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  1. stormchaser

    Thanks WG

  2. stormchaser


    yes didnt get post battle resultf from last battle though
  3. stormchaser


    Hamsters on strike again ?
  4. stormchaser

    From Reddit - 1 Day Premium on EU

    Thanks dude
  5. stormchaser

    Musashi or Kronshtad???

    Kronshtadt if your more of a cruiser player! I can say the Mushashi is a great ship for T9 you can see T7 with those T10 guns :)
  6. stormchaser

    829th Hamburg Port Anniversary Free code

    Cheers dude
  7. stormchaser

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Yay I won 16th prize! thanks @Ebu34 for donating & Big thanks for @lup3s organising this event! glad to hear your better dude
  8. stormchaser

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi Thanks for the chance 1) Roma if about or Alabama if not 2) Admiral Graf Spee 3) Doubloons Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. stormchaser

    OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    3 games 100% lose here lol but 84k average dmg so far fekin hope wr recovers
  10. stormchaser

    Hardest ship to play?

  11. stormchaser

    Kamikaze R love

    Its a great ship & fun to play epic damage you done there!
  12. stormchaser

    New ships

    Ahhh I didn't check PVE sorry dude my mistake
  13. stormchaser

    New ships

    yeah im hoping Nelson will be lower tier than Missouri ScouserLes you done well to get 600.000 free xp with 81 games played :)
  14. stormchaser

    New ships

    Nelson will be next free xp ship I do know that
  15. stormchaser

    Who forgot to feed the hamsters

    Ahh crap hope i get xp from last game! pls feed the dam things