Modules Tab

    Who the hell thought this was a good idea ?! It looks like the UI of a shitty mobile game. Classic example of fixing things that don't need to be fixed.
  5. _Grim_

    0.9.5 - Armory Update

    Looks like garbage, performs like garbage, less useful than garbage...good job.
  6. _Grim_

    Submarines - first impressions

    If the subs go live, I am getting my 50 gigs of HDD space back.
  7. _Grim_

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    This is not how they have done line splits ever before. If you had the Udaloi, you kept the Udaloi and received its replacement ( the t9 Trashkent). Now, if you have Moskva, you only keep Moskva, you do not receive the replacement as well...hell. it doesn't even get researched.
  8. Haven't played in almost an year. Just came by to say this is one of the dumbest ideas I've heard in a long time. Good job!
  9. I remember the OP. I had the dubious pleasure of having him in my team ones in his Hakyryu. *edit I tend to be quite...vocal with such people who sole reason for playing seems to be to ruin the fun of everyone else in the game. His response was to claim he was a game mod and that my account will be banned and my clan disbanded ...somehow... if I didn't stop my tirade. What shut him up was telling him that he could get banned for such a thing. This is the type of person you are dealing with here - it is really a lost cause.
  10. There is a very special place in hell for people offended with any historical flag.
  11. My thoughts exactly. The only thing the presence of a CV in a battle achieves is limiting available tactical options.
  12. Decided to do a battle in my trusty Misery today as I needed to get achievements with US ships so I could finally get Halsey. Then this happened: Got devastating strikes on a Des Moines, a Minotaur and an Yamato. Team Shark will be proud of me, I think :
  13. _Grim_

    server down?

    This is fascinating. I was in a division when this happened as a commander. First I got kicked out of the division. When the battle ended the client froze for all three of us so we restarted client.One of my friends couldn't reconnect. I could connect and go into port, but when I pressed battle it would just think for 5 seconds and kick me back to port. My other friend could play normally. WTF ?
  14. _Grim_

    How's Khaba these days?

    Once I got oneshotted by a Montana with AP - all 26k hp gone in one salvo and no, it wasn't a detonation.