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  1. Shadisar

    Szukam Klanu.

    Nick: Shadisar Ilość bitew: 1761 Preferowany typ okrętów: DD/CA Preferowane tiery: V-X Ulubiony okręt: HSF Harekaze, Kongo, Amalfi Link do strony ze statystykami: https://wows-numbers.com/player/500484705,Shadisar/ TS/Discord/Mumble: na ten moment brak. Nie ukrywając mam sporo ponad 30 na karku, bywam sarkastyczny i mam cudną pracę która potrafi stanąć okoniem oznaczajac że potrafię być zasadniczo niedostępny przez tydzień. (obsłóga statków ma to do siebie niestety.) Szukam przedewszystkim okazji do relaksu i wspólnej gry bez ekstra stresu. Ps. Jeśli komuś wydaje się że jestem więcej niż przeciętny to niestety szybko sie rozczaruje ;)
  2. Shadisar

    Server down?

    so WG f... something again... Paint me surprised ...
  3. Typ 93 say hallo from Furutaka in CA line to Fubuki/Hatsuharu ... yes lets go with full realistic approach to torps ok ? so I can put 5-6 torps in you from 20 km away with speed of 57kn on tier VI (with spotting of if we nice 0.7). And yes JIN destroyers can and will reload there toprs in battle , And there is no magical fix massive hole in my side button and you going to get a lots of water that has bad attitude towards boiler rooms. Now why we don't have all of this in game ? Well its not a simulator for A , and for B well I feel it could be just a little frustrating.
  4. Well there is a plan, its a sh... one called WoT Arty 2.0 ... they make easiest class to play, buff it all the time and give no damn about whole game in this case its BBis. Effect will be the same as good old WoT battles of prenerfed arty 13-14 Ary + 1 odd tank per side, and when we end with 10+ BBis per battle in high tiers, massive population droop, lowering sale of premium ships and premium time and they add all usable BB lines and grab all money they can we going to see true Nerf war hammer braking BBis to fix game play before moving to overbuffing and making extra easy to use different class, my money on CVis for low player base so best cash grab.
  5. Ohh another BBaby ... well we still need to limit destroyers toprs to 1 salvo per game and implement new amazing idea for Smoke/IFHE and whole bingo will be completed... At this point i should start long, bloody, and not very polite rant ... Instead I just say that this will sooner that later lead us to Arty problem from time forgotten by most players and total nerf of them to stop there overpopulation from killing game.
  6. Shadisar

    Myoko up-tiered constantly ?

    well mm is broken as hell so its nothing new... They try to fix it in WoT witch well so effect still we will wait for it for next 2-4 years and get it after spotting exp become worth your time ... for now we getting more tier VIII BBis that mean that MM try to make battles with max of 5 of them per side so all ships on bellow them get dragged up, still its don't fix problem that if you are tier VIII CA/CL/DD you end up in tier X like 90% of time. Right now we can just hope that developers will find time to fix this problem.
  7. Shadisar

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    Well biggest issue with this scenario is how hard will random mm make it for you... and after shooting down more plane that rest of them team and getting shanked of 4 players before second spawn of torpedo bouts I think I just hit impossible difficulty ... And yes Cyclone is just useless like you can win without one in you team and its hard to get 3+ stars if there is more than 3 of them ... WG balancing at it finest
  8. Shadisar

    20k players prime time

    Well WG is doing it best to kill the game after all. We have overpopulation of BBis and its getting worst and they still think about how to counter it... Forum can tell them in 2h still its to hard. We have more and more Overpowered Premium Ships that break game balance that is bad thx to first problem. We get sh**y mission and events compeered to US/RU so yee it will not make player base bigger. We have crap ton of under preforming ships and if its not a BB then well wait years for buff if they even do it in the first place. After-effect ? I played more games in Closed Beta that in open one so yee it going to get worst.
  9. Maybe just maybe we need to get back to basic, BB counter CA/CL - > check, CA/CL counter DD -> check . DD counter BB -> nope... So like in programming we get a problem in base code, so time to make a fix. Lets give BBis -50% to range of spotting torps and see how they like getting punished for not using WSAD hack ... or WSQE Alfa version . Second thing will be cleaning there special skills, no AA defend, no hydro and no F.Radar on BB this are tools of CA/CL and they should stay there. This should ad last limit to some degree BB population, second task will become making CA/CL harder to citadel mostly by making lolcitadel impassible.
  10. Shadisar

