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  1. Sociable and competitive gamers please apply...sense of humour a must have :)
  2. Welcome to Tidgit. Places still available!
  3. Hi Tidgit...at work will contact you asap. Speak soon.
  4. Older gamers welcome...as I am :) See front page and thanks!
  5. Looking to expand for Clan Wars, see front page!
  6. Looking for more social and competitive players for the Clan!
  7. Welcome deH98! Still looking for more shipmates!
  8. Great name guys Good luck with Clan!
  9. Details will be sent soon, thanks deH98! Pm'd you :)
  10. Hey all, still looking to drag in guys/gals to increase our Clan size which is currently 37/50!
  11. Although the Clan Wars only has a week left, we are looking for more players, to get two teams if possible for the next Clan Wars season. Playing in Divs and Operations, assisting in Campaign events.
  12. Still need more players for a 1st and 2nd team. We are in GALE League currently, would be nice to field a second team too, and reinforce our prime team at the same time!
  13. Still looking for new members for Clan Wars, going to run 2 teams if possible!
  14. Last Clan Wars season we got to STORM League and Clan Level 8. Clan expanded to 50 and looking for new members for Clan wars teams!!