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  1. Grydneg

    Beating the Odds against Griefers

    Hey, i didn't create that mechanic. I was just explaining how that bloke managed to commit suicide. Seriously though, those bloody griefers definitely deserve more than just a day off once in a while.
  2. Grydneg

    Can't press battle

    Thank you for the feedback, PanzerGert. Let's hope that server restart gets us back into the battles.
  3. Grydneg

    Beating the Odds against Griefers

    Once he's gone pink, all team damaga he's causing will be reflected on him. This reflected damage will increase in time. A fresh pink will get 100% damage back, a "veteran" pinky will get 150% or more reflected back at his own ship. Should he still continue to kill his teammates, the banhammer will take him out.
  4. Grydneg

    Can't press battle

    That's good to know, but what about our lost Premium Time?
  5. Grydneg

    Versenkt vom eigenen Mann

    Wenn Du schon einen auf "Buuhuuu wir armen Doitschen werden von den fiesen Polen gemobbt" machst, solltest Du wenigstens auf deine Rechtschreibung achten. Echt gruselig sowas.
  6. Grydneg

    Carriers Getting Rediculious

    Honestly? Nobody noticed this blatant attempt at trolling? Lads, please...
  7. Grydneg

    Tier difference in MM with carriers

    Well, the Matchmaker has his ... difficulties properly balancing carriers. Nothing new, regrettably. That aside, with a bit of practice you should manage to sink a ship or two even when so unfairly balanced. Lure his fighters over friendly AA, attack from different angles, the usual stuff. You might even try the classic first strike on that enemy CV to even the odds. Just hang on to it and practise, practise practise. Jap carriers are worth it.
  8. You sir deserve a medal.
  9. Grydneg

    We Need Foghorn's!

    +1 for foghorns!
  10. Grydneg

    I want the real Long Lance :D

    This made my day. XD
  11. Grydneg

    USS vs IJN CVs too different?

    Pretty much this. USN fighters pretty much dominate the skies, especially when boosted by modules and captain's skills. IJN carriers can dominate the seas if left unchecked, due to the sheer number of DB and TB squads they can field at a time. Just yesterday i had a match (map: Big Race, pretty much terribad for anything t4+ in my opinion) in my Langley versus two Hoshos. My fighter squad quickly destroyed most of the enemy airforce. After that it was happy hunting time for my torp bombers. Me being unable to hit a duck in a barrel with those buggers is another story. ;)
  12. Grydneg


    Well, the Myogi and Kongo are BCs, for example. I'm pretty sure other BCs like the Scharnhorst and Hood will be added in time.
  13. Grydneg

    No team work on EU server. Language barrier too Big!

    Jaaa ve germans rule ze chat!!! Speak deutsch, you landlubber! Seriously, i have no problem speaking (at least after a pint or two) and understanding english whatsoever. The problem is not the german, polish, czech, french, <insert your favourite country here> playerbase. The problem is the general inability to formulate something like a plan efficiently in a short amount of time that everyone will at least understand. The chat system just doesn't make it. My personal favourite would be something like the com rose in that dota clone, "Heroes of the Really-Strong-Winds". You click on the minimap, hold the mouse button and choose one out of four commands from the appearing com rose: Attack here, Defend here, Attention, I'm moving here (iirc). Those four commands appear on the minimap with a matching icon, so when i choose to signal "Defend here", a big fat shield will appear on the minimap at that location for a few seconds. If anyone heeds those commands is another matter, of course.
  14. Grydneg

    No team work on EU server. Language barrier too Big!

    or even better: ping the minimap without any comment whatsoever.
  15. Wenn ich mich jetzt richtig erinnere: Pinkies verursachen selber weniger Schaden (abhängig vom am eigenen Team verursachten Schaden, der zur Strafe geführt hat), müssen zeitgleich aber eine Summe X an Schaden am Gegner verursachen. Erst wenn sie das geschafft haben, verlieren sie ihren pinken Status. Vogelfrei sind sie während dieser Zeit nicht.