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  1. RBay

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    See, i was one of the positive people after the CV change. Unfortunately, at this point I honestly dont understand why CVs havent just been removed. They are not fun, except to a rare few, and are horrifyingly inefficient. The utter and complete lack of oomph, damage and ability to protect your team like before is alarming. Ill just say it again, putting out torpedoes that hit a battleship for 2800 damage is fking stupid. A CV do not even have DPM on its side, nor alpha. its garbage. And oh dear, we're able to spot enemies quickly ? yeah, great. and now you are finally changing it so our planes have a down timer at the start of a battle - just like we suggested one day 1 of the CV change. Unfortunately, CVs have been nerfed into the ground by now. And the old CVs were far better at spotting the enemy team. FAR better. If I need to explain to you why or how, you have no business in this thread. Its too late, you've destroyed them, may as well remove them now.
  2. RBay

    HMS Hood

    @Seiranko covered it, completely agree :) overall, it feels more usable in general, even though it may be less efficient at two very specific things, namely citadelling cruisers, and the crazy short range AA. Still an overall better, more solid, more usable ship.
  3. RBay

    Vanguard. Tips and Hints-skills and modules

    I am, at best, an average player. However, after some trying, I figured this ship out - at least a little. The AP is extremely anemic. While it doesnt have uber HE like certain other british battleships, I find the HE scores good damage overall - so try that, but obviously never forget to change ammo type for the obvious broadside cruisers etc. Keep in mind it has a less than 10 second rudder shift. No high tier battleship even comes close - stock. That means torpedobeats. In the right circumstances, Im happy to take the fight to an enemy DD hiding in his smoke or what have you. I probably have HE loaded already anyway. It also has a really good heal and is quite tanky. The trick is when to get greedy with the rear turrets and when not to. Obviously, like all other ships with this turret layout, you cannot avoid showing a certain amount of broadside to get the rear guns off. Also, it has pretty decent AA which is quite nice at the moment. Overall, its not remotely the best battleship in tier, but it has a certain comfort to it, between the rudder, the heal and what have you. It feels quite versatile, and maybe thats the trick to using it. It can do a bit of everything, but someone else is going to excel at each thing. Just my 2 pennies.
  4. RBay


    @ArkRoyal_R09 <-- what this man said.
  5. RBay


    @MrConway Fair. I'd love to, however work calls at that time.
  6. RBay


    @MrConway seriously ? Thats what you reply to ? For gods sakes, man, are you people even listening ?? People are not going to continue to play your goddamned stupid vision of aircraft carriers under the current conditions ? Your own goal to make them playable for all, and more active - is going down the toilet at an alarming rate, and the current state of events is also quite damaging to your game and more importantly, its reputation. This cannot wait a few weeks for another hotfix, man! You people need to get out there and announce you are hearing us, and you will make CVs more playable, more... more something! Its not enjoyable, approachable or anything of the sort currently. You seem like a nice guy, whos quite bright, too. You cant tell me you sit and play your aircraft carriers thinking "This is fine, kthnx!" ??
  7. RBay


