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  1. Strike Groups #2 TL;DR Strike Groups #2 will take place on Saturday, Decemberthe 1ststarting at 13:00 CETand is expected to last no longer than 6 hours. All matches will take place on the EU server. Team Sign upsstart at 09:00 CETon Friday the 23rdof November. Read further below for details on team sizes and where to sign up. Teams need to be ready 10 minutes prior to the first match 13:00 CET, come say hello on discord!The initial phase of the tournament is Swiss format so its important we are all ready to start as to not delay the whole event. 1 Introduction A unique gameplay mode not currently offered in World of Warships. Currently Carrier gameplay is either solitary 1v1 or unorganised 2v2 matches in random battles. In these battles you the Carrier player get to attack and defend but it's mostly 1v1 or as an unorganised 2v2 (tier 7 and below). In “competitive” game modes Carriers are excluded from Clan Battles and in King of the Sea, the Carrier is heavily penalised and unable to strike unless under very specific circumstances due to the hostile Anti-Air & Defensive fire nature of Tier 8-10 gameplay *cough Worcester*. There is no gamemode similar to say for example the Battle of Midway, organised Carrier strike groups battling it out against each other. So why not try make our own...again! In this Strike Group game mode, Strike groups must learn to work together in the chaotic battlespace against an enemy fleet. With only fighters & AA for protection, teams must balance their defense and offense to win the battle either by sinking the enemy or victory by via capture points within the 15 minutes. This game mode will place teams of 5 (3CV 1BB 1DD) against each other for 15 minutes on maps with Tournament Domination, starting with a Swiss group stage filtering into a single elimination playoff. 2 Ship composition · Each team must bring · 3 aircraft carriers, · 1 destroyer and · 1 battleship · Ships must be tier 7 · All carriers must be equipped with a balanced setup · Hiryu 2-2-2 · Saipan 2-2-0 · Kaga 2-2-1 · Ranger 1-1-2 · Teams, which bring different setups will forfeit that game · USN destroyers (Sims and Mahan) are banned (due to Defensive AA) · Premiums ships must be unique(i.e. no 2 Saipans/Kagas) · There is no limit on the total amount of premium ships 3 Team composition · A team must have at least 5 members · The maximum team size is 7. So you have 2 reserve slots to swap players during the tournament. · A player can’t be a member of more than one team. · The members of a team do not need to be in a/the same clan. This is a team tournament. · Teams must have a contact person, who has joined our discord server https://discord.gg/b2Uyv5Wfor communication of results and details of upcoming matches. It is not required that the contact person is a member of their team, but has to be available for the duration of their teams participation in the tournament. · A contact person can only represent one team assuming they do not play. 4 Format · 16 teams in total · I’d be surprised if more applied but with an initial Swiss phase we can accommodate more teams so long as the total number is even · The matches will take place in the training room · Each battle has a length of 15 minutes · The upper team in the tournament bracket is the host, while the other one is the guest · The host has to open the training room and ensure, that the guest can join it (Please do not apply any additional limitations to the training room. So that you don’t need to change it later, in case that casters wants to stream the game.) · At least one of the team members must have their replays enabled · Also each team must be able to provide screenshots from their results · The results have to be provided as texton the #resultschannelon the discord server. (This channel will only be available during the tournament day.)In case there is a dispute, the teams have also to show the taken screenshots. · In case something goes wrong (i.e. a player is unable to join the battle) the teams are allowed to restart the battle within the first minute. · The ship composition has to stay the same · Excessive delay on starting a match will result in a forfeit for the offending team(s). Application of a forfeit is at the sole discretion of the tournament runners. · We want to run to a tight schedule within reason, failure to start delays the entire event due to its initial Swiss nature · Delay complaints & Forfeit decisions will be made in the #results channelon our discord server The tournament has two parts: The Groups Stage and the Playoffs 4.1 Group Stage · Swiss format · 5 rounds · Best of one · The host will always have the Alpha spawn · The match will be played on the map with the same number on the 5 Maps list as the number of the current round 4.2 Playoffs · Single elimination · Best 8 teams from the Group Stage · All matches will be played as Best of 3 · except the Bronze match, which will be a Best of one · Map picks · First game: The guest is allowed to pick map and spawn from the given map pool (number 1 to 5) · Second game: The host is allowed to pick map and spawn from the given map pool (number 1 to 5) · If a third match required, it will take place on Riposte, because this map is symmetrical. Both teams stay on their current spawn. · Both teams are allowed to pick the same map · In case the first or second game ends in a draw, the team, which won the other game, will be the winner of that round · In case the teams play a 3rd match and this one ends in a draw the team with more plane kills will be the winner · When both teams have also equal plane kills Fara has to flip a coin ;) A detailed schedule will be handed out in a separate document. 5 Maps Be aware to pick the correct Mode, when you are the hostand open the training room. All maps provide separate spawn for casters, when they take a tier 1 cruiser. Number Name Mode 1 Neighbours Ranked Battle. Domination. x0 2 Ring Clans. Domination. Tournament. 3 Trap Tournament. Domination. 4 Trident Tournament. Domination. 5 Sea of Fortune Ranked Battle. Domination. x0 Tiebreaker Riposte Ranked Battle. Domination. x0 6 Prizes The winning team can choose any regular premium ship tier VII or lower that is not a CV or has been permanently removed from sale (Belfast, Kamikaze etc.) 1st place: Player's choice of any tier VII or lower premium 2nd place: 25 x FTW Camouflage + 25 x Hydra signal 3rd place: 7 day premium 7 Signup · Team sign ups start at 09:00 CET on Friday the 23rd of November and can be done via this link https://goo.gl/forms/EEBsStLwX67HxA5z2 · Applicants must supply a ‘Team Name’ and a short 2-5 character ‘Tag’ to help identify them from other contestants. · Fun names are welcome and encouraged, nothing offensive please! · Totally don’t use CLRN or DPRK! · To sign up a team you need at least 5 players and no more than7 · Sign ups close at midnight CET on Friday the 30th of November. · Changes to a teams roster such as replacing a player or adding reservists can be made up till midnight GMT Friday the 30th of November. · To make a change, please state your request in the #team-rosterchannel within our discord server. 8 Tournament Day Info · Strike Groups #2 will start on the 1st of December at 13:00 CET · Team contacts must check in on our discord server between 12:30-12:50 CET · Teams must be ready at 12:50 CET to ensure the smooth start of the Swiss phase of the tournament · Training rooms can be opened early but the first match does not start until 13:00 CET · The tournament will follow this schedule (as best as possible) With the upcoming Carrier class rework changing gameplay from ‘RTS to Action’ this will be your last chance to participate in such a chaotic and exciting event. Still not convinced? Check out our previous Strike Groups #1 youtube playlist to get a feel on what to expect
  2. Farazelleth

