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  1. Achatius

    Patch 0.3.1 Announcement

    Asia site, seems like everyone else needs to wait a bit more.
  2. Achatius

    Suggestion: Drydock when in "Modules" tab

    another great addition, I don't see why WG iisn't doing it on default.
  3. Achatius

    Cleveland vs Pensacola

    Stock Pensacola is worse in any major stat. I guess Pensacola is one of WG's moneymakers, as in people buy gold to convert free xp for a skip. WoT has a lot of tanks that are like this, just worse than anything it faces, even it's predecessor
  4. Achatius

    New GERMAN Premium Ship!

    Hmm I don't know, looks different
  5. Achatius

    Suggestion: Drydock when in "Modules" tab

    Isn't it 0.3.1? Sorry those numbers confuse me sometimes
  6. Achatius

    Suggestion: Drydock when in "Modules" tab

    I never expected this to be liked so much, thanks!
  7. Achatius

    Premium paint jobs.

    You didn't realize your silly typo, did you?
  8. Hey, ok here's the idea. When in "Modules" tab, the view could change into a drydock, so we can actually see the whole hull, including the parts below the waterline. Since this is totally cosmetic, it is not important at all. But I would like to see the whole hull sometimes, and in "Modules" tab it would actually make a bit of a sense to have it.