    There is no doubt the CV vs DD mechanic needed help. Im not much of a DD player, but even as a CV player I could recognise that how it was before this morning didnt function. However, I feel WG perhaps overlooked part of the reason CVs go for DDs so much is simply because if the rest of the enemy team clusters up, the CV cant hit anything else. The AA is simply absurdly strong, you have to have a certain amount of skill and avoid flak, but you cant move your aim or it doesnt aim properly.... yeah those two dont mix that well always. WG wanted to make CVs more approachable for all players, and while I really enjoyed the rework - thought it was a grand idea, and the visuals and feel of it is amazing - the path WG has taken so far, and looks to be taking (reading the up to 8.4 dev post) will, in my eyes, have the opposite effect. Somehow WG has managed to make both people that were FOR CVs and people AGAINST CVs unhappy. Well done. In the end, they will be played the same or less than before. All that work put into this rework, and for what ? I saw the stream with Sir_Nelson, whom honestly - I dont mean to be rude, but time to get a change of management ? We have no use of an excel warrior who only plays a handful of games in the real game with the rest of us, and otherwise bases his opinions on balance on stats. For gods sake, listening to that made me cringe. Clearly the man has not tried actually grinding a CV after rework - through the tiers (this means stock planes, people!), going up against +2 matchmaking. Yeah, we could hit DDs with our rockets which didnt work for DDs obviously. Now, rather than nerf rocket planes into the ground on all fronts - why not just pick one or two things at a time ? Perhaps lower the goddamned AA values and encourage CVs to go for other targets ? And with the 20% detection by air nerf, flying around with tier 8 planes in a tier 10 match generally means a tier 10 aa cruiser opens fire on my planes before I can even see him. I mean, I realise this aint historically accurate, but a fregging supersized ship on a clear day, seeing a plane before the plane sees the ship ! Can you not see yourselves how disfunctional that is ? And the real problem about CVs that make people whine wont ever change. Youll have to live with a certain amount of unhappiness. Its the simple mechanic of being attacked by another player, but being unable to retaliate. You cant shoot back, you know ? Its a bit akin to the very old counter strike days, where someone would sit somewhere far off with an arctic warfare sniper rifle and one shot you. But at least, you could shoot back in theory. In WoWS, you cannot. This mechanic will never really change so players will always be unhappy to a certain degree. From CVs perspective, they have to put in skill and effort into doing what they do, only to be automatically canceled out by an entirely skill-less AA build, that is basically passive and requires no effort. Imagine if ships could grab skills and modules that rendered them immune to battleship AP shells ? Uh.... kinda doesnt work, does it ? WG, you wanted to make CVs fun and available to all. The base idea is good. The execution and the path you are now taking it down is absolutely awful and 100% counterproductive to your own goals. These CVs are now not more approachable by all players. Not at all. I love my aircraft carriers, always 100% backed your idea that each match should in theory have a carrier on each side. Now, Im honestly starting to lean towards the crowd that shouts for CVs to be removed entirely, as Im sure you will not listen to this, to us, even read most of this. I love this game, but its going down a path where part of the enjoyment for all players is diminishing - in my opinion.
  8. uh... think this through before you complain. Before (now), a yamato could potentially lose 60.000 health ( roughly ) from a max duration flood. however, he would without question repair it if and when possible. Under the new system, that same yamato, assuming two floods, could lose 40.000 health. But.... he'd be a lot less likely to repair it, at least if its just one. Just like in most situations a good BB player doesnt repair one fire. Wait and see, before you cry the end of DD play. Try it. Im sure WG will be looking at how its functioning live, and adjust it accordingly - just as they currently are with CVs *shrugs*.
  9. RBay

    New CVs

    Having now played a number of games in CVs and regular ships, and the hotfix having been applied... : DDs still have a problem, unless they are AA specced (and even then, they can still have issues). Technically, that isnt different from before, except... before CVs had a "cooldown" period at the start of the battle where they couldnt launch a plane. DDs could get into position etc. Maybe this would be an idea to implement again ? Also - perhaps reduce DDs air detection ? Dive bombers are extraordinarily difficult to use, particularly since over half the games you do, unless you are a tier 10 CV - you are bottom tier (this is no exagerration). It was already difficult before the F spam fix and AA buff with the hotfix. Now its nearly impossible. Will quickly adress the AA shortly, but... dive bombers genuinely need the heal far more than torpedo bombers do, in my opinion. Only the finest CV players can even dream of hitting a same tier BB for much of anything, and even if they do, the rest of the squadron is doomed. The entire system of having more strikes with one squadron simply doesnt function at all, as your planes wont last that long under current AA. Example - even a tirpitz without manual AA, and the AA upgrade module can handily plow down same tier planes. You can't dream of attacking him twice, especially with dive bombers - and with dive bombers its also harder in those last two seconds, to evade the flak, as the drop has to be quite accurate. Having said all this, I REALLY like the concept of the CV rework, it looks and feels amazing. But its close to unplayable as a tier 4-6-8 CV as it stands. The entire system doesnt seem to work as intended. The problem you are having, and will continue to have; if CVs are strong, the playerbase will be unhappy and....well, read the forums the last week. If CVs are just a touch underpowered (or at least, the CV players feel they are), they will be played the same or less, than they were before. And then the entire point of this has gone out the window. My point is, sure the Hakuryu was massively overpowered. But all other CVs are now suffering badly. We arent going to play these CVs for long. It'll go back to being unplayed and forgotten. They have to be strong. They gotta be a threat. CVs will make people cry, winge and moan. Just as they did in the real world. You cannot have both. Particularly, it seems to me, unfair, that a CV requires X amount of skill (X being debatable) to land an attack. Defending from said attack requires nothing more than having picked various passive abilities in the form of captain skills and upgrade modules, hit the defensive AA and watch the planes burn. No skill involved whatsoever. Example, I could tell before the rework often when, say, a Des Moines wasnt paying attention to my planes. He was busy shooting, defending, and what have you. i knew this might be a good time to strike. This often worked, and I could manage to get a good hit in on a strong AA ship (as he hadnt activated DFAA and importantly - hadnt clicked my planes to set a target for manual AA). This is not much skill. But now, nothing is required. Just watch the planes die. Thats all. This simply is not fair.
  10. RBay

