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  1. New members in, we have 27/50. Still looking for new players, all are welcome!
  2. We are up to 25/50 members , drop us a pm or message in-game. More room for all!
  3. Hi folks, 2 new members in the last 2 days. Come on board and check us out.
  4. Hey Jack I'll pm you the Discord, just drop in. We have active members, just getting them on Discord sometimes is a pain. But we're getting there. Strider
  5. Hey all, still looking for Clan members, social or interested in Clan Wars, 25 years +
  6. Ahh excellent #metoo 👌 I'm away from PC for a few hours mate. But will give you a shout when back home. Good to see some old gits still around 😁
  7. Hey folks, good social clan looking to get back into Clan Wars. Come and join us!
  8. Still looking for players to advance and start Clan Wars again, no limits or win rates, just a desire to get better and be social.
  9. We accept anyone over 25 years + Relaxed mature gamers, English speakers from all parts of the EUR. No minimum requirements like Tiers or Win Rate.
  10. Come join us for social Divisions with a view to Clan Wars folks!
  11. We welcome new members, English speaking from across the EU.
  12. Six new guys accepted today :) Come and say hi on our Discord! The more the merrier!
  13. Ok, we are a EUR social gaming clan formed in 2011 originally just WoT, but now more WoWS focused. Sense of humour is a must have! We have some great players willing to pass on their experience, we are in the TOP league for Naval Batlles. We accept anyone over 25 years + Relaxed mature gamers, English speakers from all parts of the EUR. Currently we have folks from Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Cornwall :) No minimum requirements like Tiers or Win Rate. We are looking to expand the WoWS membership and look at participation in Clan Wars. We have full Dockyard built with all the available discounts and bonuses. But if you just want to join and division up with other players and are not interested in Clan Wars, then that’s ok too. We have our own Discord Voice Comms server with 125 members. No specific times to logon, RL, families and work all get in the way, but we do expect you to be on Discord when you can. Our members do play other games too, like most gamers nowadays. Overall, we have 25/50 (28/08/21) currently in the WoWS Clan. So, room for all! Any questions just ask or contact us in game via the Clan finder or PM Demurph, Greatoak, Strider66. In fact any Clan members ingame. Or request below!