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

    And we are live :)
  3. Farazelleth

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

    We now have 16 teams. But you can still signup on the waitlist in case a team can't start. A schedule and team seeding will be posted soon(ish).
  4. Farazelleth

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

    Have you asked on my discord? you may find some people to complete your team. I think we have 4 spots left last time I checked.
  5. Farazelleth

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

    Sign ups for this event are now OPEN Link to see current signups - click me
  6. Farazelleth

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

    Probably going to run with a 5 minute delay myself, recommend you do the same. Stream sniping to see where your bombers are would be bad :)
  7. Farazelleth

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

    Strike Groups A unique gameplay mode not currently offered in Warships. Currently Carrier gameplay is either solitary 1v1 or unorganised 2v2 (Tier 7 and below) matches in random battles. In “competitive” game modes Carriers are excluded from Clan Battles and in King of the Sea, the Carrier is relegated to a glorified scout unable to effectively strike (until very late-game) due to the hostile Anti-Air & Defensive fire nature of Tier 8-10 gameplay. There is no gamemode similar to the Battle of Midway for example with organised Strike groups battling it out against each other. So lets make our own then! In this 3CV1BB game mode, the Strike Group must learn to work together in the chaotic battle-space on April the 28th 2018! The Gameplay ruleset is a little different from anything done before. Team composition: Teams must consist of three carriers and one battleship All ships must be Tier 7 Maximum of two Premium ships allowed per team Each premium must be unique (ie one of each only) Hiryu and Saipan must played in a “Balanced setup” Hiryu 2-2-2, Saipan 2-2-0 Teams that bring 3-1-2 or 3-0-1 setups will forfeit that game! Tournament format: (Glossary; Game = Single battle between two teams, Round = Best of 3 played games) 16 teams in a single elimination format tournament on the European Server Each round of the tournament is played in a Best of 3 games format Maps: Both teams play as North and South on the map “Okinawa” Tiebreaker (1-1 score) games are played on the map “Ocean” Game format: Battles take place in the "Training Room" Game mode is “Standard Battle” with 20 minutes gametime Teams must take screenshots of the match result to help resolve any disputes At least one member of a team must have replays enabled to help resolve any disputes Teams can swap lineups after each game Teams can “gg” to admit defeat in a game Game Victory conditions; Sink all enemy ships Capture enemy base Win by ingame points if 20 minutes gametime expires If a Draw occurs (equal points after 20 minutes) neither team scores a point If score is 1-0 and a draw occurs neither team scores a point. The team with 1 point wins the best of 3 (tiebreaker is only for 0-0 or 1-1 scores) If first game ends in a draw, the winner of the second game wins the best of 3 (tiebreaker is only for 0-0 or 1-1 scores) If the second game results in a draw the Tiebreaker is played (ie 0-0 score after two games) If a tiebreaker game ends in a draw the winning team is decided by most enemy planes killed In the highly unlikely event a tiebreaker ends in a draw and both teams have equal enemy plane kills… I’m going to flip a coin. Teams signup: Teams can sign up via our Discord, or in this thread (only requests after 7th April 09:00 CEST will secure a position in the tournament) Sign up is on a first come basis Teams sign up as either from a Clan group or a custom named team (ie multiple teams from one clan or members from multiple clans coming together to form one team) Teams can be no larger than 5 players (4 active & 1 reserve) Teams that sign up must provide a roster of their members No player can play for more than one team/clan Discord: Discord