    F spam "fix"

    The hotfix was understandable. But it was tier 10 CVs that was really op. Being a bottom tier cv is a bit harsh now. Particularly dive bombers have no need for so many planes. You arent gonna do more than one or sometimes two attack runs. They could use the tb Heal more than the tbs imo. DDs are still cv food. Also, if cruisers can do a passive build to completely render them immune from my planes id like skills that give me, say, 90% immunity from bb shells lower tier than myself. Seems fair.
  11. RBay

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    Also, are we now balancing things from what the very best players can do ? Cause thats just stupid. And the majority of crazy results after the rework are mostly done in one specific CV. And you know it. Hooray for that.
  12. RBay

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    thats fine, but thats entirely besides the points made my the OP. Like... you cant dodge torps ? yes you can! I can. No CV can can launch torps every "few seconds". Haku is OP for sure. But that means crap to the rest of the CVs.
  13. RBay

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    Most my points requires no play in CVs, but only against them. try reading my post.
  14. RBay

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    @Forlornsailor thats the best you got ? Prove me wrong. How about go try the CVs. None of it changes that most of what is put in OPs post is simply wrong. You mean to tell me you cant dodge CV torps now ??? Its easier than before. "I" can do it easily in a slow as sh*t BB, and Im not very good. Just one example. How about constructive argumentation instead of mud-throwing ?
  15. RBay

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    >I love the way the planes are borderline impossible to shoot down Rubbish. Easy in specialized ships. Which is how its meant to work. >I love the way the planes can drop Torpedos every few seconds using the same squadron without having to arm They really cannot. >I love the way how you have no ability to dodge torpedos FAR easier than before, due to the way they have to setup their attacks, and the time it takes for the attack run, couple that with certain CV's drop patterns, even slow BBs can dodge them with ease. And they do. The torpedoes are also quite low on damage, and you only launch a few at a time. >i love the way you get flooded with every drop, fire struck with every rocket, and when you use your repair party, thats right, you get instantly flooded again. My experience is the exact opposite. >i love the way the planes fly at mach-7 billion speeds and can whip from one side of the map to the other at orbital velocity That they do. Very fast. Cant imagine DDs are fans. >i love the way the planes spot you from the otherside of the map ...no ? >i love the way absolutely noone wanted these changes. yet we got them. Well, since CV players thought CVs were too weak before, and others thought them too strong - what did anyone expect ? of course theyre going to make something brand new. if you think of this as a foundation for the new CV system - I like it. It obviously needs tweaking, mind. >i love the way CV anti ship power has not been nerfed, Its just spread out over time more. Its entirely possible Im totally crap in CVs, but a decent CV game before was 100k+. I havent done that once after the rework, most games I walk away with 20-30k damage. AA is very strong, which works fine on same tiers, forces CV to think strategy. When youre downtiered which atm is most my games, its simply impossible. Any tier 8 BB readily plows down all my planes during an attack run. Consider until you get high tier CVs, your torpedo planes only put 1- 2 torps in the water, can do that 3-4 times depending on CV. But those torp will effectively do 3-4k damage. Assuming they hit. Thats IF you make it through the AA etc. >i love the fact DD's are completely useless because of the stupid perma air spotting and multi attack runs per squadrons, coupled with the fact planes are nearly immortal to all but the best AA and DD's don't stand a chance Yeah, admittedly DDs are just targets. >i love the way how you can HEAL AND HIDE the already borderline invincible dealers of aerial death Not as easy as that. >i love the way the torpedos ARE ONLY VISIBLE TO YOU FOR ABOUT 2 SECONDS BEFORE THEY IMPACT YOU. Forget the torps. Look at the planes and how they move, and you'll have 30+ second warning. You can readily evade in a yamato. No bull. >I love the way they have infinite planes and will win the battle of attrition always, and in late game they literally clean up the game. No, they dont - and cant. Not necessarily, anyway. if CV has lost a good amount of planes consistently, he will be launching small 2-4 plane squadrons at the end. Some CVs under the old system constantly had full squadrons cause of the size of their hangar. As this is a sort of "recharge" system, if you lose planes fast, youll be in trouble, and really - be launching planes less than you did before.