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  1. When they were introduced they were virtually identical to the Minekaze. People wanted a premium version of the Minekaze simply because she was such a generally well liked ship and universally seen as a ship worth keeping. Then when the IJN DD line got split they nerfed the low tier IJN DDs including the Minekaze and instead of also nerfing the premiums they were to be excluded from future sale. I also don't think premium ships should be targeted by nerfs for balance reasons, but neither should they be exempt from overall changes. What do you disagree with specifically?
  2. Owners of the Kamikaze/Kamikaze R/Fujin have had those ships for a while now. They are good grinders and fun ships so get played a lot and with high skill captains. Being premium they have no "stock" battles. The new Minekaze is a "grind through and sell" ship so the number of battles your average player will be spending with her is very low and only a small part of the battles are played fully upgraded. No doubt the old premiums are better ships than the "new" Minekaze. But the actual difference isn't nearly as big as the stat difference.
  3. Nagato is a great ship. It's one of the most accurate battleships in the game coupled with powerful shells, a very mobile and, for a Japanese battleship, a pretty well armored hull. You can even use her secondary battery to a limited degree. Having only 8 guns and being very accurate requires you to aim well to do damage. But when you manage to get off a well aimed volley you get rewarded.
  4. It's the older one from 2015. Same bonus on both just different looks.
  5. Makes a good candidate for AA skills and upgrades. Other than that it can use normal BB builds. Fire Prevention is nice since you have limited DCP uses. Concealment Expert is a must since she can get extremely good concealment for a BB.
  6. It's worse in practice since they have balanced bow and stern armor the way they have. 410mm guns don't overmatch any heavier armor plate than the 380mm guns which we've already had at those tiers for a long time. But 460mm is just enough to overmatch 32mm of armor which all high tier BBs use as bow and stern plating. Historically the Mutsu and Musashi early configurations are based on the same idea by WG, same class as a current ship but in an earlier configuration one tier lower. The biggest difference is what that "early configuration" means for both ships. That's where they differ almost completely. Mutsu shares the weaker AA with the Musashi as you would expect with an earlier configuration before wartime refits, but that's where the similarities end. Mutsu is otherwise practically the same as the Nagato with the exception of the big one, main gun shell performance. Which is ironically basically the only thing the Musashi shares with the Yamato. So the same idea, but very different results in practice. tl;dr - Mutsu compared to Nagato, bad AA and awful AP shells. Musashi compared to Yamato, bad EVERYTHING except for main gun shells and armor.
  7. There's something about nerfing and downtiering ships that doesn't sit well with me. You get aspects which are too powerful for the tier, things inherent with the ship which can't be changed, but then also other attributes which are over-nerfed to compensate. We just end up with a really awkward ship that doesn't fit anywhere. It's like sailing an old A-hull IJN BB. I much prefer things the other way around. It's much easier to buff a ship to punch above it's original weight class. You also end up with a ship which often feels more powerful due to much better soft stats.
  8. Time to hook up the phone and do some tethered internet sharing. Ironically my wired connection (ADSL) lands at just under 8/1 Mbit/s while my phone has access to 30-90/8 Mbit/s depending on the time of day. I would have my phone hooked up 24/7 if that connection didn't have worse latency. Fiber can't get installed fast enough.
  9. Also on EU:
  10. I was wondering if that was you. Seemed like too much of a coincidence, so I wasn't sure.
  11. Never ever do a charge back unless you never want to do business with the company ever again. It's the nuclear option, and even if they decide not to fight the charge back, they will probably just close your account completely.
  12. The title of this topic is about to become very ironic.
  13. Should appeal to Zerg players.