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  1. exbuzzz

    Escorting capital ships ?

    The problem about escorting BBs as cruiser, is that BBs can take alot more damage than cruisers. If you stick to a friendly BB as a cruiser, you're going to get butthurt by enemy BBs and cruisers in short order. BBs tactics tend to revolve around staying in open ocean so as to avoid destroyers/cruisers sneaking out from behind corners and torping them. As a cruiser staying out in open oceans is one of the worst things to do and you'll die pretty fast in most games, if you stick to escorting friendly BBs that way. Also I play japanese cruisers mostly, and if you're stuck on escort duty for BBs, you're wasting one of the huge advantages to jap cruisers, their torps. Jap cruisers should be close to land, trying to sneak their way up to enemy ships to torp them, shooting from behind cover and being close to land means there is a quick escape.
  2. exbuzzz

    Back to the closed alpha

    If anything they should move forward to open beta. Only real thing stopping them is the russian tree isn't out yet. I've played nearly 150 games in this CBT so far and I haven't noticed any bugs really, certainly no game-breaking ones. Client is also extremely stable for me, even though my system is fairly outdated now.
  3. exbuzzz

    Cruiser gamplay need some Tips

    Yeah, you don't really wanna go up against a BB alone. With cruiser you need good positioning all the time, you can be severely damaged by BB in one salvo, and you dont have the speed maneuverability of a destroyer. Let BBs engage others before you commit. Try to position so you're firing from behind cover. When you move into any position, your first thought should be your escape route should something go wrong. As a japanese cruiser, you can nearly 1 shot a BB with torpedos at close range, but getting into close range is extremely dangerous. If your torps don't hit and opponent is equally skill you're dead. Also when maneuvering against a BB, always consider where it's guns are and how they move. Like when alot of BBs are firing forward, if you cross to the other side on the front, its back guns alot of times have to move full rotation towards the rear before they can aim to the other side. Use AP on BBs also and aim at the middle of the ship towards the waterline for best chance at citadel hits. As cruiser however you really don't want to be engaging a BB solo at all, unless you can get very close by ambushing him as he comes around corner with torps etc. You just have to think tactically all the time, fire from behind cover and always have an escape route. Don't commit too hard at the start of matches. Ideally you want the battle to be underway before you show yourself. Also when engaging BBs consider their reload time, it's mostly 30 seconds if they fire a full salvo, so you can count down to their next salvo and be ready to maneuver as they are a couple of seconds from firing. Turning slightly, changing speed just before they fire all can throw aiming off when engaging a BB in open water at range. Just count down from 30 in your head.
  4. exbuzzz

    how loang will this closed beta last

    Well tbh if that's true I can't complain. Game is too awesome, 111 games played since this CBT started lol, it will give me a break.
  5. exbuzzz

    how loang will this closed beta last

    Afaik, the closed beta will be continuous until open beta comes.
  6. exbuzzz

    St Louis good or bad?

    Yeah I really liked the Louis. I dunno if it was the effectiveness, but shooting all those guns with very fast reload is extremely fun. You feel like you're in a pirate ship.
  7. exbuzzz

    Better nerf destroyer

    I think they're pretty balanced, it's very hard to play a destroyer well. If you have the skill to get close to an enemy to launch your torpedos, you should be rewarded. Even at short range most cruisers and BBs can one/two shot a destroyer easily. On the flip side, if you're getting ganked by solo destroyers as a cruiser/BB then you're doing something wrong. You're either advancing too close along the coast where destroyers can pop out from behind corners, or you're not paying attention enough. I play cruiser mostly and BB alot too and destroyers are never much of an issue, if you are aware all the time and plan your movements so you're never going around a corner blind towards a waiting destroyer. Also as said before cruisers (some american and all japanese) have torps too, which can almost 1 shot a BB with a full salvo.
  8. exbuzzz

    Purches premium ?

    Yeah, no worries, just wanted to check, game is awesome!
  9. exbuzzz

    Purches premium ?

    Who cares if it's a test? This game is more finished than most games i've played over the past few years. I'll happily pay premium, especially since you're not only buying premium for this but for WoT too.
  10. exbuzzz

    Purches premium ?

    Yeah I was also wondering this. Does premium carry over from WoT, WoWp yet, or is premium not available here yet?
  11. Your skill you've acquired through all your battles will carry through. That is the most important thing.
  12. exbuzzz

    GO GO GO!

    Got the invite!
  13. exbuzzz

    GO GO GO!

    I think it's maybe only alpha and weekend testers that have gotten processed so far, since they are guaranteed a spot? Rest of us might have to wait abit.
  14. exbuzzz

    GO GO GO!

    Try again at 12:00.
  15. exbuzzz

    GO GO GO!

    Yeah they are probably allowing so many people to apply each hour. First opened at 10:00 am, closed at around 10:10, now its open again at 11:00am.