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  1. yaayifications

    The single biggest problem with this game.

    battleships should definitely be subject to shell dispersion, or citadels would have to be removed. However, when a pair of shells can leave their barrels and split so far apart on the way to their target, that one lands past the bow and the other past the stern, when they're so [edited]far apart you can't even use that shot to gauge the rest of your salvo...yeah, that's when it gets stupid.
  2. yaayifications

    Activity Poll for Ranked Battles

    it's only been one week out of a month long season. People playing in 20-11 will trickle in eventually.
  3. yaayifications

    Question About Upcoming Tech Trees

    can't really fault WG on this one. There's no reason to assume we'd get 'extra' port slots at all, and frankly, this game has less vehicles and less 'keepers' per line than tanks in my opinion.
  4. yaayifications

    Should the "Atlantic" map be removed?

    I find the comments blathering about real 'tactics' or formation and realism/historicity as a positive point in an arcade game laughable. Ocean is a godawful shooting gallery that ends in the circlejerk formation as both teams try to round into each others' arses from the map border for 20 minutes while DDs fish for long range torpedo shots on each other in the middle. A 'well played' game on this map by both teams ends in a draw every time.
  5. yaayifications

    When will tirpitzbe back in?

    let's be fair about this: most russians don't have the same disposable income as europeans. €45 is a far bigger outlay to the average working person there, on top of current economic sanctions probably making things worse. Are WGEU prats for constantly tying up ships/tanks in worthless bundles? Yes, but PEOPLE KEEP BUYING THEM
  6. yaayifications

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    and given that there's no actual offer to be had, new players are far better off simply buying €10 worth of doubloons and splitting it between premium and port slots as necessary. Of course, they'd really be best off just buying a month of premium, but let's not pretend here that the point was anything other than exploiting uninformed newbies with loose wallets.
  7. yaayifications

    PAX on the Forums! (Win a Marblehead)

    europe also eventually got the A45 in WoT long after the other server clusters did, except not as a mission, as yet another overpriced bundle consisting of the tank saddled with a load of crap nobody wanted. Now, granted, the A45 is garbage and the mission to get it free was an absolutely disgusting grind intended to tempt you into a buy-out option once you'd have half the mission completed, but the point is you could get it by playing if you really, really wanted. I've grown the preconception over time based on the differences between servers and various dev posts and news pieces that come out that RU has to be treated well as the home territory with the most players, NA's players spend the most on average (iirc), and get generous events and 'welcome back' type offers to boost its flagging population, whereas EU has been fairly stable for years and so it's in a position to be milked. I haven't put money into the game in months because when I do it, I don't feel like a customer, I feel like a sap.
  8. yaayifications

    Why do i lose?

  9. yaayifications

    PAX on the Forums! (Win a Marblehead)

    the CONTEST was NA only, the pax codes might work across servers like the one for the albany and free port slot during pax. Don't expect any sympathy from EU customer service if you pay for a marblehead code and it doesn't work though.
  10. yaayifications

    So the game is "Ready" for release

    This is absolutely the fairest stance to take on the issue, but as an aside lol @ wargaming because The NA server has the same fraction of the population to the EU server as it does with tanks and no amount of better specials is going to fix that. For maximum draw they should've gone with RU/GER, stuck their fingers in their ears about historicity, and called it World of Paper Boats. The real aggravating point is that the RN is likely to be behind these two nations and we're probably not going to see the brit trees proper for another year, minimum.
  11. lol if you think this wasn't a very deliberate decision made early in development to encourage people to cough up in order to make use of the hundreds of thousands of exp locked on their ships. This isn't a technically difficult thing that needs time and effort to implement like the physics or water animations, this is something that was deliberately omitted from whatever build of WoT they used as a base.
  12. yaayifications

    Seriously guys, stop crying! !

    you're such a good little Product Consumer
  13. yaayifications

    Seriously guys, stop crying! !

    if multiple TB squads are attacking a 'good' CV player will fake you out with the first and have the second/third attack a few seconds later swinging into the direction you turn to avoid the first drop. Literally the only thing a BB player can do aside from dodging the first drop is be two tiers higher than the CV or beg cruisers at the start of the match for cover.
  14. yaayifications

    Remove the timer. It ruins the game

    they're not actually doing this, it's an update of incorrect UI values. Aside from that it's far too easy to draw out a game by running or early capfasting. Counterplay by capfasting even capfaster than the other team is stupid and deeply unsatisfying gameplay. And carriers should just spontaenously explode at 0:00 if they're the last ships on their team. Even if you get the win by capping it still presents an issue by virtue of the fact that that lesser repair bills gives them better economy than all other classes by default.
  15. yaayifications

    Get rid of doubloons, give us gold

    it's in one of the stickies, there won't be any more wipes. I mean for [edited]sake, world of tanks has been playable for five years old and it's still not at 1.0 yet.