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  1. Bergwolf

    PEF Event

    Ok, probably gonna get banned, but I am so extremly livid right now, I seriously do not care anymore. I am absolutely burned out by the PEF event, played nothing else but WoWs the last couple days and weeks, spent around 30 Millions to get ships of other nations while deleting existing ships to make room for them, just to finish the last chapter of this event. And then, with half a million to go in the last category with the 6th nation finally at the end, 1 hour of playtime left maybe.....the event just ended? Deinstalling. Never going to touch this POS software ever again. Cheers guys and good bye.
  2. I usually do lead charges in my BBs. Especially with the german BBs that actually is a lot of fun and I actually have no problem with dying if it leads my team to a victory. But as what said already, I found that most of the times, you suddenly are alone because all those players that complain about non charging BBs suddenly turn around and leave you there to die. So I gotta say I personally consider the argument of people complaining about non charging BBs a bit dishonest. They cry all the time, but when it really comes down to it, they are as cowardly as the BB captains they rant about.
  3. Bergwolf

    Roon upgrade succession?

    Roon is an awesome ship. Everything but BBs entering 10 km around her gets obliterated. With the right modules and Captain skills you can also get her stealth firing capabiltiies, with 20.7 kilometer range. While my average win rate is only around 50 percent, with the Roon I am at 60. Seriously, she is the Tier IX Königsberg without the weaknesses that one has at Tier 5.
  4. Bergwolf

    Imperial German navy flag.

    Alternativly, and my personal fav, would be this one: Naval ensign of the Weimar Republic
  5. Bergwolf

    Tier VII - KM Yorck

    Yorck is not as bad as some people make it out to be. With captain skills and modules you are able to bring down turret rotation to around 40 seconds. Not perfect, but manageable. She also is a rather maneuverable ship and does not suffer from component damage as other ships in the german line. Her guns have range (though you hardly do damage at range). At closer distance they also hit rather hard, while her relaod is not bad at all. Fully upgraded and with propper components York is not the best ship I've ever driven, but she is not another Karlsruhe.
  6. Bergwolf

    GG wargaming, you just made kill stealing a thing

    Oh, I personally did so in my third round. But in regards to the topic at hand, I hate to bring it to you, that is how humans function. If you work hard for something, and then someone else reigns in the rewards, it will cause tensions. Psychology basics, just like greed and jealousy are part of human nature. Now you can ignore that and play smarty or you can simply take it into account.
  7. Bergwolf

    GG wargaming, you just made kill stealing a thing

    Friend of mine just uninstalled the game for having played 20 games, working hard to get kills only to see them taken from them in the last second. Honestly, I understood that, watching someone else killing that BB that he worked 5 minutes to grind down in his Karlsruhe with the very last possible HP, the guy who took that kill could be glad he was sitting anonymiously behind a PC far away. Theory of it being easy versus the reality that some people actually "wait" to make sure their last salvoe gets them the kill...I would have given him the Baseball bat he demanded at that moment. "Kills" should play no role, the message should be removed, it should not be a precondition for any of these achievements. It just means bad blood.
  8. Bergwolf

    Are you a bit sick of this Tirpitz hype? I know I am

    Man, so many armchair admirals here. Wars are won and lost by logistics and available ressources. It all comes down to money in the end. And if a military asset makes the enemy spend more ressources as a response compared to the military asset itself, then it is a success. Tirpitz was a perfect example for the concept of "fleet in being" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleet_in_being). She did not have to fight to have an enourmous impact on the war. The ressources spend by the British in men and material just to keep her checked far exeeded the construction and upkleep costs of the Tirpitz, not to talk about all the british ships that could have fought somehwere else (and in fact were direly needed). Just the "fear" of her presence led to the almost complete destruction of PQ17. The huge efforts by the british to sink her speak for themselves in this regard. And as such, Tirpits, despite hardly ever firing her guns played a far more successfull role then even ships like the Yamato or Iowa, one just being a big target, the other nothing more then an escort vessel. People have to get away from the purely technical Point of Views and look at the larger picture. The hype is entirely justified.
  9. Bergwolf

    H.M.S. Hood

    Sometimes you gotta wonder why people debate on this forum, coming up with new infos, revealing history and science....just to get back to page one in the post war propaganda department when it comes to judging ships. Hood was a great ship, she was the pride of the royal navy and much better then a lot of her contemporaries, who also have WW1 or even pre WW1 roots and yet made quite a name for themselves. Hood had the bad luck of being hit at the wrong time at the wrong spot. That does not make her a bad or "overrated <- such a fashionable word these days". She was not even a battlecruiser, but a fast Battleship by all criterias. Hood is the only british ship that really made a name for herself outside the british isles in WW2. She, just like Bismarck, was part of one of the greatest naval stories in history. And it really is a shame how many british diss her noways just because she lost against Bismarck. One can't help to suspect that some diminish her intentionally just so they are better able to diminish Bismarck. HMS Hood and her crew do not deserve this.
  10. Bergwolf


    Sorry, couldn't help making myself look important, too.
  11. Bergwolf

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)

    What is kept getting ignored. Bismarck did not manage to steer without rudders. Bismarck did not manage to steer with rudders in place locked to port. Due to the heavy seas the rudders neither could be fixed by divers nor simply blown off.
  12. Bergwolf

    Battleships need massive BUFF!

    Well BBs have one major disadvantage compared to their real life brethren in that their secondary armanent, which often alone equalled or surpassed that of cruisers, is hardly modelled and opens fire with abysmal accuracy at the shortest of ranges. Here BBs indeed are majorly handicapped. But for the sake of balance in a game, I think BBs are quite fine, they are my preferred line in the game. hte trick is to play with cruisers and stay behind for fire support, not go in all guns blazing, it is a recipe for disaster.
  13. Bergwolf

    What warmovies best picture the Battleship era?

    Only dedicated Battleship movie I can think of is "Sink the Bismarck". Not bad, but the way the germans are shown is horrible, like from the worst imaginable propaganda movie. Another good one is the "Battle of the Riverplate", no BBs, but featuring the hunt for the Graf Spee, this one is pretty neat. If it's just about a naval movie, you simply can't ignore "Das Boot". Arguably the best (anti)war movie ever made
  14. Bergwolf

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)

    Not to debate the OP. But playing a Wargaming Game you know what you get into. And it won't be nice towards either the British or the Germans.
  15. Bergwolf

    H.M.S. Hood

    Hood as premium would be a pity, given all the upgrades she recieved. Also, Bismarck needs her historic enemy a bit more often then just as premium ship.