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  1. trrprrprr

    Aigle Suks

    That man, who designed Aigle was heavy on drungs and vodka. How on earth you can give a freakin crap DD torp range lower than concealment.....ANY other DD spot you 1-2km faster. WOuld like to know from that idiot, what he was thinking when designed this ship? What type of drugs or alcohol he used and at what amount?
  2. trrprrprr

    British or American battleship

    What are you smoking? IJN only ones with ciatadels??? Bismarck is easy to citadel, NC and up are citadel magnets when show side...even at angle ive manage to double citadel NC at around 18km. Harder to citadel or they have alot smaller cits = all low tier BBs, higher tiers from 7 and up are easy to citadel when you get to shoot in right spot. Some BBs are OP when angled right, but overall all if shows side, will get a citadel hit or atleast 13k+ penetrating damage.
  3. trrprrprr

    Bug Reports

    This. Never before i had a single lag in this game over years, but after last update FPS jumps from 76 to 40ish in snipe mode to 20. As soon as any enemy ship is detected - i get a half a second freeze up and in heat of battle with some blizzard + enemy smoke and enemies goin out and in to stealth - its pretty much unplayable. I have old and steady system that never failed me in games i play - i5-4690k, gtx970, 16g ram and an ssd evo 500. Hope for a quick fix too....
  4. trrprrprr

    Bismarck Range

    in a 8-10km fights secondaries have helped alot - those games where i have a chance to properly use secondaries bring me ~40-50k dmg from them - where bigger part is from fires. When you chase down other BB, you are able to have a pretty decent angle to bounce runners shots while use all your secondaries to rain on him...your imaginary 7% reduced dispersion wont do much, but fires you make from machineguns will help you greatly. And they are very helpfull with sneaky DDs, it takes few secondary shot to land and DD will turn away - cos every of those tiny shots are able to damage engine/steering/light up a DD in moments...so you have time to turn away from torps launched and still be able to rain shells on that dd in 10.6km range.
  5. trrprrprr

    Bismarck Range

    There is no point for dispersion reduce as every shot has to be touched by RNGesus. YOu prolly have seen that one out of 20 salvos will have atleast 4shells flying right one by one while other spread out and all other salvos just randomly take a flight path. Secondaries are very nice - even more if you chase down some other BB that cant show you the side to activate most of secondaries next ill take is IFHE to make it a bit better
  6. trrprrprr

    My short guide to "how to play Battleships"

    No point for a guide. As no matter what tier, BBs will stay far back and even as top tier/heavy armor ones wont use they armor to advantage. Most of mu games in a BB are as you mentioned in first lines - you are left alone. So something like this - team spread out, see one dd and and few cruisers going with me - DD spots enemy dd - cruisers shoot random shells at 15km+ turn around and sail away as they get spotted and DD spots one low tier BB tere. DD takes few shots/launch blind torps and goes straight with cowardly running away cruisers leaving me(Texas) alone against tier higher BB + DD that insta spots me till i die. Many games in Texas are against tier 7s and most cowardly cruisers ive seen is there....myokos/clevelands/budyony....all nightmare to a DD, but yet, those cowardly garbage better decide to join a lemming train and have a chance spamming more HE from maxrange, than advance a bit and kill that DD(wich isnt hard in a high rof/many gun cruiser that has spot plane or radar/hydro....but no wows is a pvp game played by cowards, even wot has more "team play" than this as you have more critical role with each of the ship type. So i have pretty good overall stats with Texas and i play it like this - start a bit slow if any of DDs/cv planes or cruiser goes your way, so they spot some enemy for me, and thats it, isail towards enemy changing speeds and so on - even if most will run away(that happens most of fights) i will try to do as much damage i can and maby ram wats hard in a 21knot ship. So i die in first 4mins while tier 6-7BBs decide to turn around and run away. So games like that ends with me in topr three, where all tier 7s are in last places. And playing in tier 9-10 games with my Bismarck is all the same, even higher level of cowardness than lower tier games....they wont help, they wont try to help, they will take advantage that you get graped by rain of shells to turn around and run away...after that you see a Yamato at max range behind island trying to land a shot or a DD, who brawls against tier X cruisers. This game is no team play, just a deathmatch where you better not help anyone as noone will help you. Like i wont ever try to save BB from enemy DD in my cruisers -as happened yesterday, that moron tier 6 Fuso with ffull health turn around and ran away from Konig that was shooting me and i was already @ 35% health...so i killed DD pretty easy and in that time Konig landed few cits on me. So tip to all new players - play only for your self and dont act like a protector of the team, they wont repay you with same not care when you get shot down!
  7. trrprrprr

    Carriers, don't keep sending your planes...

