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  1. Krasnoyarsk is in Sibirie and is industrial city - how about Cyprus? ( I ALMOST can bet there will be a change in travel plans)
  2. Finnka

    thank wargaming you have destroyed cv playing

    AA-cruiser build up is now pretty pointless.
  3. Finnka

    Murmansk, an Omaha on performance enhancing drugs?

    This video is very "BÄÄD"! I laughed at least 5 mins. Tnx +1 to you! NOT sinking Yamato but .....the players reactions. (True or not)
  4. Finnka

    SMOKE... GO [edited]YOUR SELF WG!

    DD:s gunfiring and trajectories are modelled so cruiser see EXACTLY where you are if you shoot any gun. I drive DD:s and cruisers and I have killed multiple DD:s just shooting where grenades come. From longer distances you canot anymore say where bullets come from.
  5. Finnka

    Change in MM makes St Luis less fun ship

    Anyway. Something has changed and more and more tier 5 ships are with St Luis. Agressive playstyle to passive hiding playstyle is not fun.
  6. Change in MM makes fully upgraded St Luis less fun ship. This is pretty normal WG "nerf" in WOT & WOWP and now in WOWS(KV-220 for example). Sudenly you meet high tier enemies you do not meet. I think fully upgraded Dresden meets also this MM "nerf". This removes fun-players. Is this ment to be like this? Omahas, Kongos and New Yorks in one batle. Are those russian premium ships also nerffed same way? Also if players money-earning ships are less efficient it is unlikely player goes higher tiers very soon. Perhaps this is ment to be like this. This game is yours WG - I just put a note here how I feel.
  7. Finnka

    Teamkillers - to team kill or not to kill?(or maybe go afk)

    I have been 1 time teamkilled on purpose - in EU server. Thousands of games played. (1600 NA + 600 Eu). Accidentaly 2 - 4 times. Teamkill is not a issue. Gamecrashes kill me more than teamkills.
  8. Na playerbase has dropped so I can see short lists and bad MM more frequent. Has WG stopped to invest these games CONTENT? I would like to see more content. Basic enviroment is veery nice with gorgeous details. I like sea and water and its athmosphere. My playing? I take a little pause and play less frequent until more content has arrived. I think I have seen most of all things this game can offer. I hope wg will not spoil this game same way as it is done in warplanes. WG - does your actions truly helpped warplanes? Warplanes lost pretty quickly it nice feeling. And WOT is boring as hh.... ' I bought new computer and I install warships to it - but not wot or warplanes. It has cost to me 1500 € - hey WG - why you cannot make me to pay same way I pay from these computers?
  9. Finnka

    WOWS for diseased

    Persons who has certain illness(like me) - have you ever wondered what kind of ships suits just YUO! Paranoidic syndrome Definitely Batleships! Everyone knows why! Cruisers near enemy DD:s Possibly IJN destroyers also. ADHD Definitely USN destroyers! clikclikclikclikbumbumbumtherearenoammolimits Also Dresden Also St Luis And some 155 mm CA:s Kuma etc Arthrites rheumatoides , mouse wrist etc.... Batleships definitely. Lowest amount of clicks and keypressings. Dementia senilis Carriers - you can totally forget move your carrier ...ANYWHERE. Batleships - no mater if you forget to do something in time - you can do it tomorrow or later. Anyway turrets are not yet turned to proper direction...or loaded Agorafobia Cruisers when game is infested with batleships Destroyers when cruisers are nearby and there are airforces to spot destoryers. Claustrofobia Batleships in narrow straits when there are destroyers nearby
  10. It is actually Korpikuusenkyynel and it is homemade. Not "koskenkorva". Has anybody wondered how humourless and toxic NA and Eu forums has became? And real fights , if I have heard right, are in RU forums. And I cannot even remeber how many times I have experienced this same game forums evolution of different rage-levels. +1 to everyone.
  11. FO4 is not so different game than wows or why else Jingles(Jangles) has reached very high level FO4 character? ...but the truth is when you play FO4 trough is is practically used game and interest to play it again is lovered much. Time to play WOWS again? So WHERE is new content? And why the perkeleessä captains retraining without gold is so time eating? It is one of a major thing which makes upgrading to higher tiers pointless. WG - never complain there are not enough players in high tiers -> this is "free to play" game?
  12. Is it just refreshing to breathe something else than read forums toxic threads again and again? First page of this forum. Multiple shut-down threads and even more complaints and why not submarines. I think we all need a spåce-monkey time to time. Female or male - your choice.
  13. "No sex please, we’re gamers: Fallout 4 launch causes 10% drop in PornHub trafficRead more: http://metro.co.uk/2015/11/16/no-sex-please-were-gamers-fallout-4-launch-causes-10-drop-in-pornhub-traffic-5504858/#ixzz3sfgTIp8m" http://metro.co.uk/2015/11/16/no-sex-please-were-gamers-fallout-4-launch-causes-10-drop-in-pornhub-traffic-5504858/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3320256/Is-Fallout-4-better-sex-Pornhub-reveals-traffic-dropped-10-day-game-released.html So - sex is out and games are in.
  14. Just please read this forum and you can see how hjuomour just giggles all over the place and there are no toxic post ANYWHERE. By the way ....same humour has travelled trough the atlantic seas to NA servers and same behaviour flourishes all over the place now. And I put +1 to all!