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  1. wg you'll end like this soon enough with such politics...
  2. bought 10 containers, spent 10€ and got nothing more than minimum - 50 camos. wg you are disappointing players who pays you money. on new yer spent about 160€ on new year boxes and was disappointed too. i doubt i will buy anything more in premium shop ever again... i think many players are in the same situation too. you pushing your players go play something else, where they will get something more than minimum of promised reward...
  3. thanks! exactly what i needed!
  4. hello, i am using permanent camo from helloween 2020 event on my hindenburg, but i don't like how it looks like. is it possible to remove it completely or change in any other without losing its bonuses? i know i can buy another skin, but it is not worth 5000 or even 8000 doublons in my opinion. tried ChilledSpecialCamos mod, but it does not change this hindenburg camo. thanks for any advice