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    stop playing... no... taking long vacations and not spending money on any WG product till the end of year ad last ... Definitely YES...
  11. Shadisar

    0.6.3 Public Test update

    Yee +5% dispersion will save my DD [edited]when I get spotted by all enemy ships in range up to 15km in Aki Oo yes that will fix a problem right ? right ? ... So much occasions for sarcasm, thx WG this on make my day before work so much more funny.
  12. Shadisar

    Balance changes

    I wish i could provide a constructive feadback on this 6.3 patch... Well I Can't.. Let me put it bluntly for my brain and soul are rather mad right now... WG you deleting whole mechanic from the game,..Are you mad ? Stupid? Blind? You know there is that thing called Sandbox where you rebalance WoT right now and you are not deleting whole fa.. mechanic from game just make a lot of changes that will lead to same balance revolution... Now you try to push change that make game different and harder to all ships apart from BBis using test fa... server throwing only useless words like "learn to play". GJ WG , now I can happy say that you have absolutely no idea about what you doing, You delete way most DDis get there DMG and survivability and give them in return what ? More range so they can be spotted from stratosphere ? Why not make DD spotted from the moon and give BBis a satellite view of map and call them arty 3.0? Cruisers what relay on there concealment to not get deleted , now they need to hug islands and hope to have a high arc firing guns , if not well you screwed. Removing stealth fire will definitely make game so much faster and funnier,.. well lets just test it as players for WG and after 6.3 hit play only BBis for next 2 weeks... Tears of joy on BB whiners faces will be worth it when they come back to forum screaming for fix of balance because there end up in 20+ minutes quotas leading to constant draws.
  13. Shadisar

    Is there any plans to reward teamplay

    Well WG is known for many nice things , rewarding team play is not one of theme... It took them like what 2-3 years to add spotting exp to WoT, and hell know how much more before they reward tanking in heavy tanks etc... WoWS is in worst state still, well just using WoT spotting mechanics is to hard for them , it will nerf exp and cash income of BBs so its cant do, they wont add another reward on top so spotter get 50% and Damage dealer 100% , its A. too easy, B. it will work C. Don't support buy premium account to progress idea they have ... And its just a spotting team play problem, there is a smoking problem, how to reward it? For blocking line of sight or for dmg that is mitigated in it or for time ships spend in it ? Well this one is above my mind so lets see what rest of the forum cant thinks of. And now we hit good old exp for planes , its bad, like so bad i don't care most of the times, on another hand we can't just increase exp for it , it will not make team play better so why not give bonus for AA ships for begin in range of 3-4 km of capital ships or BBs so we get exp for working as a team.
  14. well all is nice and all so time for question based on experience (ps. I am , and I will not be some unicorn player so ^^) lest get back few weeks in time to my last team kill using torps Yes I fired my amazing component of Akizuki torps and enemy Bismarck on range of 6.92 km away, yes he give me excellent line of fire with no friendly ships in range, now its my fault that 2 of 4 torps was dogged and hit and sink low HP NC on range of 9+ km after more than 50 s from point of lunch ? Ok so as DD player I should be God and look in future to see if some idiot wont get hit ? What I try to say is clear, if my torps are in water for more than 45 s its your fault if you run into them. Easy and clear. True it take some time to learn it still right now its normal for me to look at my surroundings for torps mostly friendly and if I don't stand in way of shells, also using WSAD hack give me so much fun Oo. Well in the end its not something that WG will ever add to the game as it punish blind BBS on you team that forgot that there is battlefield around them.
  15. Signed Still out of hope they change this bul...it