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  1. invisible torps

    I'll just leave this here: https://clips.twitch.tv/DelightfulExcitedBearBCouch
  2. Where is the holiday excitement?

    I wouldn't actually mind if WG held off on the paid and grindy stuff until after the holidays. I know that's probably not going to happen, but I don't feel like spending money on myself just before Christmas or start stressing over completing some timed event when I really should be preparing for the holidays.
  3. Your arguments are all well and good, but they only apply for the kind of player that wants constant and uninterrupted challenge. That's a small minority of players. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be among them. All I would want from a matchmaking overhaul is skill balancing of both teams. I don't mind having worse or better players in my battle, as long as it's an even split between teams. We have ranked and now CW for the most competitive players. Random is random.
  4. Ships & Shapes..it realy counts

    I'm also more likely to play ships that look good. While my tastes differ slightly from some, I agree in general with with the consensus that German ship design is very pleasing to the eye. I also tend to like IJN ships with some exceptions. Mogami (and Ibuki) has that raised middle hull that is flush with the belt, never been a fan of those tall flat broadsides (looking at you USN cruisers) so those are the big exceptions. Love the design of Myoko and Atago/Takao though, not to mention the Zao even if it's pretty fictional. On the DD side of things I can't get enough of the IJN fleet destroyers and the Akizuki is the queen of those. The later USN DDs with fully enclosed gun mounts are also pretty sexy, though the Gearing is a little too thicc for my taste. Don't care much for the RU DDs with one exception, Grozovoi. It has that rough utilitarian "I'm gonna f*** you up!" kind of look. When it comes to BBs it's not as simple and I tend to gravitate towards the more modern ships with some exceptions. The IJN BBs are quite nice as long as they have the full pagoda superstructure. Surprising no one I'm not a fan of the Izumo though. The USN dreadnoughts are not my cup of tea, and out of the fast BBs I really like the design of the Alabama with its small and cute hull and compact superstructure bristling with AA and secondaries. Scharnhorst of course wins the BB beauty contest, pretty sure I'm not alone with that opinion.
  5. So this is your take-away from my post? Wow... okay. You don't want people disagreeing with you, I get it, sometimes you just want to rage and complain. I'm not going to try and dissuade you anymore.
  6. Question about dd dps

    In this case it's less about the dps and more about the health difference. He has 2.8k health on you assuming you are using the same captain build. Even still you should win a straight dps race with HE, so either he was more accurate or he was running Survivability Expert and you weren't. Both the Kidd and Z-23 has 5 guns. You have almost exactly twice his rate of fire and he only has 22% higher damage per shell. So on paper you have quite a substantial advantage there. Plus you can further increase your RoF with BFT while he can't. In practice the Z-23 will probably gain the upper hand past a certain range where he can more easily avoid the slower shells from the Kidd.
  7. You say this yet you still post a new topic about it? Just because you have decided that "you've lost faith in WG" doesn't mean WG suddenly has to prove you wrong or whatever you think you deserve. They have about as much control over your feelings as you have control over their game. If you actually don't care about getting banned or getting your topics locked then I don't see why WG should take you seriously. But if you do want to have some constructive discussions about subjects you believe are important, then the forum rules are pretty easy to follow. Don't discuss moderation and don't post in-game pictures of or mention other players in a negative manner (=naming and shaming).
  8. I never recommend CV strikes, ever. You bet so much on something which has so many points of failure. He can easily put two and two together from your planes being absent for the start of the battle. Enemy ships can easily stray close enough to the border that you get auto-spotted. If RNG isn't with you at the time of the attack you can miss enough bombs that he survives, meaning you have wasted half the battle for 0 pay-off.
  9. Huanghe - what do people think?

    At tier 6 IFHE isn't a requirement. You end up shooting a lot of DDs and other cruisers and less BBs anyway due to the short range. I'm using my Anshan captain and while it's not optimal, it does have EM rather than LS, which helps.
  10. Okay then. First you figure out what kind of CV player he is. Does he keep fighters close to his strike planes? If he does, how many? If he keeps one or none close then just ignore his strike. If he keeps more than one close, then try to threaten his strike as much as possible without getting locked up by his fighters outside of friendly AA. Ironically the less he focuses on defending his strike the less you should focus on targeting it. Your main job is baiting his fighters because you have little to gain from shutting down his strike while he has everything to gain from shutting down yours. Assuming worst possible scenario and he doesn't give a f*** about his own strike, you need to just try and spread out as much as possible. Keep your ship close to the middle as much as you're allowed and send strike planes around both sides and pick one to escort. If your only targets are in the middle then it sucks to be you. Nail the strafe and hope for the best. Saipan captains can get cocky, so try drawing him over friendly AA. There is only so much you can do against AS (which is why it's gone where WG could take it away). If the Saipan captain is competent then all you can hope for is one or two sneaky strikes while sacrificing most of your planes in the process. Not much fun or rewarding, but at least you end up doing more damage than him.
  11. How did you play against USN AS for 3 years up until now? That's your answer.
  12. Myoko's camo isn't bad. Not the best looking camo, but a lot better than some.
  13. I actually wouldn't mind a Kitakami with "regular" DW torpedoes. Just to give friendly DDs some peace of mind and lessen the chance of friendly fire. Also making it unable to hit DDs could make room for some other buff(s) instead so it's not complete trash.