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  1. IGL

    Update 0.11.9 - General Feedback

    fill out the survey! let wg know what you dont like, so they can ignore it and add more stuff like it
  2. IGL

    World of Warships Code of Conduct

    from your news article: Updated on September 20, 2022:Starting today, players from the CIS server are being offered the option to transfer their accounts to the EU server. The transfer window will remain open into October. As a result, you may notice an influx of new players in the coming weeks—let's give them a warm welcome! YEAH! Warm welcome for these folks: FYI: Akhmat referring to that Kadyrov guy, Putins lapdog
  3. Subs stink, pls remove long version: WTF were you thinking when designing subs? Were you drunk? One single sub can chase any BB around the map giving him a hard life without any fear of retaliation. What kind of BS is this? stop putting stuff into the game that no sane player wants. Your only goal is to add more crap to the game to make the 'plain bad' players spend more money. You are giving long-time alpha and beta players, skilled players the big fat finger!
  4. IGL

    Prime Loot Announced

    got the Type 59 camos although they arent even mentioned on the prime loot website
  5. time to get out my NoCa and Amagi, making all the clueless new owners of this special offer enjoy their purchase
  6. IGL

    Update 0.10.9 - Feedback Survey

    ok, thank you
  7. IGL

    Update 0.10.9 - Feedback Survey

    you 'forgot' to add the question 'How appealing are submarines for you in random battles?'...
  8. Well, guess I'll have to shift my daily negative reports now from CV to SUB players.
  9. IGL

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    Really? Bomb your poor customer service workes with useless bug reports? Useless because you already know about it (your words)...
  10. IGL

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    Wargaming... Wargaming never changes
  11. IGL

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    2021 most successful year in WG history
  12. hmmm, I have the Friesland. What will happen if I buy the Groningen?
  13. das ist doch Sch**ße, wenigstens Englisch wäre angebracht...