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  1. Have they nerfed the Missouri?!

    Iam not a BB main. Just bought the Mo and i find it awesome, some time a bit trollis but still 100k awerage with 36% hit. See no problem there.
  2. Angle

    That only works irl. Its suicide in WoWS. Never show your flat side.
  3. Whoaaa :O thx realy much fort all the tips ant the time you invested to tiping it :) will tri to keep it up. If you ever need something call me up. I will be glad to help you :)
  4. Thx :) for the tips. Iam a bit older captain. Stuck a little bit belov 54% winrate and somehow i cant break it :D
  5. Hey guys. I am new to the forum and i am looking for more ways to improve myself. Could you give me some tips. I main cruiser, DD are fine too but i strugle with BBs :D (Sory for my bad english.)
  6. Jack Dunkirk

    Next year would be fine. But i dont realy like the idea of him to be a permanent campaign.
  7. Jack Dunkirk

    Like you i hawe work and a family too. If it wasnt a timed event(it should not be). I would not spend money on him. If it was soo eazy why did you completed the event ? You didnt hawe the time for it. I had just enough to make it.
  8. Jack Dunkirk

    Was short on time. You dont hawe to spend money if its not on a timer. If he is now "free" i and other wasted some and thats not realy fair.
  9. Jack Dunkirk

    Yes i know that i am a bad person. Trying to change that but its a slow proces :D
  10. Jack Dunkirk

    If i get the time and money back that i didnt hawe to spend if it was permanent sure give him to everyone. I am fine with that.
  11. Jack Dunkirk

    Many people spend time and money to get him. They didnt had to if it wasnt a timed event. Who will give me back the money and time? :P New players should get one chace to get him next year but people who chose not to participate or didnt made it should not.
  12. Jack Dunkirk

    I am no the play4fun guy. Be my guest and quit if you wat. But when you are so "competetive" why should you ged a second shot on JD whe you missed in on purpose. Newcomers should get one shoot at JD in a timed event next year. If you want him so much you can work on hin with a new account.
  13. Jack Dunkirk

    You made the right choice to be with your kids but you made the choice not to get JD. Others chose to not spend time with the famaly and got him.
  14. Jack Dunkirk

    What about this ? If a new player reaches rank lets say 12* he gets the option to start the dunkirk event with the same limited time. But older accounts dont get that option. They had it and missed it. (Sorry for my horrible english. )
  15. Looks nice gona get my 4-5 SCs :) good job on this event.