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  1. I'm at 31/50 on mine, but I've switched over to PR3 research except if an Azuma or FdG project turns up. I mean it would be nice to get it. But even then a single "best in slot" gun isn't going to change much. I'd rather focus on getting the new ships up to a dev level where their oil cost is validated. I don't know when that'll be for Azuma or FdG, but staying at PR2 focus just for them doesn't feel very efficient to me. The sad fact for me is that even objectively high performance isn't enough for me to use a ship in most cases. I need to either really like them or really value their specific niche. Which is why the only PR ship I've used regularly so far is Roon. Good tanks (that actually does damage) are rarer than good healers. So I end up using bad cheap ships more than expensive good ones. The cheap ones have less to prove and I assume they will be worse. That aside, I do have my biases. I'll definitely accept worse efficiency from Sakura and Iron Blood ships.
  2. I don't grind PR ships outside of playing what I normally would. I just keep the fleets tuned to the current PR ship and play when there are other reasons to. So that basically means I only have meaningful progress during events. Between events I mostly just do the dailies (raids and hard maps) while keeping the commissions rolling. Doing it that way is only slightly too slow to finish a PR line-up before the next. Been in the middle of my last PR ship both times the new PRs arrived. Personally I would burn out if I didn't use off-event time to relax and play other games.
  3. I've had good pulls for the last few events so I kind of deserved a crap one. Ended up spending around 300 cubes and got 7 Perseus before I got my 1 Howe. Also got Perseus' skin with my last gems. It just fits her too well. Just got my 1st PR3 done (Odin), but my dorm is full of event ships, so she'll have to wait her turn.
  4. Yass! More IB PR! No CV though which is unfortunate. Keeping one as a surprise for later?
  5. I got the Littorio skin in the random bundle and I really like it. She was my favorite character from the Italian event, but her default skin came across as low quality and compressed. So getting a beautiful, crisp and vibrant skin for her is just what I wanted. Don't much mind the "upgrade" she got either. I'm tempted to get the St. Louis skin, but I already have her two previous L2D skins. For a ship I pretty much never use, it's a bit much.
  6. Nechrom

    Move Submarine Testing to Live Server.

    I think more than one unique resource is too much. Better to incentivize surfacing (faster and battery recharge) than forcing it. Pinging does use batteries if the article is anything to go by. Leaving subs with only manual aiming for torps won't work. Every class needs a somewhat reliable weapon. That's the problem with torp focused DDs and subs literally only have torps. They just need to tune the torpedo stats and find a good balance. According to the info graphic in the article, going faster than 1/4 will use batteries while submerged, but empty batteries won't force you to go 1/4, just keep you from pinging until you either drop to 1/4 or surface for a bit.
  7. This brings up an interesting question. Do you know at what max range the splash from launching torps is shown?
  8. Or at least the ability to save fleet templates. And in other news: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Nechrom


    A small craft "carrier" could be a fun class to play. Being able to spawn and control smaller ships of different types using some sort of support ship. The problem is that there weren't a huge number of different ships able to fit this role for each nation. You could probably find a few awkward ships here and there that could be used for this role even though they weren't actually support ships. Since WG went back on the "no submarines" promise for the sake of extra content, there is a possibility that something like this could get added at some point down the line when sources for current ship classes runs dry.
  10. Nechrom

    "Oh dear... My apologies"

    Something something Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
  11. Tirpitz isn't an Enty REEEEEEEE!!! (Bisko is pretty Enty though ngl)
  12. Did you build it? Because you only get blueprint parts in the event shop, not the actual gun. The DD gun on the other hand you buy ready to be used.
  13. It's not a non-factor... But there are plenty of ships designs that share that feature. Kirov just has that perfect half-smug half-"I see what you did there" facial expression and great hair color that isn't just standard Enty-white. It also helps that the art is amazing. I'm not nearly as hyped about the other "thicc" Russian ships.