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  1. "A battleship of Project 24. She is armored with three triple 406 mm or 457 mm (optional) turrets." armored ? armed u mean ? : P or since when do guns count as armor haha
  2. Psticide

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    sad to read all of this, it means wargaming as a company has failed to reach it multiple supported titles goals and the only left over two succesfull titles are wot and wows and wg looking to milk the final remaining money out of ships and tanks as much as possible. No new games in the works, arena failing and canceled. No new games in the works that currently have been announced. The future 5 years ago looked bright, one premium account one gold wallet, many games, now that future is officialy gone , i once bought 30k gold cause i was led to bilieve gold would work in ships, that should have been the first sign :( Its lame, its confusing , and it serves no purpose Worst of all it kills the dream of one day having all three universes together where air land and sea are all ine one massive map or mode with some infantry or mechanized infatry included, RIP dream
  3. warships team was doing so well, and then u do this shameles moneygrab black crap and the skin/camo doesnt even look good at all. shame on u, i dont care if a manager or higher up forced this, as a team u should have pushed back and said u can DO BETTER. SHAME!
  4. Psticide

    World of Warships Cinema Tour

    i prefer new content, go sponsor and do ship tours and put those in 4k on youtube , like this amazing off limits iowa ship tour with breathtaking story behind the gun explosion in turret 2, , the crazy engineer danger, etcetera. If not everyone can enjoy it then dont even bother to do something, thats just lame, all in the community must be able to enjoy what is made, not just those lucky enough to live closeby .... Not to mention the budget waisted on travel expenses.
  5. Psticide

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Your pearls:166 collected,166 available where do i spend the pearls on EU ?
  6. then u missed the most OP thing ever, people go tunnel vision and they never spot u and the torps to late
  7. i do like to also reinforce the notion that it was implied tank gold would be shared with ships and that i started buying more gold when account unification was promoted, under the promoted presumption i might as wel get the good gold deal now, as i will spend some gold on ships in the future. If this is no longer the case i will be dissapointed and feel hussled.
  8. Hi Guys, i spent 5k free xp on the 10km torpedo module and 250k+ credits on it, and today i see its gone. Did i get the xp and credits compensated ? 5k free xp is a lot for me. I dont mind u guys tweaking the game , but then plz compensate and return me the xp i spent on it as free xp and the credits ! thx for reading guess i will just make a support ticket