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  1. It's such a shame that we can't get anything past generic copy/paste missions no one actually bothers to read about anymore. And they even dare to say it's an improvement over previous Boot Camp... I understand they have to translate it into a hundred languages, but It feels so low effort... To add injury to insult, we know that unless there is a 2000 pager torch&pitchfork topic on a particular issue, they aren't going to do anything about it. At most they will feed us with some petty excuses and keep on going, coz they can.
  2. [quote name= PT060CAMMO6 - 10x Type 6 camo PT060FLAGS3 - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) PT0606CAMMO - 10x Type 6 camo PT0603FLAGS - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) Z reddit'a. U mnie poszlo, choc ponoc nie u wszystkich dziala... Pozdrawiam
  3. What boggles my mind is reason why did they include paper "Ernst Gaede", instead of having T6 - Z1 Maas (type1934), T7 - Z8 Bruno Heinemann (type1934A). That would make more sense, as Z8 was refitted with 150's, which would make smoother experience for Z23 @T8 later on.
  4. RoyalColor

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Music track stucks after my ship is sunk and plays in a loop over and over, even when back in port. Sometimes same thing happens with "cyclone" theme. 2. Reproduction stepsPlay a battle, get sunk. 3. Result Music stucks and same track plays in a loop over and over, so have to restart the client to get rid of it. 4. Expected result When back to port, there supposed to be a different track triggered.
  5. RoyalColor

    New Sound System

    Really like the dynamic music. However the loop bug is still not fixed. I get "you got sunk" or "cyclone" themes stuck and have to restart the client to get rid of it.
  6. Just some of the recent ones to highlight what I'm on about. If you are bothered, just go to NA and skim their portal for more. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/rise-and-shine-campers/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/torpedo-beats-for-dayz/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/filmreferencehere/ And again, I'm not about the actuall requirements, or rewards. It's just obvious that person who designed these, put some thought and effort into that. It's smart, playful, brings a smile on your face. It shows the respect and attitude towards the playerbase. On EU they made a spreadsheet template and are just rotating it over and over. Probably even same spreadsheet they use for EU sales figures report they send to Minsk weekly... That shows WG EU attitude towards their playerbase - a reusable template...
  7. My impresion is that missions on the NA server are done by people who actually play and care for the game. And I'm not talking about difficulity or rewards. Missions on the NA are smart, interesting, have a feeling that they are custom tailored, have a refferences to popular movies, events, game meta and game quircks (like torpedobeat and recent torpedo polisher missions). While at the same time EU missions feel like a template fillong chore, done by underpaid corporate drone. And again, this is not about difficulity, or rewards. I don't see those missions an improvement over previous ones, it's just structured differently. If this is the best you can do, then bring the old Boot Camp back.
  8. RoyalColor

    Countdown timer on smoke

    Sub_Octavian confirmed it's coming this quarter. For the time being there is a mod, that does that.
  9. RoyalColor

    Ranked season announcement

    Just checked with Reddit, everybody there are certain that Black has Baltimore's radar consumable.
  10. RoyalColor

    Ranked season announcement

    Huh? Isn't Black a Fletcher with Baltimore's radar? That was a last version I heard of from Armored Patrol...
  11. RoyalColor

    the myth that taking rpf means sacrafices...

    It would be situational on a BB. If you gunfight with BB, which is in front of you, when suddenly RL shows that stealthy DD is flanking, do you turn into new threat just to give BB your broadside? This skill will empower DDs and CLs/CAs the most imo. On a BB it might be of some use in a late game, but still I wouldn't and I don't think many people would take it as a first choice on a BB. And if not the first choice, then we will rarely see it on BBs, as I don't think that many people have 14 point BB cpts.
  12. RoyalColor

    Low tier RDF seal clubbing ring

    I don't think that anyone will notice sudden emergence of 100 ship strong seal clubber fleet. IMO on average around 40% of server population are there already doing that exclusively. Just check stats of some players from top clans... Like hundreds of games in Minekazes and Izyaslavs. And one would think they ought to be more gallant than that...
  13. RoyalColor

    New Soviet DD split

    And what about Skoryy, Neustrashimy and Kotlin, that already have been announced? Is it going to be tri-split later on?
  14. It gives you everything the standard one does + 100% free exp. Pretty handy if you grind the Missouri I'd say... Stacked with Papa flags you'll get there in no time.
  15. Yep, the final task is "Fight one battle in Tirpitz" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?showtopic=70327 Similarly to opening requirement, which calls for Graf Spee... Not having it wouldn't let you even start the campaign. Good, that the other rewards aren't behind the sort of paywalls...