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  1. _Grim_

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    I remember the OP. I had the dubious pleasure of having him in my team ones in his Hakyryu. *edit I tend to be quite...vocal with such people who sole reason for playing seems to be to ruin the fun of everyone else in the game. His response was to claim he was a game mod and that my account will be banned and my clan disbanded ...somehow... if I didn't stop my tirade. What shut him up was telling him that he could get banned for such a thing. This is the type of person you are dealing with here - it is really a lost cause.
  2. There is a very special place in hell for people offended with any historical flag.
  3. _Grim_

    The state of CVs - why the rework is necessary

    My thoughts exactly. The only thing the presence of a CV in a battle achieves is limiting available tactical options.
  4. _Grim_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Decided to do a battle in my trusty Misery today as I needed to get achievements with US ships so I could finally get Halsey. Then this happened: Got devastating strikes on a Des Moines, a Minotaur and an Yamato. Team Shark will be proud of me, I think :
  5. _Grim_

    server down?

    This is fascinating. I was in a division when this happened as a commander. First I got kicked out of the division. When the battle ended the client froze for all three of us so we restarted client.One of my friends couldn't reconnect. I could connect and go into port, but when I pressed battle it would just think for 5 seconds and kick me back to port. My other friend could play normally. WTF ?
  6. _Grim_

    STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    Good, previous versions were pure BS.
  7. _Grim_

    How's Khaba these days?

    Once I got oneshotted by a Montana with AP - all 26k hp gone in one salvo and no, it wasn't a detonation.
  8. _Grim_

    USS Alaska sighted

    Alright, have fun sucking with one of the best tier 9s then. I think it depends on how strong they decide to make it. If it's OK strong it'll probably be available for free exp or coal, if they decide to make it OMG WTF strong then it'll be steel.
  9. _Grim_

    USS Alaska sighted

    Well, noobs tend to attract each other so I believe that we found where the problem lies and it isn't with the Missouri.
  10. _Grim_

    USS Alaska sighted

    If you think the Missouri is a bad ship, then there is something wrong with you.
  11. _Grim_

    Detonation in a BB

    Well, there was that time I got detonated in three consecutive games in my Scharnhorst by a single CV torp...that was so much fun.
  12. If you averaged 50k in an Yamato, doing 150k must be like winning the lottery.
  13. _Grim_

    Russian destroyer line ships.

    Two things: 1) Learn how to use capital letters and divide sentences. 2) Don't play Russian DDs if you don't want to play gunboat DDs. There are so many lines of DDs focusing on stealth - if you want to use torpedoes that much, you can play one of them.
  14. Oh my God, you had one good game in Yamato - that must immediately make you a better player that someone else....or does it ? Your average performance in the Yamato is atrocious. Accept it and learn to play better and improve , if not, don't cry when people point it out to you.
  15. _Grim_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After a really horrible string of games this evening I finished up with this: