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  1. Six new guys accepted today :) Come and say hi on our Discord! The more the merrier!
  2. Happy Easter to all \o/ Come and join us!
  3. Ok, we are a EUR social gaming clan formed in 2011 originally just WoT, but now more WoWS focused. Sense of humour is a must have! We accept anyone over 25 years + Relaxed mature gamers, English speakers from all parts of the EUR. We are looking to expand the WoWS membership and increase participation in Clan Wars. Last Clan season 8 we played 181 battles with a 51.93% win rate. We have full Dockyard built with all the available discounts and bonuses. But if you just want to join and division up with other players and are not interested in Clan Wars, then that’s ok too. We have our own Discord Voice Comms server with 125 members. No specific times to logon, RL, families and work all get in the way, but we do expect you to be on Discord when you can. Our members do play other games too, like most gamers nowadays. Overall we have 20/50 currently in the WoWS Clan. So room for all! So bring a sense of humour with you and apply now! Any questions just ask, or contact us ingame via the Clan finder or PM Demurph, Greatoak, Strider66. In fact any Clan members ingame. Or request below!
  4. Strider66

    Unable to connect to update service

    I get no error but does not update to 0.8.6. Restarted Game Centre x5, still no update.
  5. Playing Clan wars but need more to guarantee enough players for each Clan wars night. See first post folks. Come and enjoy WoWS with us!
  6. Hi Jim, we are EUR based. You're welcome if that's ok with you.
  7. Sociable and competitive gamers please apply...sense of humour a must have :)
  8. Hi Tidgit...at work will contact you asap. Speak soon.
  9. Older gamers welcome...as I am :) See front page and thanks!
  10. Looking for more social and competitive players for the Clan!