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  1. MrFlanders

    Radio controlled models

    Superb models all of them! Reminds me that I got some projects on hold back home...
  2. MrFlanders

    Why not an AMX 40 warship XD

    Awesome indeed!
  3. MrFlanders

    How people view us

    Made my day!
  4. MrFlanders

    Art work - Various ship drawings

    Beautiful... Just beautiful....
  5. MrFlanders

    "Navygaming" Magazine, 01/2013

    Nicely made indeed!
  6. MrFlanders

    Battleships from smaller nations

    Well, It would be awesome to have the Eidsvold class Coastal defence ships, and their bigger sisters, the Bjørgvin class. (Problem is most of them are pretty old though...) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eidsvold_class_battleship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bj%C3%B8rgvin_class_coastal_defence_ship But of newer designs that would be awesome, we got the Sleipner class destroyers (called torpedo boats by some due to their displacement and armament) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleipner-class_destroyer
  7. MrFlanders

    Improved HMS Exeter (68)

    Layout reminds me of the Japanese Takao class cruisers... Anywho, I would love to sail one in WoWs, as it looks great, and is pretty good armed, even though it may be a little tipsy as it is stated above!
  8. MrFlanders

    German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin

    Although an exciting ship indeed, she would most likely not have had the greatest impact on the war, unless perhaps if used combined with the Tirpitz for example. I think that she would most likely have ended up in port somewhere without the chance to stick to sea, since The Führer would be afraid to loose her, just like he did with most german capital ships after the loss of Bismarck, and especially after the loss of Scharnhorst in 1943. But very good pictures indeed! I have never seen any like them before! :great:
  9. MrFlanders

    [NEW!] USS Montana - ART

    Very nice indeed! Looking forward for more! :great:
  10. MrFlanders

    C.S.S. Manassas

    As earlier said, interesting idea! Have to love the ingenuity of ships like this! :great: But what if they had mounted a torpedo/explosive charge on the bow? First the torpedo will go of, then the ship will plow itself into the breach! Perhaps the "turtle" would be able to actually cut it's target in half if speed is high enough?
  11. MrFlanders

    Naval Disasters

    Wilhelm Gustloff Wilhelm Gustloff , German refugee ship sunk by a Soviet submarine in the Baltic Sea during the night on 30th of January,1945. Wilhelm Gustloff was a passenger ship built by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg 1938. It was one of the Nazi parade ships, commissioned by Deutsche Arbeitsfront organization and named after a Nazi who was assassinated by a Jewish activist in Switzerland 1936. It was originally used for pleasure trips for workers as part of the " Kraft durch Freude " program. The ship was later lasarett ships, including during the invasion of Norway , and was during the rest of the war used for troop transport and accommodation. Outside Stolpmünde , on the way from Danzig ( Gdansk ) to Kiel crowded with German wounded and refugees from the Eastern Front , the ship was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine and sank within an hour. The information about how many people were on board varies , according to the ship's own official list should have been 6050, but recent research suggests that the figure may have been as high as 10 582, of which nearly 9,000 refugees. Around 1,230 passengers were rescued... More detailed about the sinking may be read here: http://www.wilhelmgu...com/sinking.htm