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  1. Hey guys online tonight ! come and play with us !
  2. Still looking for dudes to team up with guys ! Sign up and play !
  3. Online guys sign up and play !
  4. still open guys if your new to ships come and join us for a few games !
  5. deffo pop on man come and say hello mate feels like a life time lol
  6. Back on tonight if anyone wants to join us !
  7. Rampy

    Looking for UK clan or...

    Hello Gee117 I like to write a message that isn't just copied and pasted to you, I'm rampy I'm from the uk also i'm what you call a proper northener LOL from the north east I'm currently seeking casual players at the moment, I have a forum post up which I'll link now : - Please check us out mate we could be the perfect match for your gaming needs buddy :) Hope to hear from you soon mate, TXG - Rampy
  8. Rampy

    Looking to join a decent active clan

    Hey man Really sorry for the late reply:- But if you seeking active players maybe were a fit for you, active and doing things :) Please click on the link above and check us out man, thank you for your time buddy Rampy
  9. Rampy

    looking for a active (eu) clan

    hey man !! Really sorry for the late reply, but if your looking for a group of guys just playing the game day in and day out please check us out at the link below : - Thanks for your time mate Rampy
  10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recruitment Open ____________________________________________________________ Little Intro Triple X Gaming (TXG) has been around since 2010 the first game that effectively made the clan in to a community was World Of Tanks, Some of you old timers will remember us and were back, and here to stay for as long as World Of Warships wants us here. Our Aim Primary focus is we need more members, over the nine years of gaming we are spread thin these days, hit around 10 to 12 players a day, so we are active but we need some more new players, yes we are a tight bunch of dude's but in total there's roughly 35 of us left from the old days Were not looking for die hard gamer's, players that want to just do clan wars and reap the rewards may not apply, At this moment in time we can not offer you clan wars although as the numbers increase then we maybe will look at doing clan wars, We are simply just looking for causal players, Requirement The only requirement we have is that you are logged in to discord when playing World Of Warships and are 18 years of age or older, we are a mature clan where most of us are old timers Disclosure As you are aware, we are actively seeking players that are causal, we are a friendly bunch of guys and maybe dip in to clan wars if and when were able, If you wish to speak to contact us ingame here is our ingame names: Rampy, RedMistRage, Strazza, Choppa or simply jump on to our discord channel :- https://discord.gg/TR6yggA (Please Note When Joining Discord In The Welcome Lobby State Your Reason For Joining In The TXG Lobby Public So We Can Register You To The Discord) Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon TXG - Rampy