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  1. That you still run Windows 7? Playing windowd? Or that you are using IE? So many things to choose from...
  2. Maybe add some ballistic missiles as well and make it submersible?
  3. AP-Bombs are ridiculously OP, no matter how much words you guys use to say its not. But its WG and they need to sell those premium carriers. They will eventually nerf it one way or the other, when they have sold enough of the Enterprise until then we have to suffer. And it doesn't really matter what we all type here. :(
  4. I just ate a lot of sweets in one go and when I say a lot I mean it (and I would do it again). For this act of bravery and the ability to take the suffering I will soon experience due to sugar and nuts overload WG should really award me at least 10 Mio. credits.
  5. Well the OP is pretty much right - the Balitmore is just plain garbage. Sure there is always that one guy, who had some good battles, and all others are not doing it right...quack, quack. No matter what, this particular ship just sucks...And i hope the DM is worth the pain.
  6. For me its the Molotov. I got as a Santa Gift and the 1st battles I really thought what a stupid tincan. Every hit on you a full pen and you are out of the game very fast, if one is not careful. But...the AP rounds on this ship are ridiculous, combined with the low firing arc and fast reload it is a huge canon on a raft (a very agile one). And people tent to ignore it, which is kind of nice for you...;)
  7. Like 3x1 EUR boxes, 3x3 EUR boxes and so on? No, no more boats, but I am so really lucky that WG was so generous to me...maybe you can find my lucky number....^^
  8. Out of how many boxes?
  9. That is true and I can sail until end of time with those New Year Camos.
  10. Well to my shame I got a bit carried away, so I bought containers worth of 75 EUR. Mostly the 1 and 3 EUR ones, which gave me the Indianapolis and Molotov, 2.800 Gold and lots of flags (40 Dragons, 100 Charlie London, 225 Papa Papa, 500 Zulu Hotel, 600 Zulu) and camos (200 Ocean soul, 75 Anniversary, 40 Halloween and ~800 New Year 2017) and some other stuff I can't remember. Those 800 New Year 2017 camos are a bit much, but overall it is kind of Ok - was hoping for Tirpitz/Kutuzov...
  11. That is maybe the main problem...^^ Anyway, I did play some battle with premium camo on the Zao and Zulu/Bravo flag. If I do around 100k damage, I make ~200k credits net. So I am looking into Kutuzov and Scharnhorst. Some guy told me, that on an average battle the net-income is around 500k. Is that viable?
  12. Thx. That worked just fine.
  13. Well, I guess I give the premium camo on the Zao a shot and see if that gets me anywhere. Its not that expensive and I won't sell the Zao anyway. Thx.
  14. Well, I am probably a seal myself, so...;) The Atlanta looks fun, but I am probably gone after 5 mins. I don't like the Iowa particularly and the Missouri is just too expensive. I do like the Fletcher very much and Ibuki was pretty good too. Hm,...Kutuzov maybe
  15. I am broke. ATM I have a measly 4 Mio. credits and want I to buy Baltimore, Gearing and Ranger. So what to do? Buy premium camo for my Zao (only TX I own) or a premium ship. And which premium ship, if any (I wouldn't mind spending money up to the T8s? Currently I own all the ARP ships, Fletcher, Zao and Iowa. And somehow I do have a lot of modules, but I can't sell them, can I? So any advice would be welcome.