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  1. Which Tier 8 German Prem to Escort Bismarck?

    I don't think that Eugen is as bad damage-wise as some make her out to be. It's just that she's the worst out the bunch in terms of DPM, but it's not debilitatingly bad like a ship such as Abruzzi for example. The guns are easy to hit with and at close range they are even very powerful. With the increased survivability you can afford to take more chances and play more aggressive. The only other tier 8 cruiser that can relatively safely sail around in the open dodging BB shells is the Atago.
  2. DD game play is utterly broken

    Combined with torpedo ranges lower than or close to radar range. I remember back when we were trying to get DD players to be more proactive/aggressive to get better hit rate on their torpedoes rather than always launching at max range. Which had a natural risk-reward balance of getting close to score more reliable damage. Well that got utterly destroyed by the addition, further buffing and proliferation of radar. It's not like there wasn't already a ton of pitfalls a DD had to look out for like hydro, fighter/spotter planes, CV planes, other DDs, torpedoes in smoke etc.
  3. DD game play is utterly broken

    DDs are just no fun anymore at higher tiers. It didn't suddenly happen either, but it definitely got below a certain threshold now. Sure, you can still play them and find ways to cope, but it's just not fun. The options open to you are few and boring. Most of the time you have to be so passive for the first half of the battle, and at that point you've already won or lost already. Ironically the playstyle you're pushed into as a DD is basically like an Asashio. Find the big slow targets and try to torp them while spotting for your team. Then only in the later half of the battle do you crawl forward to cap.
  4. Dallas

    I like her. The USN 152mm arc at tier 6 is so good with the smaller maps and more useful islands. I didn't even need IFHE to do well with her.
  5. I remember when the unique camos were actually thought through and tasteful. Like the Dunkerque for example.
  6. Isn't her AP fuse the standard one for her caliber?
  7. PEF will be tier 6 though, so that makes sense.
  8. Omaha can fire 7 guns at the same time and Emerald 6. Königsberg has 9 guns but has to be played at max range because it's so glass and the KM 150mm shells suck.
  9. Honestly I'm not sure that the Salem is OP, but it will definitely be better than the DM for players who don't use her to hunt DDs as much. Flint and Black though...