is the main platform for answering questions and posting updates for teams. At least one of your team members must be available on discord. You can join using this link Rewards: Thanks to WarGaming for providing prizes to the top three placed teams First place is awarded a Tier 7 Premium Battleship or Aircraft Carrier of choice Second place is awarded 25 x FTW Camouflage + 25 x Hydra signal Third place is awarded 7 days premium (bonus code) Schedule & Stream: Entire tournament takes place over Saturday the 28th April 2018 First Round starts at 14:00 CEST with the Finals ending no later than 20:00 CEST Estimated Round Start times can be found here Challonge Tournament Bracket Link can be found after we have 16 signed up teams (I hope we get 16!) Most of the tournament will be casted & streamed by Farazelleth (ie me) @ twitch.tv/farazelleth Anyone else wishing to cast additional games please feel free to get in contact. Signups will open on Saturday the 7th of April at 09:00 CEST Please read the rules fully before registering
  8. Farazelleth

    Complete Carrier Guide

    I've read your 'Complete' guide, it has a number gaps for it really to be called complete but its helpful non the less. Most issues have already been dealt with above by others but I want to touch upon the captain skills. I would recommend if possible, video clips rather than text or picture descriptions on how to perform certain actions. Many carriers focus on bombing but fighter control is as important or higher imho and you have not touched upon Reverse strafes (aka voodoo black magic) or engagement ranges of enemy AA or how to bait fighter strafes into friendly AA for click engagement etc especially helpful if the enemy CV has a better fighter setup. In ranked, Torpedo arm. expertise (TAE) is not as valuable as randoms. At Tier 7 or lower due to the Carrier snipe potential you have to be able to defend yourself with AA, hence this build - Standard IJN Ranked/Competitive Captain Build Tier 8 or higher in theory with Defensive Fire BFT can be dropped for TAE but you have to realize against a good enemy Carrier the number of strikes will be limited to a few or even one attack which reduces the value of TAE, plus the AA values are so high that its better to wait till late game to attack. Also in Competitive most Carriers run 3-1-2 since its more about air control, scouting and sight denial hence TAE further loses its value. I'm also not a fan of your randoms build. Adrenal Rush and concealment on IJN? This seems like a total waste of time, taking AR is dangerous why are you taking damage in the first place? Yes you can bomb yourself to gain benefits of AR but now you are an easy target even with a defensive fire option. Also Concealment on IJN is very dangerous because it reduces your reaction time if spotted by a sneaky Destroyer who flanked. Shokaku at 10.8km Sea detection range is the sweet spot to react and spot whatever else is spotting you. Taking your detection down to 9km or less drastically reduces you ability to survive. I use this instead, Standard IJN Random Captain Build Here we drop AFT for TAE and the last point goes to Priority Target since its the least bad skill for 1point, its actually very handy for knowing not just if you are spotted but if you are targeted (aka time to turn and run) Also Propulsion Mod 2..... what? No you take Damage Control Mod 2 (DCM2)! One of the ways to kill off a Carrier is to bleed them with fires and force a damage control party (DCP) so you can flood & fire them a second time. Taking DCM2 reduces the time you are on fire so you can actually allow one fire to burn out rather than DCP and reduce the damage taken. As for Signal Choice, Dive bombers already have such a huge fire potential it may be more beneficial to drop India-Xray and take Sierra Mike for speed. If there is a heavy CV snipe meta take India Yankee instead (reduce fire time) to compliment DCM2. Not meant to be a negative post only a critical response base upon my own experience. I encourage you to create more content in greater depth!
  9. Farazelleth

