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  1. scarlet0pimp

    Underwhelming. - HMS Campbeltown Commentary

    Yea very underwhelming ship, guns are very week with low rate of fire and torpedoes take ages to reload. Tachibana is a better ship all round and she is a tier lower.
  2. scarlet0pimp

    Carrier gameplay. Needs major rework.

    Every time I play my carrier, tier 6 Independence, the game play is quite pathetic, Just had a match now where the enemy we an Independence and a bogue, both using the AA decks. So there was no point in me being in that game as there we just enemy fighters all over. I lost all my planes after 2 engagements. The carrier on my team was a Zuiho with the strike deck a presume as he only had 1 fighter I use the default deck also with 1 fighter. Sneaking round the edges didn't work as the enemy fighters are so much faster than bombers that they are easily cought and destroyed and out 2 fighters could no do much vs the 4 the enemy had. I under stand that they only had bombers as they had the extra fighters but that is just a boring game for them too since they hardly do damage and for me and my partner the game play is just pure frustration., which is why i'm here now.
  3. scarlet0pimp

    Tachibana is awsome !

    I love it, on a bit of a winning streak 5 out of 6
  4. scarlet0pimp

    IJN Tachibana

    Is a top little ship, very fun to play
  5. scarlet0pimp

    Still no offers in the Prem store?

    They don't do offers anymore, only over priced bundles I'm afraid
  6. scarlet0pimp

    Tachibana and Marblehead

    is it the uk edition ?
  7. scarlet0pimp

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    It needs a major buff some where, the guns and torps are both rubbish
  8. scarlet0pimp

    Improvements to Carrier gameplay

    I think the current carrier gameplay is a little basic and I don't think the addition of a fighter barrage ability is not going to help that much. I would like to see formations introduced for the carrier aircraft, have 3 different formations for each type of aircraft which would give damage/defence bonuses to the aircraft. There should be a formation that is more spread out, which makes you harder to hit from ship AA but makes you more vulnerable to fighters and both bombers drop their loads more spread out if they attack in that formation. There should also be a formation that gives a damage boost at the cost of making the planes more vulnerable so the planes fly a tighter formation fighters get a damage boost for the first few seconds of combat vs other planes but also take more damage from ship AA in this formation, bombers drop their loads in a tighter group but take more damage from AA or fighters. Then there should be the current formations they hove now which stay the same. I also think that fighter squadrons that manage to engage other fighter squadrons from the rear should also get a damage boost for the first few seconds of combat vs other fighters if the play was skill full enough to get his fighters behind an enemy fighter squadron then he should be rewarded. These changes would give carrier players a bit more to think about in game and more interesting. What do you guys think?
  9. scarlet0pimp

    Mikasa in premium shop, is it good?

    Anyone know if this will be available later or is it only for these 4 days?
  10. scarlet0pimp

    Arkansas Earnings

    Is the Arkansas a true premium ship with improved earnings? I only ask as I seem to earn more with almost any other standard ship tier 3 or 4.
  11. scarlet0pimp

    independent front and rear turrets for BBs

    If the devs think this is too complex for casual players then as I suggested in the op, just have it as an option that I not enabled by default. I Think just a simple key say L that one press switches to front turrets 2 presses switches to rear turrets which I would include middle turrets too and then a third press selects all guns, highlighted by an icon showing which turrets are currently being mouse controlled.
  12. One thing that can frustrate me when playing a bb is how sometimes I might want to shoot a target on my right with my front turrets only as my rear turrets have to rotate 300 degrees to target the same ship, I would rather be able to lock my rear turrets aiming to the left and let the front turrets engage to the right . I suggest letting the player be able to manually cycle through front turret, rear turret and both front and rear maybe done with 3 presses of one of the ammo keys to cycle through loading those guns with he or ap. Maybe make this an advanced option which has to be enabled if wg think this is too complicated for the masses
  13. I think for a mode like this to work, the 4 carriers are important so that the game doesn't end too quickly, and because 4 slots on a team will be taken up by carriers that's why the number of ships in the game should be increased to at least 30 players. That way there will be 11 ships of other class defending and attacking. I think with the number of planes in the sky and and all the AA going off players will get an epic feeling playing this mode, but it should be unlocked from tier 6 and above so that carrier players at least should be competent players by then, and the carriers on each team should be balanced against each other, so both teams should have carriers of the same tier.
  14. There should be a mode where the objective is simply to destroy the enemy teams carriers. I think a mode with 30 players and 4 carriers a side would be pretty epic, maybe only unlock the mode at tier 6 and above.
  15. scarlet0pimp

    Flicker flashing / Black screen

    I had this issue after trying to force AA in the amd drivers rather than leaving the drivers set to application setting