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  1. That's pretty much the upper limit on the USN 152mm guns to have any realistic chance of hitting something in motion.
  2. The possibility of asymmetric matchmaking

    While it might be a fun gamemode, kind of like operations but with all ships controlled by players, I think it's just moving the goalposts. Right now when we are theorycrafting about such a scenario it might seem like the objectives are more fluid, and I guess they objectively would be. But as soon as people start playing, each player will develop a personal goal for themselves. It might be to keep improving, reach a certain level of rewards or accomplishing a specific sub-objective in the battle. The thing is that an equilibrium will get reached either way where people still get frustrated when they fail to reach the goals set by themselves, consciously or subconsciously. Grand battles have been attempted in War Thunder where the matchmaker might drop you into a long ongoing battle and you won't be expected to survive for the entirety of the battle. It works there kinda because of how the game is already set up where the maps are enormous and there is very little risk of ending up spawn-camped or something similar. For something like that to work in WoWs you need to rethink the entire game. Maps need to get larger, suddenly the minimap need to be more flexible, spawnpoints need protection or be moveable. Not to mention potato PCs would burn up trying to run something like that.
  3. I don't know about that. Helena doesn't seem like an Atlanta at all. No radar, no torps, worse AA, worse agility, worse concealment and no pew pew guns. What she has over the Atlanta makes her more of a jack of all trades. Better armor (obviously), better range and better effective range.
  4. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    The problem here is that you are arguing about the mod giving any advantage whatsoever. No one is questioning that. At least no one I've seen. The question is how much of an advantage it gives, whether someone subjectively believes that to be unfair and if WG gets proof that it has significant enough impact to be a problem. Showing that it lets you hit a handful of shells in 5% of battles that you wouldn't otherwise, doesn't help to get this mod banned.
  5. When are the meaningful Battleship nerfs?

    We'll see what the AP mechanics changes brings. Might help make BBs less of a solution to every problem. They don't need to be nerfed as much as they need to have a better defined role that doesn't make them both the most forgiving and the most rewarding class.
  6. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    Which is your opinion. Not shared by WG, as they made clear with several of their posts to these two topics.
  7. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. "Tears of the Desert" map. North-eastern shoreline is moved to the outside area of the map and no longer causes any difficulties for the team that spawns there. ST. "North" map. The strait between two large isles was widened to allow for more comfortable navigation. (the strait between C and D) https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/ (couldn't provide direct links to the articles because Facebook is designed by aliens)
  8. Bring back arp to wows

    First priority is to get the real Maya in-game. Then we can talk about ARP Maya.
  9. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    When someone makes a poll about a specific mod being unfair, the default answer is "no"? Really?! I my experience people assume something is wrong when someone brings something up in a negative light. Also a question starting with "do you think that" isn't synonymous with "what would be your best guess". If that's your take then I think you need to take a step back and rethink how you are interpreting what is written. And still the answer would be "I don't know". Since I haven't tasted either I literally would have no idea. I honestly have no idea why you would, without any information, answer no. If someone forced you to, of course. Which is why we're having this conversation, because the poll is pushing people with little or no information to make a yes or no decision.
  10. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    No, you are actually wrong here. This isn't a court. There are other answers besides "guilty" and "not guilty". If you don't have enough information to make a choice either way then you don't answer "no", you answer "I don't know". "Do kumquats taste nice?" If you have never tasted kumquats then you obviously don't answer "no" or "yes", you answer "I don't know".
  11. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    If someone had a gun to my head I would vote yes, you are correct. But I see no point. It's like if an anti-abortionist asked if you think it should be legal to kill babies. My actual opinion is that the X-mod may give tiny advantages in a few very limited situations. Way less advantages than being able to rearrange your UI the way you are the most comfortable with. "No" isn't the default answer for someone who doesn't know. If you don't know then you have no basis for making a choice either way. The question isn't "Have you seen this mod being used unfairly?".
  12. I have no idea what you are talking about, but that's fine by me. Saves us both some time.
  13. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    You are absolutely correct if the question was worded as you proposed, but sadly it isn't. The current question does not leave room for unconvinced opinions. Either you think it gives an unfair advantage or not. I couldn't answer no to that because I can see situations where it could give an advantage. But I also think that the poll as it is worded and constructed has no purpose other than trying to farm "yes" answers to an irrelevant question. WG has posted their criteria for having the mod re-evaluated already, and it's not "gather enough signatures".
  14. The best thing about this discussion is that I have no horse in the race. I basically never use the X myself. I have it because it comes with the mini-map mod I prefer. If the mod gets banned it would only affect me if the mod author won't supply his mini-map mod without that feature. There are two reasons why I'm still sticking around in the two topics: 1. I still have an opinion, that the mod shouldn't be banned based on how little actual impact it has on practical gameplay compared to other mods which no one has any issue with. 2. Most of the people driving the movement to have the mod banned are doing so in the worst way possible. They ignore what WG says, use intellectually dishonest arguments and try to prove their point in the most awkward counterproductive ways possible that has the least chance to get taken seriously by WG. Those two reasons are separate and I'm open to be proven wrong on the 1st point, but they are not making any progress on that front with the way they are handling this. Before someone starts taking this personally, there are people more and less guilty of this.
  15. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    If they clicked the topic, yes. I'm talking about "don't care" as in "either is fine", not as in apathy. A poll presented on a forum like this will always attract more active and opinionated people, but being fine with both options is still an opinion.