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  1. Squidpusher

    Displaying Emblems/Insignias after being sunk

    Enlighten me, because I am in doubt. Who's the active one, the fellator or the irruminator?
  2. Squidpusher

    Ranked Captain patterns

    Was thinking about the initial cap rush, but definately viable later in the game. I've been on the receiving end of it too, though. Extremely annoying.
  3. Squidpusher

    Ranked Captain patterns

    Lo Yang encountering red Lo Yang within 5.4km: • smoke up because spotted
  4. Squidpusher

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Can't get enough of that sweet RNG. I want to join the raffle. Squidpusher
  5. Squidpusher

    Battles that terminate early?

    Well, sometimes
  6. Squidpusher

    new player disappointed ( pls read )

    You're not expected to expect stuff like that after playing the game 11 days, because you're not expected to be at T7 after playing the game 11 days. Higher tiers differ from the lower in that ships become more complex, with more tools, consumables, bells and whistles. Belfast is certainly a ship with many tools, but there is also BBs with torps, BBs with hydro (and soon radar?), cruisers with radar, cruisers with smoke, cruisers that are faster than DDs, DDs with hydro, DDs that are pretty much immune to gunfire from other DDs and so on. Unless you do some research, or you discover it the hard way in battle, there is no way to expect this. And there is little information about this ingame, so players need to do research in external sources. Youtube is a great place to learn about different ships, tools and game mechanics. It would be nice to get this information ingame, bit I don't see how it could be implemented. A mandatory video presenting the ships you may confront, everytime you advance a tier? Meh... Wheter you know about opposing ships' capabilities in advance or not, DD play at higher tiers is much more complex and difficult, and you'll need to adjust your playstyle. And prepare for a great deal of frustration and huttburt. There are new whine-threads about the camalities of DDs daily on this forum, and they are IMO somewhat justified.
  7. Squidpusher

    Unique Commanders Wishlist

    Legendary commander: Noah Nation: Can command ships of all nations Unique abilities: * Immune to flooding * "Detonation" : upon detonation, Noah gets to choose one pair, one from each side, of every class, and bring them with him to a new map. The unchosen ships will be teleported to the map "ocean", all with unrepairable flooding.
  8. Squidpusher

    new player disappointed ( pls read )

    Yup. Inexperienced captain both at the bridge and behind the keyboard doesn't help. The one on the bridge has been dismissed and replaced by Mr. Dunkirk. The other one should probably spend more time L2P the RN cruisers.
  9. Squidpusher

    new player disappointed ( pls read )

    We all make mistakes, better players learn from them. I'm obviously not one of them, as I perform tremendously horrible in the OP Belfast...
  10. Squidpusher

    Mines !?

    Love the idea!
  11. Squidpusher

    Kutuzov is almost OP

    What you are saying is that an MK using its strenghts is stronger than an Atago which does not. Which would be correct for most ships, without making them OP. But I am not claiming that MK is not strong in cruiser on cruiser fights. I've won countless broadside to broadside fights in MK, but mostly because the other cruiser keeps spamming HE.
  12. Squidpusher

    Kutuzov is almost OP

    One weakness with the Kutuzov is that, while she is good at sinking DDs, she's not particularly good at hunting them down, with no planes or radar, and only a very short range hydro (of equiped). She's also a bit on the large side. And squishy. But I don't know if I would call her OP, or just somewhat closer towards what cruisers should be. I mean, with all this whining about the underperformance of the entire class.
  13. Squidpusher

    Is it so hard to make a normal Ranked for once?

    Please WG, I need my clan to carry me!
  14. Squidpusher

    Being spotted since the new patches

    This. I also experience this in DDs. Get spotted, run away and out of detection range, don't shoot, AA off and so on. Most important: The detection icon turns off. So theoretically no radar or planes. Do a couple of more turns, but still shots from multiple red ships manage to pint point my position. Yes, sometimes qualified guesses and lucky potshots will hit, but multiple players aiming at the same spot, outside of my original course, and frequently? Maybe I'm just unlucky or move in a predictable pattern (try not to), but I do suspect that spotting mechanism or the SA indicator is wonky. I'll just keep wiggling a bit more for now...
  15. Squidpusher


    Besides the simple rule that you do not fire torp from second line when there is a risk of hitting friendlies, what is the point of releasing torps from long distance towards an enemy engaded in a fight with a friendly? He (or she!) is not going to sail in a straight line. Yes, it is possible to predict and get lucke, but the chances are way too slim to risk the TK. And if a friendly cruiser has time to turn 180 ° and run into your torps... You are hiding waaay behind him. Move to the front or try to flank. Or just keep your finger off of that left mouse button.