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  1. Hey I messaged you the Discord link Bert, you should see a notification at the top of this page. Message me back if you have any tech issues. Ahem, you need Discord to be installed to use the link. https://discordapp.com/
  2. Hey Burt, will send you an invite to Discord, it's much more flexible than TS and has Apps for mobiles mate. Even our eldest can hack it :) We have members from 25 to 79 btw :)
  3. Still looking to make up the Clan to 40! Clan wars currently trying to get into Storm League, 177 battles 50.28% winrate...onwards and upwards!
  4. Hey folks, we have a few slots open for new members! Currently at Clan Wars Gale League, group1/2. So looking for people interested in Clan Wars! PM ingame or leave a post!
  5. Total for this season, with new members playing in Clan wars is: 20 battles, 50% victories Squall League Group 1 Good fun, come and join!
  6. Played 9 battles in Clan Wars last night and up one division!
  7. Hey guys and girls! Still looking for social captains for OAP, interested in Clan Wars too . See recruitment blurb above.
  8. Hey guys and girls! Still looking for social captains for OAP. See recruitment blurb above.
  9. Hey Spud_Dakatt invite sent. Hi Jeru_warrior, sent you a pm mate. Please see.
  10. Ok we have 10 slots available after clearing some non playing clan members. , ideal for those wanting to try out Clan Wars. It's not a rule, if you fancy it, have a go!
  11. Hi guys, thanks for views and applications, we have reached our Clan limit of 40 now. We had ingame applications too. So we are currently closed to recruiting. Many thanks Strider66.
  12. Hi Mashton, just off PC. Will bè in touch shortly.