    Fara Carrier Guide

    Expect an update to this guide with parts I missed. Also will cover Carriers and Competitive gameplay at Tier 8 and 10. What happens when you remove them /facepalm.
  10. Farazelleth

    Fara Carrier Guide

    Bump and updated videos. Comparing IJN & USN T9/10 Carriers What makes a good Carrier? Enterprise Carrier Review & Guide Kaga Carrier Review & Guide
  11. It depends on who you are playing against in Ranked (ie enemy CV player). Strike 1-2-2 Ryujo will give the best influence in the game to over come your teams failing. Fighter 3-1-1 Ryujo offers best overall scouting and sight denial, but this assumes your team doesn't rush into the AA bubble of the enemy team. Personally I want to play 1-2-2 since I don't like being reliant on my team to make ship kills in ranked. However my gut tells me I will be mostly playing 3-1-1 for Sky control. The difference here from Tier 7 and 8 gameplay is that at T6 its 1 fighter group versus 3 not 2 versus 3. This is pretty huge. Technically 1-1-1 Independence could work quite well but it depends entirely on the enemy CV setup. Best matchup would be against 1-2-2 Ryujo and another 1-1-1 Independence. As soon as you fight a Fighter Independence or fighter Ryujo you can be very harshly locked out of the game. Also at T6 the number of "strong" AA ships is much more limited compared to T7&8, which I typically use as a fallback point if I dont want to fighter engage or safe place for bombers to wait for a strike.
  12. Farazelleth

    CVN Enterprise on its way!

    Ship has only just entered SuperTest and balancing so its premature to judge without knowing more. That being said, I' am curious to see what the bomb spread for her dive bombers will be... going from 7 to 6 planes while keeping her large and inaccurate Dive bomb pattern is the real problem for me, with the Shokaku you can reliably set fires on all ships including Destroyers. A) I do like the appeal of 10 very powerful Torpedoes and the theoretical damage output, but a mixture of fire/flood and damage control party baiting on Shokaku can probably do even more damage on larger health pool targets. B) Need to test 6 T7 USN Fighters with dogfighting versus 5 T8 IJN. Is it close enough that its "balanced" without outside AA interference? Reminds me a little of Hiryu vs Saipan, with the Enterprise being the Hiryu in this example. Fighter duels are almost balanced versus the Saipan with the slightest of edges for the lower tier plane.... however mix in Anti-Air and the lower tier fighter suffers considerably more than the higher tier counterpart. Meaning the Shokaku fighters can fight over hostile AA (slightly) when engaging Big 'E's and the Shokaku fighters can also to a limited degree be used to Scout ships inside hostile AA bubbles without heavy losses. The Enterprise however... can't, planes are too fragile to higher Tier AA but can hold their own against Shokaku's fighters when there is zero AA interference. C) Another interest for me, with a competitive skew... what if any are the alternate Flight Control packages? Will we only get 2-2-2 or are get getting 3-1-2 etc? Shokaku 3-1-2 is considered the standard meta setup due to the intensely hostile AA environment of competitive gameplay, the CV becomes a sight and sight-denial ship with very limited bombing options. Will have to reserve judgement on this until we get our hands on it, first gut reaction is weaker planes atleast in a scouting role will mean the Shokaku is still a better CV
  13. Farazelleth

    CVN Enterprise on its way!

    Interesting group of 3 and 4 plane waves going on there.
  14. Farazelleth

    CVN Enterprise on its way!

    When talking about plane setup, take note the Saipan and (current) Kaga do not conform to the "standard" tree line. ie Saipan has waves of 3 not 6 planes, Kaga has a mix of 4 and 6 compared to only 4 plane waves for main line. The reason I mention this is that it's entirely possibly and likely the Enterprise will not follow the standard 6 planes to a wave format so hypothetical 2-1-1 etc setups are probably flawed. Speaking of 2-1-1, it was still weaker than the Shokaku 2-2-2 in the earlier days of WoWs. Personally I'd like atleast 2 waves of fighters for effective strafe & exit strafe control as well as 2 waves of torpedo bombers allowing me to X-cross drop targets. How many planes per waves or what tier those planes are... well thats up for debate.
  15. Farazelleth

    Fara Carrier Guide

    *update* First draft of the guide with videos is complete. It's my intention as I get more clips to add them in, but for all intensive purposes the guide is finished. As and when CV changes occur I will probably come back and revise as required.