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  1. Ribba

    Damage for border abusers!

    There should definitely be a warning, because I pretty sure that many have hit the wall simply because they have their focus on other thing. I know I have. So either a visual warning and/or a audio warning should be implemented. Else, I would prefer that you could retreat from the battlefield by leaving the map. But if you do so, all your profit (what ever is left after you covered your costs) and all your xp is divided by the players that are alive at the time the player retreats, on the team that wins (spoils of war). So the guys that do retreat, they don't lose anything (unless they have raked up so high cost that their income doesn't cover the costs), but they don't gain anything either. And the stats would also record number of games that you have retreated in, so it now shows both wins, draws, loses and retreated number of battles.
  2. Ribba

    Tirpitz cheeper on other servers. Thanks WG

    So you are against premium account because you do not have enough time to play the game regularly? Well, what about those who have some time to spend regularly most of the days. for instance when they have put their kids to bed, they may take an hour or so with WoWs. Without premium, you will use a lot more time grinding, and there is a lot of people that haven't much time to spend on WoWs, even if they can play it regularly. But again, I'm talking about people who oppose premium account, not those who chooses of different reasons not spend money on premium account. For instance, people who haven't the timetable to utilize premium accounts efficiently and plays WoWs irregularly. But the principle with premium account and a premium ship is much the same. Earn more credits and xp.
  3. Ribba

    K/D Ratio doesnt mean anything without A aswell..

    You can do 99% to every single of the enemy team's ship, but if the rest of your team mates does 0% damage and you don't out cap the enemy, you still lose. Either you kill all, or you cap.
  4. Ribba

    Tirpitz cheeper on other servers. Thanks WG

    I find it strange that people oppose premium account, which gives you more xp and more credits when you play, but they are buying ships that gives you more credits and more xp.
  5. Ribba

    So the game is "Ready" for release

    WoT had only 3 nations, and their tech trees-lines wasn't complete either. Only heavy tanks had tier X. The rest had their top tiers at tier VIII (SPG) and tier IX (MT and TD).
  6. Ribba

    Hardcore mode

    basharran, on 08 September 2015 - 12:14 PM, said: Don't forget barrel wear, gunbarrels were only able to sustain a rather limit number of rounds fired before needing to be replaced (100-300 rounds depending on calibre?). Again, not a problem in a WoWs-battle. Of course, you could always be sent a bigger bill to the port, if you are trigger happy in a battle Hauptbahnhof, on 08 September 2015 - 12:09 PM, said: How do the torpedoes get teleported into the citadel since you compare their damage with maximum damage citadel hits? Non citadel hits do between 10-30% dmg so for torpedoes it would be 10-30k depending on where they hit... If the ship is in a tight turn and a torpedo hits the outside side of the ship, couldn't the torpedo hit the belt armor, thus damaging vital areas of the ship?
  7. Ribba

    Hardcore mode

    It's ships we are talking about, and ships are managed by a crew. As a gamer, you're just one single player, and it would simply be a mess for most players to remove all sense of having a crew on your ship.Simply because a task in a rather fast paced games as WoWs sometimes are, the task would be overwhelming. What could have been cool in a hardcore mode, in my opinion, instead of having a division of ships, your division-friends would have different task on your ship. For instance, the captain steers the ship and has the mini map available, one of your division-friends is managing the main guns, while your last division-friend has to take control of the secondary, AA, torpedoes and maybe even some manual repair work. Maybe even he is the one who have to scout for other ships and identify them, so that the captain on the ship gets that data in on the minimap.
  8. Ribba

