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  1. Dear WG, is there any future plans t have a free exp cruiser in the future to wait it. I'm sure many players would love to know
  2. R3quiem

    [TSUN] looking for competitive fun players

    hello can you guys check my stats if I am fit for the clan
  3. Hello, would you please check my stats and see if I'm fit
  4. R3quiem

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    I would love to join your clan sir, I love Cruisers. my favorite era is WW2 era. looking forward to hear from you
  5. R3quiem

    Clan Recruitment: Tora Tora Tora!

    May be take a look at my profile and see if you like it or not, let me know.
  6. R3quiem

    [Basics] Spotting mechanics

    well this means may be I won't be able to stealth shoot with russian DDS until t8 may be . I love my Gremy just stealth shoot and let them suffer . at the first time they introduced the russian DDs i used free xp to unlock the Gnevny and it was the same as the gremy in regards the stealth shooting . changing this really effects russian DDs heavily.
  7. R3quiem

    [Basics] Spotting mechanics

    well recently these mechanics are different somehow . i used to play with my Gnevny t5 russian DD. it has 6.5KM detection range and 11.9km gun range . this should allow me to stealth shoot from 10.6km distance up to 11.9km . now even at 11.9km distance when i shoot i get detected . please if there any change happened to that so it cuased detection after shoot is guaranteed please reply me
  8. R3quiem

    US Cruisers need some love

    I have no problem with aiming and maneuvering . I know cruisers rule , choice of ammunition on situation and all that . but sometimes you need fight that BB because you are the only one left alive or in crucial situations . even if that BB is 16KM away and low on health if I engage him he can easily but 1 good salve no matter how I maneuver it will shape almost 75% of my health most of times because of plunging fire and high caliber combination will just negate my armor what so ever . so when you play with your Pensacola and get hit from 20KM away Iowa leave you on 2K health . btw I saw the shells coming and it hit my ship at the rear which should just bounce . but again high caliber and plunging fire make all that just useless .
  9. R3quiem

    US Cruisers need some love

    I really like to play my US cruisers . I love my Pensacola and I love my New Orleans . but facing guns like Iwoa or even the Nagato or Colorado makes me feel helpless . I don't have torps to make a threat for them and neither the armor works against such high caliber guns . I can't damage them while they can over match my armor and cause lots of damage or ever sink me with one salvo even if i was giving them the rare of my ship and trying to avoid fire . but at 15Km battleship guns are capable of hitting most of salvo shells specially high tier BBs . so please you need to solve this case because cruisers are getting hammered hard and being impossible to play with in high tiers .
  10. I was playing today and I saw this glitch more than once when you spectate at another player you don't see the turrets of his ship moving as he aims at different targets they are just stuck at one direction and the fire coming out of gun at targets he is aiming to .