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  1. I'm also on Sandy and definitely not lvl 14.
  2. Or at least the ability to save fleet templates. And in other news: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Nechrom


    A small craft "carrier" could be a fun class to play. Being able to spawn and control smaller ships of different types using some sort of support ship. The problem is that there weren't a huge number of different ships able to fit this role for each nation. You could probably find a few awkward ships here and there that could be used for this role even though they weren't actually support ships. Since WG went back on the "no submarines" promise for the sake of extra content, there is a possibility that something like this could get added at some point down the line when sources for current ship classes runs dry.
  4. Nechrom

    "Oh dear... My apologies"

    Something something Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
  5. Tirpitz isn't an Enty REEEEEEEE!!! (Bisko is pretty Enty though ngl)
  6. Did you build it? Because you only get blueprint parts in the event shop, not the actual gun. The DD gun on the other hand you buy ready to be used.
  7. It's not a non-factor... But there are plenty of ships designs that share that feature. Kirov just has that perfect half-smug half-"I see what you did there" facial expression and great hair color that isn't just standard Enty-white. It also helps that the art is amazing. I'm not nearly as hyped about the other "thicc" Russian ships.
  8. I was like: "Hey, the designs of the new Russian ships are pretty good." Then I started D1 today:
  9. I for one welcome our tsundere shikikan.
  10. Nechrom

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Ah, the good old "balancing by popularity".
  11. Typical radar cruisers.
  12. Nechrom

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    The current upgrade adds 20% to the detection range. So a DW torp goes from 0.8km to 0.96km while an average IJN torp goes from 1.7km to 2.04km.
  13. Nechrom

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    It's not about buffing IJN torps. It's about having an upgrade do its job and be effective against the torps that are actually the ones you would struggle to avoid. The current upgrade does practically nothing to DW torps and other stealthy torps and does way too much against the ones that are already having a hard time hitting.
  14. Nechrom

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    The point was that the planned change will effect IJN torps positively, and they are the ones most heavily relying on the effectiveness of their torpedoes. So for them it's a good change. Even the most common torpedo detection range of 1.4km, which you find on most other DDs/cruisers, only gets 0.12km higher detection compared to now.