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    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I had such high hopes for this game, but with this implementation i have lost nearly all enthusiasm. For me it is all about the challenge of leading the salvos to the enemy ships, before they can get me. Now its more of a zig-zag point-and-click game. Sure, i can still play in that fashion. But considering that a large portion of the player base will (probably) be using it, i find it rather demotivating. I have no problems accepting the fact that many players will enjoy this game with aim-assist, but it wasnt what i hoped for - Namely the pure skill based shootout between players. Hopefully there will be future game developers who can make a modern battleship era game (Battlestations sequel would have been nice), and that they wont be so liberal toward mods like WGs been. In the meantime i'll stick with this mediocre excuse for a (cbt) naval game, and stick to the carriers