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  1. Haven't played in almost an year. Just came by to say this is one of the dumbest ideas I've heard in a long time. Good job!
  2. Stupidness should not be tolerated.

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    2. _Grim_


      I know.But [edited]game wants me to download a 22 gig patch >.<.

    3. jeff_peters
    4. _Grim_


      Wait....I cant say "[edited]" anymore?!?!What the [edited]is this [edited]!That's like half my [edited]vocabulary....[edited]stupid [edited]censorship.

  3. Ahh all the sweet tears.

    1. jeff_peters


      Yes, all the jimmy's sweet sweet tears.

  4. [edited]carriers and [edited]carrier players.

  5. Carriers-biggest scum on Earth.

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    2. _Grim_


      Did I mention carrier players are also cowards.

    3. jeff_peters


      There goes the nazi vibe again, jimmy.

    4. _Grim_


      I ask nothing of carriers except that they should disappear.

  6. Playing the Queens of the Sea.

  7. Rising from the abyss.