    Sadly when im in Texas CVs after first batch dont send any planes anymore to attack me
  8. trrprrprr

    How to Gneisenau?

    Thats the whole problem. I even had to brawl in Texas, bcos two Gneis captains decide to turn back and run away...sure i ended in top, but i would do alot much more if i would have proper support. Problem is, that many playing pvp game run away as sonn as they see first enemy ship or get detected(full 180 and back to base) Theres been countless battles where i ended in top even tho dieing first or close to that...and most of times those where tier 6-7battles with 1-2 tier 5s. Like cruisers running away from DDs....those are true [edited], they have agility and firepower to move between torps/catch dd and kill it fast, yet they prefer to run away to other side or try to snipe DD from 15-17km range. Sure all have some learning curve and takes longer, but BACK TO TOPIC - playing Gneis isnt fun/enjoyable nor anything else...sure, you will have one lucky game when you get touched by RNGesus and you end up on top like a boss, or one in 20games where you have a perfect setup like no DDs and only few BBs from one side(without torps) But most of the time you are jack of all trades, master of none. 6guns that are horrid, conseal-even worse, HE rain - you burn down like a xmas tree. So if i should choose, i would take Texas over Gneis any time! In those 20games with Texas ive citadeled more tier 7s than in Gneis...they just dont land....so yea, around 20k to go to Bismarck and i can sell this ship
  9. trrprrprr

    How to Gneisenau?

    THis sums it up...seeing how 95% games are 4-5dds and or 1-2CVs getting in to 10km is close to impossible without detection. Gneis only can do something when DDs are dead...then he have a chance to brawl otherwise hes outgunned by every other ship in the game.
  10. trrprrprr

    How to Gneisenau?

    I hate it alot too...soon i get Bismarck and wont even try to keep Gneis...no joy to play that ship as i have alot better games and more fun in my Texas, even cruisers i play outperforms Gneis..... this ship just doesnt work for me.
  11. trrprrprr

    Leander - a definate keeper!

    After more games playing with it i have to agree, it performs very good. On average it performs alot better than shitty Gneisenau(i hate this crap of a BB) Even tho, Leanders range is very shitty, i have 8.8km conseal and WTF ambush other cruisers and DDs(when i get spotted at 8.8km range, just pop a hydro and DD is dead ) Hope Fiji is better, bcos all FIji players ive seen havnt showed me how good it is, Fijis are the first to get cit/killed.... so i really do hope those ones where a huge noobs.
  12. trrprrprr

    Shchors... Hmm...

    IF you can snipe from that range every extra km will be only your advantage. Again...islands and any other cower is a HE spammer friend. Ive manage to get only one lucky brawler game in Chap with 211k damage, but after that game its pretty huge disaster to brawl while theres few BBs around. You have a range and alot of guns to burn down BBs, so just switch targets as you burn them...faster you get multi fires, faster you can land new ones and burn them down
  13. trrprrprr


    Sounds like you are talking baout those BBs that shoot HE only and miss most of the salvos. I would like to see some replays how you CHASE BB and then make that "pro" torp drop on a running away BB.
  14. trrprrprr

    Shchors... Hmm...

    Just stat captain for fire damage/HE pen and you are good to go. Chapy is even more annoying HE spammer crapthat tier7 one. All you have to do in Shchors - find a island thats close to where enemies gather and you are able to shoot over it, first get them in range and start spamming HE and lighting them all on fire, wait for repairs and do again, when they start getting out ofthe range pop a spotter plane and get that extra range to get few more fires on enemy.... AFter that its kinda situational as you have only 4km torps, so you will need to charge on BBs...but most of the time its doable if you surprise BB from ~8km and less.
  15. trrprrprr

    Leander - a definate keeper!

    Not sure what Leanders you have, but i fail to see how 13.2km range cruiser can do a squat. Charge BBs....you say no citadels? 95% of time charginf BB ends in 15-20k dmg, you cant wiggle around and chase cruiser as you lose speed and while you stop shooting at 13.2km range, most cruisers still keep shooting you till 15-16km. Sure you see some 2-3k numbers on BB broadside, but taking all flaws together its a very situational ship where in most cases you get laughted on...even shell speed of 800m/s is a joke, to lead a DD at 12km you have to move aim out of the screen so you really dont see a DD anymore, even faster BBs can avoid pretty easy. Maby its just me, but i really hate it as it has no advantages...IF only you get close to BB and torp or other unaware CAs show you full side.