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  1. Nechrom

    my internet die and this is what i get

    It might not be, but it is your fault that you keep queuing for battle despite knowing that there's a significant risk that you will leave your team one ship short.
  2. Nechrom

    my internet die and this is what i get

    You know you have internet problems and still play the game, so it's your fault that you leave your team with one less player sometimes.
  3. Nechrom

    Sealclubbers ahoy

    For me I always appreciate getting to face some experienced players when I'm learning a new game. You can practice aiming and sailing in any battle, but you're not going to learn much about ship v ship combat if you're only facing players as fresh as you. You'll be facing more experienced players soon enough, so why not learn how they play instead of learning how inexperienced players play.
  4. Nechrom

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

    It's not difficult to imagine how a system which has to be balanced to not give out too many "false positives" doesn't want to encourage mass reporting since there is no guarantee that the reasoning behind the reports follows what WG considers unwanted behavior. If the system can assume that one correct report results in one report and one incorrect report also results in one report, the system doesn't have to account for the possibility of huge spikes of incorrect reports. Or at the very least they will be rare enough that they can be ignored when balancing the system.
  5. Nechrom

    Chinese Whispers

  6. Nechrom

    Tier X battles problem

    How is that the opposite?
  7. Nechrom

    Tier X battles problem

    Exactly. And if WG wants to keep these players, and they do, they have to let them play how and where they want. The game is set-up so that your "efforts" culminate in a tier 10 ship, and no matter how little I want to play with and against potatoes at tier 10, I don't think we should prohibit them from sailing those ships in random battles. Personally, like I said before, I'd like WG to focus on keeping the teams balanced against each other. Then if there are equal numbers of bad players on both teams you shouldn't get as many of those land slide wins/losses.
  8. Nechrom

    Tier X battles problem

    The only thing WG could do is make an effort to ensure that there are equal numbers of good and bad players on both teams, because they will never limit how much and where bad players can play. WGs entire business model revolves around the fact that as long as they can provide a few "exciting battles" to bad players, that is going to be their priority. Since bad players by nature tend to remember positive experiences and forget bad ones, they just need to be thrown a bone every now and then. The current matchmaker does this without any special algorithm, just the absence of any basic skill balancing makes it so that you'll get a certain number of battles which are completely unwinnable/unloseable due to how the players are stacked on both teams. That's very much intentional.
  9. Nechrom

    Something that has been bothering me

    Unless WG was working from incorrect blueprints/diagrams, I find it hard to believe they would make mistakes such as those on basic measurements and proportions. In some cases when they lack reliable data, sure. But not for well documented ships. Those are "undetailed" because the ship designers at WG are very conservative when they make predictions for "could have been"-ships. Which means they don't add nearly enough clutter and equipment which you see on an actual real life ship when they make unbuilt ones. Yup, especially the IJN DDs are overall extremely varied in detail and resolution, or lack thereof.
  10. Nechrom

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    An offer is meant to be accepted, which in this case means being bought. It's entirely up to the creator of the offer to provide as much or as little information about it as they like. In this case they provided literally the exact information needed to make an informed purchase. If you are unsure about what the information means, or you would like to confirm that what it says is indeed true, do a bare minimum of research. If you are sure about what it means, but you turn out to be wrong and the information provided was 100% correct, then it's on you. There is no limit to how much information you can provide about something. It's all about where we draw the line. Could WG provide more clarification? Of course. Does the blame lie on WG when people don't read/assume things? No. If you find some information ambiguous, inform yourself, if not then no sympathies from me.
  11. Nechrom

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    Or you could actually look at the supposed problem and conclude whether or not it's a problem on its own merits. You're using the same logic that people liked to use to call for the Shimakaze to be nerfed, despite it being solidly the worst WR tier 10 ship in the game. But you know, so many people played it that it had to be overpowered, right?
  12. Nechrom

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

  13. Nechrom

    Massachusets Captain build question

    Skip IFHE. I have an 18 point captain and I still don't have IFHE. While I wouldn't mind having it, CE is way too important for survival and getting into positions to use those secondaries in the first place.
  14. Nechrom

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    You guys have to remember that there are people who have built up this notion of malicious forces tampering with their lives when things go wrong. For them it's not a huge leap of logic to assume that people are hacking their computer, rigging their games etc. While for us who live in a world of critical thinking and logic, such assumptions seem insane.
  15. Nechrom

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    When you finally get that juicy tier 8 MM with the Roma: The battle was extra spicy. Including solo sneak-capping B only 8 min into the battle (our DD was off doing something else) and an epic last stand at B to secure the win despite a ship disadvantage. For your enjoyment: 20181125_193359_PISB508-Roma_23_Shards.wowsreplay