    Hardcore mode

    Wouldn't that be rather silly to limit the ammo loads? Battleships had more ammo then they could spend in 20 minutes. For instance, the Iowa-class had 130 shells per gun. So if the Iowa's should manage to spend all their ammo in one 20 minute battle, they would have to fire 6,5 rounds a minute for 20 minutes.
  9. BB should either stay at far distance, so they can utilize plunging fire, or they should go in close for direct fire. In the middle isn't a good usage of the battleships, since the shells will hit the ships in an ineffective angle. And no, BB aren't supposed to shield anybody. They are there to fight the battle, while cruisers are there to shield the BB's from destroyers and planes. In long range engagement, the BB should stay at such a distance that they can utilize the gravity in a such way that shells are falling almost directly down on the deck armour of their target, and let the AP shells do what it is design for, ripping apart ships.The cruiser should then find themselves between the the fleets, either in such a distance that they can give supportive fire against the enemy fleet, using either AP or HE, but placed so that planes and destroyers has to get past them first before they can engage the battleships, and or, in such way that they can return to formation with the BB's to protect them. Otherwise, they should stay near the BB and have 100% defensive role, which is boring if we look at it from at game play perspective. In mid range engagement, the battleships are pretty much forced to use HE since you will risk bouncing a lot, thus limiting their effectiveness without the big damaging AP shells of the BB's guns. But as you pointed out, the accuracy of the outgoing fire will be more accurate. But so will the incoming fire. So the BB will spend a lot of time in a dangerous area and since the BB is a bigger, slower and less agile target then a cruiser is, it will easily being hit not only by HE shells from enemy battleships, but also from AP and HE shells from the cruisers. So the BB will probably get set on fire a lot. The cruiser is of course in their optimal place, since they can utilize both HE and AP effectively. In a close range engagement, it's all in. But preferentially you make the BB advance so they take the incoming fire since they have a large HP pool and good belt armor. The cruisers and destroyers should advance from other sides so that enemy battleships cannot redirect fire between the BB's and the CA/CL/DD's easily. But I'm completely agree with you that there should be some sort of reward for good team play in WoWs. But this type of team reward should be awarded to those who have or can have supporting roles. Basically cruisers (defensive duties), carriers (air cover and scouting) and destroyers (scouting, deny enemy field of view). Battleships on the other hand, in fleet engagement, they have no supporting role. But I had a pleasant surprise this morning. I got into a PvP with my Ishizuchi, just to kill some time before going to work. Midway through the battle, the enemy CV got the scent of me, and sent a squadron of torpedo bombers against me. I easily avoided their torpedoes and saw where those plane went, and decided to get rid of that CV since I was the second fastest ship on our team, and since we just had finished of their Myogi. So when I steamed north at flank speed, I saw a green squadrons of fighters above me, and it stayed with me circling me in close proximity. So when the torpedo planes returned, those fighter planes made short work of those planes, and the few torpedoes they managed to release, those were easily avoided. And when those fighters had killed of those torpedo planes, the fighters still stayed in close proximity to my Ishizuchi. So killing off the Langley went without losing a HP, much thanks to the friendly CV player who was a real team player. I want to see more of this and I want those players to receive some sort of reward other then just getting the normal xp reward for shooting down planes.
  10. Ribba

    Worst Player base so far

    MMO-gamers are a funny breed. They want to play against other players, but they don't want the other players to have a mind of their own. I rarely bother with what other players are saying or doing, but sometimes it's fun just to see how little it takes for the circuits breaks in their head. At the start of a game, one guy says that we should focus on the ship that was had taken the most damage. It's not a bad advice, and I usually try to focus my fire on targets that other is also firing at. But as I said, I wanted to see if this was the typical MMO'er with a short temper and asked him a simple question. "But what if we face undamaged enemies with less HP then the most damaged enemy, do we still attack the mostly damaged enemy? ". A normal human being would of course just smiled and seen the humoristic side of this question, but this is an MMO, and of course the raging started. Another time, a guy started the "don't cap" crap. And again, under the circumstances, I did agree with him since we had a lot of time again, we new where the last enemy was a low tier South Carolina, and that he was too slow to avoid us and we had 5 or 6 ships left. But when I looked who was in the cap circle, it was him and another cruiser. I had seen that the cruiser had no intention on capping, he was just heading towards the same enemy as I was (the second to last enemy), and he just sailed through the cap circle to close him down. So again I just had to see which type of player the guy was. So I pointed out to him that he was the guy in the cap circle, and of course the raging started. No the world of MMO is a world were social intelligences is wasted skill and the norm is that people behave as narcissistic sociopaths.
  11. Ribba

    Why is there no torpedo defence

    Well, there are. You can increase the detection range of torpedoes. Knowledge is power.
  12. Ribba

    Why is there no torpedo defence

    Well, you could sneak the big brother of this nice little thing onto your ship.
  13. Ribba

    Graphics card help

    I have the Nvidia GTX 980Ti and I run the game at 1920x1080 with full details and I only average 60 fps (with vertical sync that is ) Edit: Took another game, and it was locked on 58 fps.
  14. Ribba

    This is why draws are bad

    It's not his job to die so you can win. It's your job to kill him so that you can win. If you cannot do that, you better cap. And if you cannot do that either, you better settle for a draw, simply because you weren't simply anyway near good enough to deserve a win.
  15. Ribba

    Expert Rear Gunner

    I haven't checked it out, but as far as I know, in WW2 all dive bombers and torpedo-planes had rear gunners.