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  1. If you want to sell a T10 premium, just do it. By all means add a mechanic to make it cheaper if players are willing to grind. But for the love of god stop with the obfuscation of what it will actually cost. Get rid of the paid boosters. Just let people play to the best of their ability or at a level they're comfortable with. Show the price of the ship dropping as a you progress with the build event. Then at the end (or at any time before) players get the option to pay the remaining amount to finish the ship. There. It's now fixed. I know you want to try and create a sunk cost trap. It's extremely obvious and will hurt your reputation more than it will make you money.
  2. Nechrom

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    I don't really understand how you even compare the two. You could argue from a credit grinding perspective, but that's definitely not "superior [...] in every regard".
  3. Nechrom

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Those last minute doubloon purchases will have WG rubbing their hands together. "I wasn't going to spend anything, but I don't want to throw away all this progress I've made!"
  4. Nechrom

    Help with swapping commanders

    The easiest way to think about it is that only regular (non-premium) ships requires their captain to be trained for them specifically. So the captain can be used on the ship he's trained for as well as every premium ship of his nation.
  5. Nechrom

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    The choice to get invaded? Not sure what choice you're referring to. If any of them had been given the option to not get invaded for comparatively small concessions (not giving up substantial parts of their country), they would have jumped on it.
  6. Nechrom


    I mean you don't have to do it with the lines you plan on playing anyway. For me it's more as an incentive to revisit some old line I went up long ago. A line I don't really play much anymore. Then just take it slowly, play your way back up at your own pace when you feel like it. I reset my Shima line, not because I had a hankering for playing torp DDs with no AA. But rather because I wouldn't miss the Shima and it was a line I really should brush up on, if nothing else so I can play better against those ships.
  7. Nechrom

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    Both Wrangel and Mode classes of small destroyers were designed similarly to the two hand-me-down Italian classes. So it wasn't an unfamiliar design for the Swedish ship builders. The rebuilt Göteborg design is in the line, it's Visby, although up-gunned from the original Swedish design. It was also a torpedo boat, so that might have something to do with it. The tier I Black Swan was laid down in 1938, so I don't think that limitation has been in effect for a long time.
  8. Nechrom

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    It's a 1.5km buffer zone until they get surface spotted. They need to have a really shallow approach to you in order to not get spotted themselves while still spotting you. Like I said: Just like any DD with a concealment advantage that we don't complain about despite them having that advantage permanently and not in 15sec bursts every 2min 3-4 times per battle. And as the person I replied to said, if they push a cap and radar as soon as they are spotted, they are obviously themselves spotted. Not for only 15sec, but potentially until sunk. Lacking historical reload or even Friesland reload, they will lose the fight versus quite a few DDs when spotted.
  9. Nechrom

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    Well radar isn't good for the game full stop, so it's not really a problem with this specific combination. I'd say it's still better than the option of radar/hydro + smoke. At the very least you can spot them if they radar you. This isn't much different than there being a concealment difference between two DDs, except it's also a short duration ability with a cooldown.
  10. PSA: They just nerfed the gear. Close one. We almost had useful collab gear there for a second.
  11. Make sure you 3-star all stages to get the Team Emblem aux equipment. +35 EVA and +25 hit is pretty damn good, either to give a BB/BC/BBV some extra survivability or as a stand-in for Beaver Badge/washing machine for a CA. The equipment from the exchange is also decent. +500 HP and +8 spd with the bear, and +24 ASW with the lantern. When it comes to the ships, there's not much to miss other than the collection aspect. Shirakami Fubuki is interesting for being a DD which can mount a dive bomber, doesn't seem too useful though. But I guess we'll see once people have maxed her skills. Tokino Sora could also be interesting depending on how much damage her barrage actually ends up doing. She's a pretty decent CV all things considered. Personally I think Nakiri Ayame has a cute design. But she's basically a Sakura CA with MGM+1 instead of torps and glass cannon survivability complete with light armor, mediocre health and awful evasion even at lvl120. All in all a decent event. Sad about losing hard mode stages, but at least it was fast and cheap to clear and 3-star. Actually good equipment in these collab events is rare and all the standard exchange stuff is always welcome.
  12. Nechrom

    No colectables from daily containers.

    Hello? Is this bugged?
  13. Yass! Warspite retro! Soon I can give her the Swordfish. Oh, by the way, these are my oaths:
  14. Pretty much my thinking. I'll probably pick Azuma first both for the waifu factor and also because she's a unique ship class. FdG I'll probably do second for KM my fleet. Kitakaze might be my third for her design, despite surely being the least relevant PR2 ship for actual gameplay.
  15. Which is also why Isuzu is such an AA monster. She pushes the 113mm to 921 damage.